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  1. You can use CCR sequences with DMX Pixels and vice versa. If you get the CCR sequence, there are 7 Macro channels at the end of each 50 pixel String. Those will either need to be deleted, moved or skipped. Otherwise all of the sequences work the same way. If you buy the CCR and you have a visualization of a DMX tree, import your visualization into these sequences and SS will not export the Macro channels.
  2. Oh man. Sorry about being the bearer of bad news. I learned that the hard way too in my first year. I had 4 or 5 different channel configs. Trust me, this will most likely be the last time that happens. "Live and Learn" as you said. Good luck.
  3. You said you had 40 songs. Are the channels in the same order in all 40? If so, export that channel config and save it. Open a new sequence and import the "just saved" channel config. Now create your 5 flood channels and put them at the bottom. Save and export that config. Now, open up one of your old sequences, import the new config. All effects will be the same as the old sequence and your 5 flood channels will be at the end and empty just waiting on effects. The main thing is, make sure the channels are in the exact, same order, in the 40 sequences. Otherwise, you'll be changing
  4. Zip file sent to your email. I added a 24 pixel arch as well as the ones requested above. All are done in S4.
  5. I used your design and somewhere along the line, I messed it up. I have nobody to blame but myself.
  6. Yep, I thought the same thing about the strips. I spent 2 months in the evenings and on Saturdays, building them and making sure they were waterproof. By the time I tested them a week after they were up, half of them were full of water. I spent half the night on Wednesday and all day Thanksgiving day re-building them. I will only use strips in their entirety from her on out. Just make sure they are waterproof if you use strips.
  7. http://boscoyostudio.com/products/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_6&products_id=2 Get you some of these and node style pixels, either Bullet or Square. Create however many node drops you want. Makes awesome icicles. I don't have any pics of mine, but if you look at my videos from 2015 you can see them in action (website in signature). My actual icicles are 30 drops with 10 pixels each. I also have 10 pixel tubes made with PEX above the icicles. I was very satisfied with the outcome.
  8. You're welcome. Always good to give someone an option to use Superstar.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dujcz6cvqbv8z1h/AAAxdBM_08CbiiB3DKpQMwMCa?dl=0 Okay, try this one. Same instructions as the last for import into SS. I used Universe 1 channel 1 just to make sure it works in SS. Just run the Channel Wizard to your channels used.
  10. I like this. When all of this started a long time ago, I read something along the lines of, and I'm paraphrasing here, The Pixel Editor will be accessed through the Sequence Editor. If memory serves, while in the SE, you could select a section of your sequence, click on the PE and it would open up. Make the necessary changes and they would be added to the lms sequence. So bobschm, your idea was originally thought of at some point, but for some reason or another, it didn't happen. Give me a bit and I'll see what I can do. Should be just a matter of moving some stuff around.
  11. I can bring my Falcon Controller
  12. 14 Candy Canes, 10 pixels each, in an arch. Candy Canes upright? Pixel # 1 at the bottom? Single output on controller and all in the same universe? All of the hooks facing the same? I'l see if I can hash something out using these parameters. If they are different, let me know. Edit: Try this. Download the file https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dujcz6cvqbv8z1h/AAAxdBM_08CbiiB3DKpQMwMCa?dl=0 Open SS and select File-->Import Visualization Pair-->(Select) Candy Cane Arch_Row (for the row)-->(Select) Candy Cane Arch (for the real)
  13. What props are you having trouble creating. Can you post a screen shot of the ones in question. I may be able to help. I've created a lot of pixel props over the last few years. I may not have done what you're wanting, but I have a pretty good understanding of the visualizer and might be able to figure it out. Thought I'd offer my assistance. the visualizer has been an invaluable tool for me over the course of me doing these shows. Last year, I spoke with Brian about the combining of intensity files. You can combine as many as you want to, as long as it does not exceed 100 Uni
  14. Export the PE intensity file, export the SS Intensity file, and then in SS, combine the intensity files and view it in the Visualizer.
  15. Jim, Last year when I would use an Intensity file in the visualizer, whether from the PE or SS, some of my morphs in the Visualizer would not show the tail. It looked like it was not even sequenced in, When using the legacy file, the morphs looked like they did in SS. I was a bit hesitant to use the intensity files for the show. My question is, did you see this when playing in the Visualizer? also, did your sequences look correct, as sequenced, on the real display?
  16. Yeah, I was thinking about ordering a kit too, but the pre-sale now won't be here til late March I think. May be the same as yours.
  17. C'mon Jeff, you know you'll be here. Bring your inspire. I want to see what a professional Drone looks and flies like. Z, and all who read, I didn't mean the last statement in a negative way, by any means. I just meant in our core group, I don't know if anyone has ventured into that stuff. I would love to learn it. My display is about as big as it's ever going to get. I've been interested in mapping for a couple of years now. Just never have found the time to do proper research to find out how to get started. Big Dog, been wanting to see this in action myself. I hope someone brings some P-
  18. Unless someone has ventured into the projection mapping that I don't know of, don't know if that could be a topic. I know I don't have a clue about. Awesome tech, but I'm clueless as to where to even start.
  19. Every year for 3 years running. I also use the flat RGB 18g wire from HolidayCoro and DiyLEDExpress. Works fantastic for 10-15 ft runs and it's easier to hide than the jacketed (WHITE) speaker wire. White sticks out like a sore thumb against the greens and browns in your yard. I use this stuff to do power injections and from controller to first pixel on my pixel trees.
  20. I have to agree about the lack of RAM. IMHO, even though the 4 Gb RAM PCs were good for normal incans and LED, most of us were running less than 200 total channels, (I did say Most, not All). Now that each bulb is 3 channels instead of 50 bulbs are 1 channel, PC horsepower has became, not overkill, but in some cases, nowhere near what's needed and I think, in need of an upgrade. I updated my PC last year. I have an i5 with 16 Gb RAM and 2Gb video card (no lag in the Visualizer either) and had zero lag issues. Some of the Pixel tree sequences have some fast transitions and it was flawless. I
  21. I have an octoscroller built, but nothing else. Have not decided when or if I will do that this year. If someone has any and would bring them, that would be fantastic.
  22. Tennessee Spring Mini All are invited, not just the folks from TN. WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 2016 WHERE: Cleveland, TN (Just north of Chattanooga off of I-75) 3787 Blue Springs Road in Cleveland, TN TIME: TBD (typically 9 am – 4 pm) We’ll take up $$ for lunch, usually pizza. Agenda to follow. We'll be bouncing around a few ideas over the next week or so and will update then. Since all of us, it seems, had some sort of problem, or as we lovingly called it "Gremlins" this year, a lessons learned topic will probably be in there somewhere. Ideas? If there
  23. Yes, it takes a bit of tweaking, but it can be done with the fan.
  24. Mike is there any plans for a burst type star. I think the PE calls it "Spokes". I have been ask a number of times to share mine. I don't mind sharing, but if there's enough interest, that would be a good one to add also.
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