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  1. Well first, it wasn't my idea. The whole premise behind this is to keep the Supplies cool and still be waterproof. Yes, two 300w, 60 amp PSs in the main compartment and the fan in the door. I use it for my power injection. It's not really a hard build, just take your time. Anybody with a bit of general skills should be able to build this. The only tools used were a jig saw, battery powered drill and a utility knife. This passed year, I used Din rails and blocks. This coming year, I will be using those as well as Andy Harrison's Power Distro Boards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
  2. This is what I've found to be the best solution. I have a single power supply in a CG-1500 and pixel controller in a CG-1000. The problem I had with PS and controller in the same enclosure is, the Pixcon16, is a bit bigger than, say an E682. It's a tight fit and will work, but then you have to worry about heat, as mentioned above. I also tried to mount the controller in the box with the PS in the door. It wouldn't close once all of the connections were made. I built this for 2 Power supplies in one CG-1500. I will be building another this year and using them. The Fan is a "Fox-2 Guided Mi
  3. Go to Home Depot or Lows and buy a piece of Superstrut and a couple of lengths of EMT and make you're own. Simplest solution I've found and you can make about 6 or 8 stands from 2 EMT and 1 Superstrut. You need a few 1/4" bolts and large diameter washers too.
  4. I cannot stress enough to backup to multiple medias. First, I use a cloud drive, Sequencing PC and also utilize several thumb drives as well as CDs and DVDs. The one time it almost bit me was 9 days before the show. Luckily I had all sequences on the media mentioned. Thumb drives and CDs are cheap, use them.
  5. See if this is what you're looking to do. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xq3dtp8ee1dov67/AABWmwHKbxXKb15gSob58dS4a?dl=0
  6. Did you use 512 channels per Universe or 510 channels during setup of the matrix? If it was 512, there's your culprit. Go back in to the PE and change Max Channels to 510 and it should clear up the problem, assuming of course, that's the problem. Be willing to bet it is though.
  7. Pretty much. Do some testing for your distance though. Don't want to get to showtime and be under powered because of the voltage drop George mentioned above. If that's the same stuff I bought last year, it didn't take solder as well as the Monoprice did. It took the solder, but not as well.
  8. http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10239&cs_id=1023904&p_id=4043&seq=1&format=2 I use this for most of my RGB, Pixels and Basic RGB. I also use this, but it's a bit more expensive. This is usually used within a prop, whereas, the link above is used from controller to nodes. http://www.holidaycoro.com/4-Conductor-18-AWG-Extension-Wiring-RGB-Lights-p/695.htm&Click=670 Both of these are 18g wire and matches most wiring gauge on RGB strings.
  9. I made the globe. The star on the flat tree is one that Brian sells. The 360° Globe I had last year was like the one Brian has on his CCP tree.
  10. On my website videos I have a flat 12 x 50 and a 180° 216 x 50. The 180° is a bit hard to see, but the images, IMHO, look better. Address is in signature.
  11. 16 Channels and a CCP. Should have plenty of time to get a show up and running. A few points I'd like to make from some suggestions above. If you plan on expanding in future and your pocket book will allow, get the advanced license. I recommend this anyway because of the unlimited controllers and future expansion. For just a couple of arches, Superstar is not really needed. Most of your effects are simple chases anyway. Don't get me wrong, I suggest getting Superstar eventually, but it's a bit of overkill for a couple of arches. You can sequence your regular lights with it to
  12. I used it when I had regular lights, but it sounds like you're using the Instant sequence option. I never could get that to work for me. If you do a Hand-made sequence for regular lights, it works just fine.
  13. My understanding is this, the twinkle and shimmer is controlled from the hardware, not the software for LOR equipment. When you switch over to DMX on the controllers, you lose the hardware controlled twinkle and shimmer.
  14. http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=W-5MM-50-GW http://www.christmas-leds.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=W-5MM-70-GW http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/Green-LED-Christmas-Lights.aspx http://www.holiday-light-express.com/
  15. No problem. Just know the offer stands if you do throw the white flag. Good luck. You're gonna love it.
  16. As long as you're working with props, it should work. I found, if using the individual fixture and force R/C, I never could get it to work properly. If you can't get it figured out, you could send me your .lee file and how you want it laid out and I can take a peek at it. Maybe there's something I came across and Brian helped me with. It always helps me if a second pair of eyes takes a look. You can either link to Dropbox or Onedrive or Google, or just send the files to dariansdad1@comcast.net I'll be happy to take a peek.
  17. Thanks Jim for the explanation. Now, one other thing I would like to add. If you have a packed prop, meaning one run of pixels span universes, (such as the bursts I have in mine), There's one command you have to use in the visualizer prop properties box. A better explanation using my prop above. Each arm on these bursts have 25 pixels on them.The first 6 arms are channels 1-75, 75-150, 151-225 up to 375-450. Since I use one output for each of these bursts, on arm 7, I only have 60 channels in the first universe available, but I need 75 channels. So the last 15 channels are on the next uni
  18. It does very well for me. It's all in the set-up. The mini trees, Snowflakes and Bethlehem star are Dumb RGB. All the others are Pixels. First pic is what the display looks like and the second is the visualizer I sequence to. Real and Row, respectively.
  19. Been sequencing with SS since year 2 and have never regretted spending the money I did. I have a bit over 11 k channels and it's the bomb. My favorite analogy: If you're building a fence, you're not going to buy a hand saw will you. Nope, the right tool for the job. Superstar is the right tool for the job. Play around with the parts Brian spoke of above. Once you have an "Aha" moment, you'll love it too.
  20. No, not directed at anyone in particular, just a query. Wow, That's a bunch of stuff to keep up with. But, if it's your job, I'd say it's second nature. Since I'm not in the networking field, I'd be 100% lost. Kudos to you my friend.
  21. I ran a bit over 10K channels on S3 in 2014 and about the same amount last year on S4. Both years I had a smidgen of lag on one song and one effect. In Superstar under the clipboards, it's called a Bouncing Flashing Morph. It's the only thing I've seen in any of my sequences that lags at all. The only thing I see that could be causing it is, the 10/100 switches coming from the 10/100/1000 switch. I didn't think you could do that with any success? I could be mistaken on that. After re-reading Jim's post, I guess it is possible. I run an 8 port, 10/100/1000 switch out to all of my con
  22. I don't do this anymore for that end, but I have done this in the past. Slip on a piece of shrink wrap on each individual wire, add a bit of GE Silicone II, and shrink it.
  23. http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=39500-0004virtualkey53810000virtualkey538-39500-0004
  24. Exactly how I did it. You're most welcome.
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