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  1. I have the above white hash marks only after copying and pasting a sequence in S5, what does that mean?
  2. If its only the one chanel, may be a bad triac in the controller board. Go to LOR website and try all the suggestions there for a bad triac including reverse polarity on plug. If no joy ask LOR for a new triac they will send it free, then you solder it in. Or you can send board in and have them check it.
  3. I too could use this one? Thanks James if you can. jwarf@charter.net
  4. Looking for standard lor (not RGB) sequnces for Because its Christmas - Sidewalk Prophets and Christmas Time Again - Stephen Curtis Chapman. jwarf@charter.net Thanks JeffW
  5. Got it thanks a lot. Dont suppose you or anyone has because its christmas-sidewalk prophets and or christmas time again-stephen curtis chapman??
  6. James, Do you still have this sequence I could use it. jwarf@charter.net Thank you Jeff
  7. I could use this also if still sharing, or any faces or ccr tree sequence. I just ordered a 16ccr tree, and now need to get some somgs going. Thanks Jeff
  8. Just ordered a 16 ccr tree, looking for any sequences you can share. Thanks Jeff
  9. I could also use little drummer boy by Pentatonixs jwarf@charter.net Thanks so much if you could? Jeff
  10. I could use the sequence jwarf@charter.net If you need some others I have some I could share, just tell me what you would like. Thanks
  11. Looking for 8 channel coro, face sequences. We 3 kings and WQhite Christmas by Go Fish Appreciate any help? Thanks jwarf@charter.net
  12. I could also use Holly Jolly, plus if you have them... We 3 Kings and White Christmas by Go Fish for 4 8 channel faces. jwarf@charter.net that's 4 x 8 channel Thanks for any help!!
  13. I could use a copy of this also, if anyone still has it, jwarf@charter.net
  14. Looking for a sequence to hairy Christmas by The Robertson's. If you could share it. Thanks jwarf@charter.net
  15. I would like those sequences also if you can? Thanks Sorry, jwarf@charter.net
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