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  1. This has been a very educational week for me, met several people who have offered support and ideas where to take this project. I have met people willing to help and I would like to thank them upfront for that, I will be in touch and see what we can do together. The few people who offered professional services might end up hearing from me as well, a few proper built stepping songs may be what I need to kick start this thing. I looked at it and though “I could scale it back”, but reality is like a lot of people, once you have that perfect idea, it is hard to shake. I got expansion plans bu
  2. Thanks for the replies, especially Carlo, it is good to hear someone else who has been down a similar road. I have friends and family look at me like I have lost my marbles when I show them the stockpile of lights I bought. Even weirder looks when I break out the drawings and explain what I am doing and the scale it is on. I am hooked though, this stuff is awesome, good thing they have sales, otherwise I would have the brightest cardboard box in the alley. This thread was created more so that I am overwhelmed at putting it all together this year. I did a small 35ch display last year and t
  3. My bad! Yes I was going for wouldn't there; I completely missed that. Thanks.
  4. Hello Everybody. I am a newbie to the forum so if this is the wrong way to go about this then let me know. I was wondering if there is somebody out there that would like to work with me on a Christmas project. I love building the hardware side of it, the lights, the rigging, and everything else hands on. I can do the sequencing but I am not an artistic person and would like to partner with somebody that is. I am not looking to “hire” a pro, more someone that likes doing it and doesn’t have the resources to do the hardware side. My display this year is going to be quite extensive with r
  5. It works, it works......... I removed the heatsinks and cleaned off the thermal paste with some isopropyl. It works like a charm now. Here I was thinking I could use the leftover pieces for something good and it turns out they crippled me. Thank you so much, never would I have thought they were hot and would do that. Thanks again for helping me out here. Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. Yes I have done the reset a few times (turned both address selectors to 0 and power up). It did not correct the problem. I did have leftover heatsinks from a kit and added those since they were lying around. Think that may be causing a problem? Attached files
  7. One LED on one channel still gives the same problem. I tried a 12v incandescent bulb as well, same thing. I am building a star and have strips of LED's. There is roughly 20 LED's per strip on a board. I also have just some simple prebuilt LED light packs that are simple two wire things kinda like a flashlight. I have tested with all three but the light packs are simple so I tend to test with those more. Sorry, I didn't answer the question. I want to make different parts of the star light up so each channel will have strips attached. the star will grow from a small one in the middle to a
  8. Thanks for pointing that out, I almost forgot about that part about the positive being full time. Nope, each LED is separate and I am not sharing a common together though. During testing I have all channels on and set it to cycle through them on by one. I took some voltage readings and it stays almost perfectly at a steady 12V. There is a small flicker while it moves from one channel to the next but it is barely noticeable. When it gets to the second bank, it does turn off the other 8 channels and voltage drops down to 200mV and it turns the LED’s off (this is measured from a open channel
  9. I just got around to finishing my project and hooked up a new CMB16D to control a set of 12v LED’s. Problem is when I go to test it in the Hardware tool I get all the LED’s going on for the 8 channels. It does this on both banks 1-8 & 9-16. I suspected bad wiring at first but I have removed everything except the 2 lights (one for each bank) and I still get the same result with all 8 on at once. If I use the cycle option to turn on one light at a time, it powers up all 8 lights for which ever bank it is currently on. If I pick one specific channel to turn on , all 8 come on in a simila
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