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  1. Brian thanks for the tip but it can be read! flyinverted I am using 1 E681 and 2 E682's! Thank you for the comments!
  2. Here is my sequence to What Does the Fox Say, I am posting the SuperStar Sequence, but on my channel I have a video of all of my lights. My camera isn't to good so it is missing a lot of color, for the actual lights. I am using a total of: 14 WS 2811 strips 5 C-9 PixaBulbs 4 LOR Controllers All sequencing was done using SuperStar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUyzkCOPIzc
  3. I used this method to sequence my WS2811 C-9 bulbs and two ws2811 strips for arches, it works great. I now also use Superstar to sequence my 4 regular LOR controllers. Sequencing has never been easier. I found out by mistake tonight. I finished sequencing my roof line and arches, I saved the file. I then wanted to start sequencing my 4 LOR controllers, so I imported my visualizer file. Well wouldn't you know it, all my effects from the roof line and arches were still there. Sequence done in 30 mins as I had to do a few tweeks in LOR sequencer. Other than that my normal lights flash with th
  4. Are you doing a DMX tree like Brian's CCR tree? If so no need to create the props or anything. Just use the Superstar sequencer to make your sequence, then follow these instructions I did last year. http://www.superstarlights.com/Other/ExportingDMXRibbons.php Now this year I added 5 strings of WS2811 C-9 bulbs to my roof line and made arches out of 2 WS2811 strips, I created the props like Brians instructions above and was able to easily sequence my lights!
  5. I set the E682 to test my 50 pixel pixabulbs from DIYLEDExpress. This is how my set up is. I have a 12v 45w waterproof power supply connected to the strings, + to red, - to black. Then I have the data wire connected to the strand and to the E682. I am only running the lights in test mode from the E682. When I turn everything on, only 17 bulbs light up with flickering and random colors. I have tried two different strands with 2 different E682 controllers and get the same result. I have the E682 set to control 50 pixels of WS2811. The E682 is powered by a 45w powersupply by it's self. Is 45w o
  6. Jaime, I use DMX lights as well, WS 2811 with Sandevices E681/E682 see the link for how I cut down on time. http://www.superstarlights.com/Other/ExportingDMXRibbons.php It helps to cut down on the time to get my Super Star sequence into the LOR sequencer. Hope it helps! Jason
  7. I had 2811 strips this year. They worked flawlessly all season and cost less than 6803. I also used sandevices controller to control the strips. I will be buying two more sandevices controllers and more 2811 strips to expand my display next year.
  8. I believe the reset worked. I did a reset went back into hardware utility and tested each channel and no more crossover thank you
  9. Nope it wasn't a kit. I used it last year and this year since November 25 without issue. I will look up on how to reset it.
  10. On controller 4 out of 6 I have channel 5 and 13 coming one at the and time. I want into hardware configuration and tested the controller if I turn on a 5 or 13 both channels come on. Any suggestion on what I can do? I have not tried doing anything else.
  11. I work nights and had just woke up about 30 mins before they showed up. Unfortunately they came about 1:30 pm, so the video wasn't great, but I am happy they came. I live about 30 mins out of the main city so I hope it perks some interest to make the drive. http://www.kndu.com/story/20301110/christmas-displays-are-a-hobby-for-some Thank you to everyone who has helped!
  12. Have you tried selecting some cells in all the rows you want to modify then right click select rows and add it? Or Crete a separate sequence with the effect copy paste it to your sequence. I honestly have not tried the foreground effect but just trying other things for a solution.
  13. So just curious about the channel counts, do CCR's count as 150 channels each or just one?
  14. I love Skrillex and Jack Skellington is my favorite character along with Stitch, mind sharing with me as well please? Really get set you have and awesome sequencing. vvolf27@yahoo.com It is two V's not a W Thank you
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