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  1. Hello Vicki. Thank you for the complement. I wasn't sure if you were looking for pointers on sequencing the Polar Express or just pointers on getting started with light shows in general. I'll try to touch on both. I've been doing my shows for a five years. The one thing I think I learned was to build the show incrementally rather than try to plan and sequence a large show as your first project. My first year, I kinda' bit off more than I could chew and realized I needed to drop some props from the show if I were to get the show up and running on time. From that I also learned I needed to st
  2. Thank you, Matt. The display has kind of evolved over the past four years. I try to keep it simple and organized and mix it up each year to keep the neighbors guessing. I'd like to transition to RGB lights along the roofline next year if possible and expand from there in subsequent years, gradually replacing all lights with RGB as I can afford to. The video was shot with a Canon VIXIA HF S20 camera on a tripod. It has decent low light properties for the price. I shot the show six times - two times for each of the three different camera angles (so I could have clean video without cars driving
  3. This is the fourth year I've been putting up a LOR computerized light show. This year, I decided to do a thematic show - a 10th anniversary tribute to the 2004 Christmas animated motion picture, "The Polar Express." This was the first year I couldn't post my videos to Vimeo (they kept deleting them). So, I cancelled my Vimeo account and used the money to buy my own video player library for my personal web site and move my videos to it. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!! http://www.lwhancock.com/Blog_141210.aspx
  4. I've already allowed my Vimeo membership to expire without renewal a few days ago. I moved my videos to my personal web site where I can stream what I want with unlimited bandwidth. I'm hoping LOR will allow video submissions for the 2014 Christmas contest from personal web sites.
  5. There's another thread over in the "My Christmas Display" section of the forum on the same subject of Vimeo deleting our videos. I wrote to Vimeo and asked for an explanation and actually got a detailed response. You'll find it here: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/31153-vimeo-following-youtube/#entry316342
  6. I truly enjoy watching clean and well sequenced shows like this. Very well done!
  7. Very nice and clean. I'm hoping to integrate more RGB devices in my next year's show. Your small forrest of CCR trees give me inspiration.
  8. Wow, what a great first show! And like others have commented... it looks better than my first year's show. And, it warms my heart to see the children get involved.
  9. Congratulations! We've all experienced the "extension cord crisis management" at one time or another. Cheers and share videos if you can.
  10. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us. We've all experience that joy the first year we watched our sequenced lights for the first time. That, and the enjoyment and Christmas spirit it brings to the neighborhood. Please post videos if you can.
  11. @JeffF, I also have several years of Christmas Lights to Music videos that have gone completely untouched by Vimeo although, according to Vimeo's interpretation of copyright law, they would be taken down if detected. I also have a companion video of this year's video uploaded, only I set the privacy while uploading rather than after. It escaped the copyright detector. Vimeo seems to be running the detector against newly uploaded non-private videos only. That said, there is the possibility they will eventually go back through older uploads and inspect. I would advise that you go through your vi
  12. I wrote to Vimeo and asked two basic questions: Why is a personal video of Christmas lights sequenced to music, with a disclaimer that states "I do not own the music used in this video and am using it under 'fair use' copyright law" not considered "fair use" when it is interpretive and recontextualizing (transformative)? In the extremely unlikely event that the copyright owner objects to the use of the music, who gets sued... Vimeo or me?This was their response: It seems my mistake was I did not mark the video as "Private" fast enough after uploading it to avoid it being inspected by thei
  13. Problem solved, at least for me. I spent time today on my personal web site to implement video streaming. I got it working, moved my videos over to my web site, then sent Vimeo my "kiss off" e-mail. It's truly sad how the music/film industry has badgered video and image hosting services to the point they won't host anything that is "fair use" or "appropriation art" respectively.
  14. I had my videos deleted by Vimeo also. I appealed their decision under "fair use," making the case that my light show recontextualizes (transforms) the material in as an artistic interpretation and they were created for personal use only. My appeal was denied. I cancelled my account at Youtube several years ago and went to Vimeo because Youtube was blocking my Christmas videos. Now Vimeo is doing it. My membership with Vimeo expires in five days. I don't plan to renew it now that they've become onerous. I'll have to look for another way to post my videos.
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