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  1. I am having the same problem. Did anyone figure this out?
  2. I'm sure the answer is in here somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I'm only a 2nd year LOR user and this is my first time to use CCBs. I just hooked up a CCB and I can only get one strand to work (of the two 50 bulb strands). What am I missing in the settings to get both strands to work? Current Settings: Unit ID Mode: Normal Channel Mode: Triples Standalone Speed: 8 Ribon/String Parameters: 50 Pixles, 1 Num of end to end (I tried 2 and nothing changed) Flip String 1 is checked DMX Mode: Both Thanks for any help
  3. Oops, nevermind I found how to reset in the manual. I'll give it a shot.
  4. It only happens when data is being sent. Can you point me in the right direction to do a reset? I'm very new to all of this. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I found a similar post to this but not the exact problem. Sorry if it's a repeat and I couldn't find it before posting. My show was fine until yesterday. My channel 8 only dims when it should be off during the show. Everything should be updated: LOR 3.1.4 16PC-G3 Ver1.04 I've tried troubleshooting with the Hardware utility. It does the same thing while using the utility as it does when the show is running. I've unplugged, restarted, re-updated everything and I'm still having the issue. It seem that the problem has been narrowed down to the controller but I can figure out how to correct it. Any
  6. David Rise wrote: I totally agree! The help and advice has been very valuable. And in most cases the posts are entertaining as well
  7. Thanks Jim! I think I looked at too many sites and forgot to go back to those. I was hoping for more bulbs to a string but I can always double up if needed. Thanks again, you guys (and gals) are always a HUGE help.
  8. I'm dizzy from looking at all the different sites and hoping someone might be able to help me find what I need with a good price and quality. Unfortunately Paul/CDI doesn't carry what I need. I am looking for C6 or G12 LED Cool White bulbs on white cord. I need the count between 70-100. I'll need the same with blue bulbs too. It seems full wave and professional grade is the way to go but white cord seems to be rare and expensive. Full wave should allow me to fade if I understand correctly (feel free to correct me on that) Thanks in advance for your help Philip
  9. Thanks Trebs, that does help. Your thought process is what got me thinking about my original question. I figure the lights I don't "need" to plug in to a controller will be separate, leaving more channels for sequencing options.
  10. Thanks guys. George, just so I'm clear, the controller for the CCR will need to be plugged in, right? If that's correct, do you just plug them in to the same power source you use for all the "regular" controllers? Ps. I'll hold off as long as I can
  11. I'm looking for opinions/advice on items that don't need to be controlled by LOR controllers. For example the "listen to the lights" sign. Do you plug these into a controller anyway or just put it on a timer or...? Would CCRs also be on a similar setup or do you plug them in to a controller? I haven't ordered anything yet and this will be my first year to use LOR and a CCR so this is probably a very basic question but you all seem to have a wide variety of solutions and suggestions so I figured I should ask before I make plans. Thanks in advance for your help.
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