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  1. Incredible speed increase on the opens and saves with v4.0.36. Great job LOR!
  2. Just curious if you were still having an issue or if it was resolved. I experienced this same issue for the first time yesterday. I happened to have another sequence open in the editor, and it displayed correctly, but selecting the other sequence mirrored what DavidWolf described. After just closing and re-opening the Sequence Editor however, it displayed correctly and I have not been able to reproduce the issue with the particular sequence or any other so far. Strange...
  3. I use a mix of both Sandevices and J1sys controllers. One small feature difference I discovered is that the Sandevices will only configure a single RGB color order setting per output, where the J1Sys can do multiple via their Effects settings. I have some elements that contain 2811 pixel strips and modules connected together that have different RGB color orders, that I have to control with J1Sys.
  4. Excellent post Andy! And couldn't agree with you more about the Visualizer limit
  5. You can, but technically it is not supported by LOR. See this thread
  6. HolidayCoro and DIY LED Express carry them, though DiyLedExpress is showing backordered
  7. Picked up some last night and they fit! Thanks for the info Ron.
  8. I ran into this problem previously. A few seasons ago, I bought a 6803 strip from Ray Wu to use in place of my CCR strip that I damaged, and it was in GRB order. I had to manually un-link the CCR's RGB channels and change the Circuit numbers so it would match GRB order and output correctly using the LOR CCR controller. PITA. There are other non-LOR pixel controllers that allow you to change the RGB order in the controller settings, so you don't have to mess with it in the sequencing software.
  9. Thanks for the info. Do you know what size screw you used into the side power supply? The power supplies I have look similar, but nothing I had laying around to try and thread in would work.
  10. Nice job on your enclosure and spinner. I was wondering how you mounted your power supply to the plexi? Looks like some sort of side bracket, but I couldn't tell from the angle.
  11. Works great! Thanks for sharing it Mike.
  12. I'm hoping in the future, LOR will either increase the maximum fixture limit, or allow multiple Visualizer's to be run locally. See DevMike's comments about running multiple Visualizer's in this thread.
  13. This website may be useful as well. It has an interactive color mixer for customizing. http://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.htm
  14. That's good to know about the newer CCR's. Mine were bought 2 years ago as well.
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