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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Regulated-Switching-Power-Supply-Silver/dp/B007KG0ZYI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385488202&sr=8-1&keywords=12+volt+30+amp+power+supply This is what I use, but you must locate this unit out of the weather. I have this mounted in my a/v closet, then run the 12 volt to my controller located under my front porch. I also power other 12 devices off this same unit. NOTE: You do NOT want to run FM transmitter off the same unit if you have one. ( major noise picked up and transmitted ) Keep the transmitter on its OWN power supply. Good luck and keep in touch.
  2. Be sure to post Pictures or even better a video when you complete the fan. Enjoy your addiction. It only get better/worse.
  3. I purchased a 12 volt 30 amp power supply from Amazon.com This is more than enough power for your needs but it does allow for future growth. As for you box you can purchase that from LOR or use any type of weather proof enclosure, mine is an intermatic time clock enclosure. Check your LED strips carefully, you should see a cut line every so often, mine is every 3 LED's. Be sure to seal off the ends with silicone when you are finished. As for the frame I would build that from 1/2 steel flat bar. Hope this helps
  4. If anyone has any damaged or unwanted lor equipment please let me know. I am looking some for spare parts. I have a couple that are getting old and beginning to have failures. Trying to learn more about repairing these units.
  5. Does anyone have the pinout for the 18 pin header on the ctb16pc?
  6. How do you dress it up to be more presentable? Have any pictures?
  7. Miane Lights posted on the 14th of November "FOR SALE" they may have what you are looking.
  8. Any suggestions for a low cost donation box for non parishable foods?
  9. It sounds like you do not have your dongle cords labeled or lights plugged in the correct cord. This will give a ramdom effect, providing the sequence is correct. One other thing to look at is how you have your channels assigned for the sequence.
  10. My suggestion would be to make several stars. Then assemble them in an astrick design if looking down on the star. You can get by using 3 channels and give the star an illusion of it spinning. Hope this helps.
  11. That looks like the ticket! Definately cant beat the price for all that including the sequence. Thanks for the information, and hopefully more people will do something on this order in their shows. If you have used this do you have a video? My only concern is I am not using wire frames, I am actually using more detailed cutouts I am creating, and my stable is going to be a wood structure built on site.
  12. May I clarify, I am not looking the movie, but the story of Jesus Christ birth.
  13. Does anyone have a voiceover of the Christmas Story?
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