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  1. I played taps on my guitar, amp on 10, next year two amps daisy chained, one wasn't loud enough. I wish I could play a bugle.
  2. K6CCC Taps is to played at 3 PM LOCAL time, This info is from the FAQ on Tap Across America web site.
  3. I have a couple of 1000' spools of SPT-2 looking to sell, 165 each plus shipping.
  4. There is a limit on how long they can be, but not really a problem.
  5. I have a broken one, started a trouble ticket, they sold me replacement. I recommend doing that.
  6. Units for each axis? To quote an instructor from my past, "Is that 500 pounds force or 500 Green and Purple Unicorns, units matter" 😁
  7. I I'm going to order one replacement using LPD6803 info, 35-45 dollars for a replacement beats, starting over for several times more. Ordered one, will see how it works, then get more if its okay. I have almost a year to figure it out! :)
  8. So much for me being smarter than your average bear. I didn't think they were made period, thanks Mr. P. That is worth an order to find out.
  9. The replacement ribbons are "OUT OF STOCK .... This will no longer be available in 2020" . Maybe I will get lucky and be available in 2021
  10. Keep It Simple Stupid So much for me trying to keep it simple, and not use ribbons... I'm not worried about trying to replicate the look of a ribbon so much, just that using 1/3 the number of pixels will look like crap. I really don't want to reprogram, I hate rework. I might have to suck it up and Look at the CCR IIs. Thanks for the input.
  11. I guess I need to read more, but I know the CCRs had 150 pixels, grouped in threes. Trying to figure out best way to simulate that the best, just 50 single nodes over the 16 or so feet will look "sparse", hence trying to figure out how to change it with out hours and hours of work redoing programing. KYHI Yes ribbons failed, never had a problem with the controllers, I have three spares of those. I don't care for the pixels in PEX look, but thanks for the suggestion. I don't see pixie II in the store, I see documentation for them, but not them. It looks like I might be able to use a pixie 4, and bump up to about 100 Pixels and run all four arches off the one pixie 4. ( if I read the controller documentation sheet correctly. I also now run pixels at 50% or less so that helps with power needs)
  12. I have four original CCRs I use are arches, these are the only smart pixels in my display, that I have used for the last six or seven years, if not more. This year two failed and I have no replacements anymore, so I am looking to replace them with more durable pixel nodes rather than using pixel strips. I like the density of the having 150 pixels, so looking to have something close to that for replacement. I have no plans to add more smart pixels other than replacing my arches. My questions are: 1. What would you all recommend for a controller. pixie, pixiecon, or one of the many other on the market.? 2. Might be dumb question since I don't do much with the smart pixels, I don't want to have to reprogram the arches, is it just as simple redefining what the prop is now and it's properties? Video with arches, https://fb.watch/2Qn-4ciJ_T/
  13. Welding is worth learning, it opens up lots of things you just can't do with wood or PVC. I recommend you look into it.
  14. I'm probably adding eight, 7 section section arches with Super Strings, (RGBW) and maybe 5mm strobes for some "POP", strobes would be one channel, not broke into seven programable.
  15. This is what I get for trying new stuff in the middle of the display season, channels gone, flicker gone! THANKS A MILLION!
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