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  1. I have 3 of those standing, light-up deer, similar to the ones you see at any Home Depot or Lowes store. I bought mine from a garage sale two years ago, and while they look okay, they need some work. Some of the incandescent bulbs are burned out, and some of the frames are rusting. Anyway, one of the projects I want to do this off-season is tear these apart, repaint them, and convert them to LED lights or maybe even RGB pixels depending on my display for 2015. To repaint them, can anyone recommend what paint I should use for these? I was thinking of maybe even getting them powder-coated
  2. In previous years, I have had my show computer in the garage and have run a 100 foot long Cat 5 cable from there to my first controller. However, this year, to make things possibly easier, I am looking at keeping my show computer in my basement and running two Cat 5 lines up to the garage. For the USB-485, can I run a Cat 5 cable up to the garage, mount it in a box with a Cat 5 connector on the end of it, and then daisy chain another Cat 5 cable into it that would go out into the yard? Obviously, in the basement, on the other end of the cable, would be a regular connector connecting into t
  3. I am only using the programmer cable as a programmer, and am not doing anything else with it. I have a mix of type 1 and type 2 controller. When I go to program the controller, and hit the "READ" button, it comes up and says "No Controller Found". On the one controller that worked, I was able to change the address and it worked with no problem; however; the ones that don't work basically come up and say "No Controller Found" and that is the end of it. I have worked with David before so I know the support is Top Notch, however, I was hoping to resolve it without going that route. I'm go
  4. 1. They are the 12V RGB Rectangular Modules. 2. I have 4 modules on each 3-channel controller. 3. Yes, I did check and they are the Holiday Coro modules, both the controller and the modules were purchased in 2012 from Holiday Coro.
  5. OK, so I was plugging the DMX signal cable in first, then the power cable; then running the Programming tool. And yes, I am only connecting one at a time. I have the solid orange pin hooked up to the D-, and the orange/white pin hooked to D+. I also checked the other solder connections to make sure everything else is correct. I may end up purchasing a 27-channel controller instead to run these, instead of these 3-channel buggers. Might be easier than dealing with the individual controllers.
  6. Last year I bought a bunch of those 3-channel DMX controllers. I believe I bought them through Holiday Coro. Anyway, today I started building a bunch of North Poles. Got the LED modules mounted onto the pipe, and got the "topper" assembled. However, the first batch of three, I can only configure one of them through the DMX programmer I bought with them. However, when I plug all of them in, the modules come on and start going through the auto-sequence, so I know they work. At first I thought that maybe it was one of my solder connections on the board for the DMX signal, but I double and
  7. Ran our last show on New Years Day. started take down yesterday. Spent about 10 hours on it yesterday and am nowhere close to being finished. Considering we had a wind chill below 0 yesterday, I'm not surprised I'm no where near being finished. Need to finish before the sub-zero temperatures and 8-12 inches of snow get here Sunday and Monday, that's on top of the 6-12 inches of snow we got for 36 hours straight on New Years Day and Thursday.
  8. Got the same email as well. Politely responded telling her how she got my email address (since I don't promote it anywhere) and she stated that she pulled it from the WHOIS data on the domain name for my display website. While I liked watching the show to get ideas for next year, part of the show seemed unfairly judged, in my opinion, and it seemed that the static displays were judged differently than the animated displays. Just my opinion, so don't jump all over me. Also the judges seemed to nitpick on minor things that some of us wouldn't care about, such as cord management. I wouldn
  9. I thought about buying pre-made net lights, but I want net lights that are three colors (Red, Blue, Warm White) and also want net lights that fit each individual shrub. The smallest net I have found was 4'x4' and I could do 3-4 shrubs with a net that size. Thinking it may just be easier to build my own. As for sequencing time, that's not an issue. I'm trying to make it so that setup is as easy as possible, because, it is just me. If I can spend 6 hours building my own nets and only spend a half-hour putting them out in the yard (instead of 2+ hours), then it is worth it for me.
  10. I have never run the same display year over year, so my channel layout always changes. Some stuff, like gutter lights and landscape shrubs, usually stay in the same spot in the channel layout, but everything else changes. I keep Channel Layouts (.lcc) and Visualizer files in the same folder year after year (e.g. 2013 Display Config) and also keep sequences in folders depending on what year it is. It's kind of difficult to keep track of certain things, especially audio) when you have an unorganized computer. I liked Orville's comments, I may start doing something similar for next year's d
  11. As part of the landscaping at my home, I have approximately 20 "small" shrubs that are probably 12" tall and 6-12" wide across. Right now, I basically wrap them in LED lights, but its kind of time consuming, so I had a thought. Anyone try to create their own "net lights"? Since I need to order some Pre-Sale lights, I was thinking of getting a bunch of 35-ct. strands, take either chicken wire or some sort of thin "net wire", paint it, and then string lights on it to look like a net. That way, come setup time, all I have to do is drape it over each shrub and plug it in, instead of having to
  12. For some reason, the link ate the rest of my post above. For the longer cords, I use the extension cord reels, because they fit perfectly stacked in some of my larger bins. Plus it helps to keep all bins labeled and make sure that what is on the label goes in the correct bin. I've had a few times where bins have been switched and I spend hours trying to figure out where I put lights, etc.
  13. I store much of my stuff in plastic totes, some are the 18 gallon totes while others are the larger totes. Right now, I have stuff scattered between the basement storage room, the shed, and the rest of the house. I haven't utilized my attic yet since I don't like climbing the stairs, but I think my blowmold nativity and some other stuff that does not get affected by heat will go up there. For lights, I just wrap them around my arm and tie each strand together. That way, all I have to do is untie it and its ready for use the next year. For extension cords, I keep the shorter cords (I call
  14. Since I shot video of last year's display and didn't end up doing anything with it, I decided to get a head start on shooting my videos for this year. Luckily, I waited until the first snowfall of the season, so we ended up with probably a foot of snow on the ground; now, when I go to shoot the next round of videos, the snow will be melted and it will be showing my cords. This is my 3rd year using LOR, with 64 channels this year. Nothing too fancy, took me about 3 weekends (working 10-12 hours each day) to get it setup and tested, by myself. No family or friend involvement here. Who need
  15. I occasionally have this issue, depending on what I have going on in my yard. It first started happening when I was running incandescent lights, and my electrician told me that I was overloading the circuits. So this year, I swapped them out and am running 90% LED, and the same thing still happens. It gets to the point where the lights in my kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and foyer all flicker and dim to the music. Am supposed to have my electrician out this week to look at it and see what he says. My next option may be to just run a couple of circuits out to the garage, since I think
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