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  1. Not so much about different kind of lights, it having one set on each bundle to have the same controller and channel. S5 does not like that. The pixel reference is that, I don't expect LOR too spend time and money on this since most people are going to pixels, why invest in the "past".
  2. Jim, Thanks for giving it the time to think about it. I kind of figured I wasn't going to be able to do it. Since I am in the minority trying to stick having a majority of Christmas lights, I don't see this being a priority for LOR, when most are going to pixels vs old school lights, and I can live with that.
  3. Jim I was hoping to make it part of the prop that is already defined. Making another item that placed over it, is an option, just not preferred. Was hoping to add the lights using a the CUSTOM option, then set what is all eight segments to one channel.
  4. I have a 180 degree mega tree with old school super strings, made using the built in features of S5. This tree consists of eight sections, I want to add the strobe strings in the preview by adding another set of light strings using the options available. The issue is I want them all on the same channel, the strobes will be all on or all off, not broken in to segments. S5 wants to make them all have separate channels and I want them all on one. Is there an easy way to do this so I don't get the conflict warnings? Last minute addition to the show, I should know better by now.
  5. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! That saves the files on the same computer, on the same hard drive, in the same folder. It does not protect you from a hard drive crash, theft, fire, or computer virus. About the only thing that accomplishes is lets you go back to a slightly earlier version in case you REALLY mess up your sequence. Let me clarify, I back up to an external drive using the auto back up feature.
  6. I use the auto backup feature in LOR, use and abuse the feature.
  7. Run mine on three 15 amp circuits, 50K of LEDs. I'm good for a bit longer before I have to run a fourth.
  8. How long are you going hold this grudge, you posted you are using that other company now.
  9. Didn't mean to stir the pot with my "jumbo tron" comparison, it was just my impression of some displays I see that go really pixel happy, and over rely on programmed effects. (In my best imitation of Chevy Chase in European vacation when they are stuck in the traffic circle) "Look kids there is a butterfly effect, there is a spiral...." I've seen entire shows just switch between effects, it got old. Like I said before, at end of day, if YOU like your show, that all that matters.
  10. I still like my CTB16PCs and LEDs, I like to have Christmas lights, not be a "jumbo tron" at a sports arena. I do use some RGB, but not as the main attraction. I don't even know how many CTB16PCs I have at the moment, picked up a bunch this year at a good discount, I probably have enough for the next couple of years of additions. I've had people comment that they like I'm still mainly using LEDs. To each their own, if you like your display that is all that matters.
  11. Was thinking about using one of the new N4-G4-MP3 Directors, but then remembered I added TUNE TO signs made from P5 panels last year that run on E1.31. I can't find documentation on the specs for this on the web site, does anyone know if the outputs can be E1.31? Trying to get away from my computer running the show.
  12. Use different ID, too easy to select the row and paste, entire song pasted in under 60 seconds if you are good.
  13. If you want more interest, provide more into What generation.
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