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  1. The only component inside is the power supply switching it from 110V AC to 48V DC. Just a small rectangle. Goes direct from that to the light itself.
  2. Additional: My thought is maybe these particular LEDs won’t be dimmable, just my luck there, but I would think this controller should still function in “relay mode” to turn them off and on. I also seem to have fried this light. Went back to the factory transformer and now lights up so dim you can hardly tell it’s on. Also kind of blinks as the transformer voltage fluctuates. 😩
  3. Hello! I seem to have landed myself in a problem that I can’t seem to solve. In the past, I’ve used my white 50W Floods with the transformer that came with each, and simply attached a 12V relay inside so the transformer would remain powered, and the lamp would be able to turn on and off via DMX. This year I purchased a CMB16D (60V max) thinking I could remove the internal transformer and relay, and gain dimming capabilities. The factory transformer is putting out 48V DC, so I set the controller power supply to that voltage. The controller is seen by the PC and appears to be functioning properly. However, I only got the light to turn on for about half a second, then it went off. Am I missing something important? I use the CMB24 to power 24V RGB floods just fine with dimming and all. My standard 16 ch AC controllers can fade the white LED floods from Home Depot just fine. Why would these not be working?
  4. Here's a new one for me this year: I have a light strand programmed on Unit 8: Circuit 7. This strand has been there in previous years. This year, when I run the show as a whole or a sequence in SE, that channel refuses to light up. It also won't light in the Preview. When I check channel settings in Preview, all is normal. When I check in SE itself, it matches. Using Hardware Utility, the channel and lights work fine. Fading etc all functions. Any ideas as to why SE is suddenly ignoring this channel?
  5. Thanks Jim, that's a great tip! I don't know why but stuff like that always slips past me until someone else mentions it...
  6. Imagine the 3 red wires and the 1 orange wire being in a cable. Then at the top flood in the photo they would split off to the remaining floods. So in the cable there is a white, red, blue, green and yellow wire. Let's say the white wire would go to all of the negative terminals, and the red would go to positive on flood 1, green to positive on flood 2, and blue to positive on flood 3, with yellow not being used.
  7. This is true, but I am using the CMD-16D (link below) which has 16 channels with a pos and neg terminal for each channel. http://store.lightorama.com/cmdedcca2.html
  8. I am running 6, 12V DC white flood lights off of one bank of this controller. My distance from controller to the lights is going across the driveway, so I'm trying to run as little cabling as possible across that. I would like to split the 6 lights into 2 groups, and share a common wire (one common wire between 3 lights, and another for the other 3) with a positive wire separate per light. In doing this, I would daisy chain the commons at the lights, and again at the controller, with the initial common going to channels 1 and 4. And as I said, each light would have its own positive with its own channel. Will this work? I feel like it should, but I don't want to mess up my controller either by guessing. This would allow me to run 2 cables (I'm using 5 conductor thermostat cable) across the driveway instead of 6 if it'll work.
  9. Thanks everyone. Got the firmware files downloaded and will upgrade all of them tomorrow and hope for the best! Keeping my fingers crossed something weird doesn't happen during the upgrades, because that's how my luck goes haha.
  10. Yeah the metal boxes have firmware all over the place too. Only the 2 metal boxes with 1.15 were responsive. I do have 3 older resi controllers (plastic case), but they are gen 3. It sounds like my shortcut in programming is making my setup more complex haha. Or more exciting I guess.
  11. Can I split the network with only one interface? I checked, all are Gen 3, the versions vary from 1.02 up to 1.15 The controllers that did respond were version 1.15 I also have a CMB24D with 1.02, and 4 LOR 50 Watt RGB Floods all at 1.05
  12. I can't believe I have to ask this, but would you know how to confirm the Gen #? I know for a fact I don't have gen 1, but not sure how to tell the other two.
  13. The error message mentioned a firmware upgrade, but I have seen numerous times on here that you shouldn't do that unless LOR tells you to.
  14. I thought I was being clever and added some Motion Effect rows to certain groups of lights that are standard lights, ie) 8 - 1 channel ghost props in a group. Now when I try to run the sequence it tells me those channels can only be run if they are on an enhanced network. I tried switching it to enhanced via the Network Preferences area, but only 2 of my 14 controllers responded after that. I'm guessing the others are too old? Anyways, is there anything I can do to resolve this and get it going? Or do I have to go back and reprogram all of this stuff.......
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