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  1. Has anyone used or can anyone give us some feed back on this new software. It looks so much different looking at the screen shots on LOR.com T.Smith
  2. Dan - Thanks for the reply. I did find the problem , it appears that Norton Premier when installed deleted some files and folders so beware of just letting that software run on its own without checking to see what it is getting rid of. T.Smith
  3. Error saving file is the message that I am getting and nothing has changed was working on a sequence and tried saving it under another name and it keeps popping up this error, any suggestions? T.Smith
  4. Would it be possible to view this sequence. I jumped from 32 to 64 channels this year and am working on some of my old songs and trying new ones like this one but by the way everyone is talking I am not sure I will have enough time to tackle this one.
  5. Tim - can you tell me what the new features are? Before I purchased the LOR software I had downloaded the demo version and in the demo there was an area that I could see things like the tree and tell what it was doing but I can not find it in 1.5.0
  6. Have not seen it on the website yet but can you upgrade the software? Is there a charge? I am using version 1.5.0, is there a version to skip or not use like 1.6.3 ( seems I read something on that version that you could not do)
  7. Dan - Can you import an actual photo of your home?
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