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  1. I am sure we have some people out there with some great ideas on keeping wires safe. I moved my display to a whole new location this year and it is causing me to cross the driveway in several places. There is a main spot coming off the road and a circle drive in front of the house. Then a Y that goes around back. I need to cross wires over each of these location. I had thought about splitting some 3" or 4" PVC pipe and anchor it on both ends. How are other people handling this? Thank You
  2. Frybread


    Been Real Windy here recently. Well that and the tornado that came through yesterday. This is a big thank you to Walter Monkhouse and his great design. At first I would have said that it was over engineered but now. GREAT WORK. I have been setting things up for a couple weekends now and the wind continues to blow. I finally got the 25 ft Mega Tree and the 16ft half Pixel tree on Saturday. Fighting the wind but got them All staked down and secured. Then the winds hit. and Blow and increased in intensity. the got worse. NWS recorded winds at 84 MPH just north of me. We are still waiting
  3. I plan on using a rubber tub that I have to put things in. Here in the Frozen north, we have to take it in everynight so things do not freeze. What do others use?
  4. Just as an update. I have been doing some smaller clipboard features. 10 to 30 seconds and importing them into my sequence via the clipboard. This has been working well for my needs. Maybe next year I will get the whole thing setup properly and work through all the songs. Thank You for the assistance.
  5. Although I have read many work arounds for using the clipboard export from Nutcracker. I continue to have issues with some songs getting imported. I watch task manager and about the time the LOR hits ~1.7GB it crashes. Smaller imports seem to work. How are others getting around it. I have not put on the 4GB patch. but I have turned off auto recover. Does it make sense to create a library of short effects and save them out? it will not be perfect but it might at least get me through this season. Ideas, Comments, Sanity Check!!
  6. thank You for the explaination. The only part that confuses me is that if Nutcracker uses all 512 does that mean that it splits one of the pixels over 2 universes? I doubt it but computers do interesting things. Pixel U1,170 would be U1;c508,c509,c510 Pixel U2,1 would be U1;c511,c512,U2:C001 However I doubt that this is the issue. I have a tendency to over think things.
  7. Thanks. I thought about that., I just sent a PM to Sean. I know he is busy and it is still early in CO. I am sure I am missing something. That has been most of the issues I have been having. My own worst enemy.
  8. OK so lots of looks no ideas. Alas, Should be interesting...
  9. Well shoot. I am slowly getting Nutcracker to work for me. I was able to clipboard a sequence into my song from there. that is when I noticed an issues. I am working on a pixel tree, 800 pixels 8 strings of 100 50 up then 50 down to make 16 strings. When I made the model in Nutcracker it works out fine. But it would be giving me 8 universes I am told my best way of doing the universes with the E682 is 5 Universes of 170 pixels. These two things just don't match up. Nutcracker doesn't have that as a setting. and things look a little weird on visualizer when I play them in LOR. What am I d
  10. Love the Drum Set, I remember Lionel Hampton playing something similar years and years ago. He had a Ludwig Vistacolor Drum set that had lights on the inside. The lights would change with every beat he made. Similar deal on his Vibraphones. It was a great show. Keep up the good work tbetgeorge
  11. I did get my 5 universes to copy properly last night. I went in an unchecked the auto undo recording and that seemed to be enough to make the trick work. Now I just have to get my 800 pixel tree created properly in Visualizer so that I can see if everything works correctly. Thank You for the tips, Harrison0550
  12. Lovly glorius Fruitcake. I like it too. My Mom makes great fruitcake every Christmas. It is good to eat.
  13. OK having the same issue I guess. I created Sequences in Nutcraker (3.2.3) opened LOR and tried to copy in the CLIPBOARD to the LOR Sequence. LOR crashes after a while. I am only coping in 5 Universes. How do I save fewer universes in NutCracker? What other tricks am I missing? Thank You,
  14. I made one last year and did not glue any of the joints and did not have any issues. I drove stakes on either side of the loop in several places then attached twine over it to succure it to the ground. Did not have any issue with the ring. On some other such joints I have taken wood screws and ran them through the joint and pipe to hold them so that I could take them apart for storage. I have done this with my two 7' webers and they have worked just fine. I am still trying to find something that tells me the stress strenght of PVC.. For construction use not water pressure.
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