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  1. Just the updates in Superstar is worth the upgrade. You said you use SS for the pixel tree. Yes, by all means, go S4.
  2. Yeah, the drone that was for sale on here was sold, prior to my post. I just went ahead and ordered one new. I got the same thing, Phantom 3 Standard, that he was selling with the 2.7K camera on it. I'll do my videos this year with the 2.7K and if I like the outcome, I'll just stick with it. If not, I'll start looking for a GoPro 4K and a new mount for the drone for 2017. I fiddled around with the settings for the pinwheel effect in the PE and couldn't come up with anything. Was that done in the PE or XL4?
  3. First DJI. The tarantula is just for fun.
  4. PM sent, If it's like you say, I can send Paypal today.
  5. Camera and everything included? I have first dibs. I'll send you a PM. PM Sent
  6. The above highlighted statement would be true. Using smart pixels with all connected at one central point, will only have one data stream or input. I believe it would work the way you are describing, if my understanding is correct. I've never attempted something like that so I don't know for sure. The only way to know for sure is to hook up 50 pixels in your configuration and do a test. If it works, Fantastic, if it don't, then you have a couple more options in this thread. My experience is mostly with pixels configured the way I outlined above in my first post so I think me being able to he
  7. # 1 pixel is at the center of the top right arm, 25 at the end, Each arm is exactly alike with pixel 250 at the outer edge of arm #10. A single, continuous string of 250 pixels on a single output from the Falcon board. So, yes I guess mine is different (after re-reading the original post). But, if using Smart RGBs, there's no need to connect 5 pixels as 1, unless the OP just wants 10 RGB channels instead of 150. After re reading your post, I realized mine is different than your proposed design. My bad on not reading it more carefully. I would think it would work, but if the burst effect is
  8. Very nice. Two questions though. How did you do the effect on the spinner burst at ~:50? What Drone and camera combination did you use?
  9. If you look at my pic in my signature, the big Pixel burst in the center, (some call it a spinner), is set up in the same configuration as what you're wanting to do, mine are 10 arms at 25 pixels, but in essence, the same. I do spins and bursts all the time with it. The website in my sig, has a 2015 Videos page also. if you care to take a peek at some of the videos, you can see all sorts of things you can do with it. If using Superstar, the effects are almost endless. The setup in SS is critical though. Brian helped me understand how to set up the visualizer file to make importing in to SS
  10. The stars on the fan was the first thing that jumped out at me. I like that effect. Very nice job Joe. Always enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I used some C6 lights a few years back for a pinwheel. It looked pretty decent. 8 arms. I then discovered RGB and haven't looked back since.
  12. Double click on the LOR Control Panel and that will start the Comm Listener. Thanks for the insight. Now I understand why it's needed. Up until reading this post, I had no clue as to why, just that it had to be running.
  13. It came when the software moved to S4. Since they added DMX strings to the visualizer, for some reason it has to run. Last year on single bulb created DMX, it did not. Something in the code changed to where it needs to be connected now.
  14. Way to go Dougd. Gonna try to get MIIP in my show for 2016. Luckily, I have the master, Bradley lights just about an hour or so away. Thanks Bob for some awesome software.
  15. Do you have the "Control Panel/Comm Listener" running?
  16. Due to some last minute problems with some of my elements this year, I ran on the LOR Scheduler instead of the Pi and Falcon Player as was initially planned. The show ran without a hitch from Black Friday until New Years Eve. I ran 4.2.12 on a Windows 10 PC
  17. DevMike's link will tell you everything you need to know. Did you happen to start the "Control Panel/CommListener" prior to starting the sequence?
  18. As long as you have the strips well backed, meaning on either metal tubing, Aluminum stock, PVC etc., the strips will be fine. However, the strips need to be kept as is, IMHO. No matter how I waterproofed an element last year, that took two months of evenings and weekends to build, I ended up replacing the entire element on the night before I went live. If you want to use strips, leave them as 5 meters and add a little more GE Silicone II where the wires exit the tubing. Now, I have found, using nodes on a mega tree at 3" spacing, gives a really good look. Both of the trees in the picture be
  19. That looks like a sure show stopper, as in, everybody driving off. Sorry Sarge, I just could not sit through a show that started with that. There are plenty of fun songs out there that are pleasant to listen to.
  20. That would be the one. Removed the shorter morph and all is well. Thanks Brian. I knew it was something I was missing. I was on my laptop and the screen is much smaller than my normal sequencing machine. Thanks, Ron
  21. Brian, I'm getting an odd behavior on a prop. I have a new addition that matches the one I had this passed year. I am sending you an email with the 2 visualizers, sequence and a screen cap. I know I'm missing something, I used these same props all of last year except the windows. I copied the arches and Pixel pole from last year and re-assigned the Universe #s. If you could take a peek, it might even be a bug or I'm forgetting something. Thanks, Ron
  22. The reason it works is, the lms sequence has to be converted to a fseq for it to run with the Falcon Player. When converted, the fseq file size is at a minimum, half of the size of the lms file. Andy Harrison ran a LOR network with the RS485 dongle as well as the E1.31 stuff through the Pi this year with zero problems. Just have to run the LOR controllers in DMX mode, or convert all to RGB and do away with AC channels.
  23. Bittersweet. Bitter because I have to take the display down and store it Sweet because I get to take the display down and store it.
  24. +1 CCA is difficult at best to solder, at least in my experience.
  25. I sequence to 3 visualizers, One for the 16 x 50 Pixel Tree, one for the 12 x 50 and then everything else in the third. Seems like Brian was going to go to 160 CCRs or 24K channels at one time, but I don't know if that's still in the works. I'm sure he'll chime in soon.
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