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  1. That's exactly what I did Matt when I installed the LOR Suite. Checked the Launch at Startup and disabled a lot of those annoying windows with don't show this again option. At the time I typed my response, I thought the OP was talking about the Comm Listener, since that is what it sounded like at the time, and after I hit "Save" saw your and the OP's responses and so I edited my reply, since there is no way "I" can delete it. And a message with just a . or something that would make no sense, so I added the IGNORE THIS COMMENT.
  2. Apparently Matt and the OP were typing their responses at about the same time I was typing mine. LOL So you can IGNORE THIS COMMENT! As far as I'm aware, ever since that pop up window started {with S4}, the CP has NEVER been available with the pop up menu when clicking the red LOR light bulb. That light bulb and the comm listener ONLY show up AFTER the LOR Control Panel has been started by the user from the Light-O-Rama folder under the program files, the Desk Top or Task Bar if placed there. Once started that window lives on your task bar as long as the CP is running and the
  3. Avez-vous créé une séquence d'animation ou une séquence musicale? S'il s'agit d'une séquence d'animation, il ne vous demandera pas de fichier audio {MP3} lors de sa création, cependant, si vous créez une séquence musicale avant même qu'il ne vous permette d'accéder à l'éditeur de séquence pour séquencer la chanson, la première chose qu'il vous demandera est pour le fichier musical. Cependant, la bonne nouvelle est que si vous utilisez ce que Jim déclare ci-dessus, vous pouvez changer une séquence d'animation en une séquence musicale. Maintenant pour les 3 mauvaises nouvelles: si vous avez
  4. Neither of those work for me, like Jr says, the HC ones won't fit. The LOR one is a single Cat5 unit from the description and looks of it. Got to have 2 for the majority of my controllers, and the fact they can't use bootedCat5 cables either, which, the majority of my Cat5 cables are also booted. I've tried to slide the boot off as someone suggested so they'd fit, but all I ended up doing was breaking the Cat5 connector and ruining the cable. I can't repair one of those, tried and failed miserably at it. So only pre-made Cat5 for me. When I get some extra fund$ back in, I'll just ta
  5. Apparently you and Bob don't have the issue with the "creepy crawly bugs" that I have. I left a controller Cat5 open and I had lizards, wasps and other bugs that got zapped and killed a few triacs in that controller, that was an CTB16PC V2 unit. That's when I started stuffing the foam insulation they use for water lines in those areas to close up any gaps around the Cat5 cables. Never had any issues with critters in my controllers after that. I'd never leave mine open like that, not where I live. Just too many buggy boos that can get in and possibly do damage. And I just don't want to
  6. Thanks Bob. Do I need to send you my info on where to send them? Still in the same place if you happen to have it. I'm making changes to my Controllers by adding in Cat5 cables just long enough to get outside the box and using a method so I won't have to take them out once they are put in this time. Will make setup a little quicker and Cat5 wiring a lot easier. Thanks again.
  7. Believe it or not, even in Florida with temperatures down in the low 60's or mid to high 50's Cat5, Power and Extension Cords all get extremely stiff in the cold weather. And we don't get any snow here! Coldest it's been in my area has been a single night of 34 degrees Fahrenheit and last night was 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it will be a high of 63 degrees Fahrenheit. I just use a blow dryer on the warm setting to somewhat thaw my "shorter"{25 feet or less} cables and cords out. That works for me, but it's probably NOT going to work in more frigid temperatures where you have constan
  8. You really need to see and feel {squeeze} these before you buy them. I've plugged these grommets in many things using many different sizes and some of them that are longer are NOT open in the middle, they're a solid piece of rubber! One end may have a hole and that's so you can squeeze it in, to remove one like that takes a small flat blade screw driver, and sometimes a pair of pliers, as they are usually meant to be tossed out and replaced once removed. If you can squeeze it in the center to each side, then you know it's hollow all the way through, even though both ends may be capped o
  9. Will have to take one with me to get a size I need. Although I'd rather have the ones LOR uses in them as I know they will fit and already have the split on one or both sides, depending on how many Cat5 cables will be entering or exiting the controller. Looked at those, but they aren't high enough. I would prefer the ones LOR uses, as I know they are the correct size and fit through both holes, opening in the bottom and the second hole above. And the LOR plugs are tapered at the top so they are "supposedly" easier to get in, but there must be a trick to that option I haven't found
  10. Google states you must Request Access before you can get to the files in your link above. I did send a request from the clickable "Request Access" button. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if this is he correct area to ask this, but does LOR Sell the Rubber plugs that the Cat5 cables enter and exit these controllers? I've worn out a few already {they are a pain to get in and out at times}, but looking to get some replacements and spares. I need several of each type, the single hole, double hole and the solid plugs. Does LOR sell these and what might the cost be? I'm looking at replacing some and getting some for some Controllers that I bought used and just have the double Cat5 opening plugs. But I need at least a dozen of each type, especially t
  12. Thanks for the offer Brian. They don't "fine" folks here, if they give you 3 violations, they go straight to "eviction". even if you own your home, they "evict" and take possession of your home. And being on Disability, I just can't afford to move with what little Social Security pays, which in my case is just slightly equal to a little over $5.00 an hour, if you break it down into a 40 hour work week over a 4 week period. Then folks wonder why Seniors or folks that had worked for years, got disabled on a job or some other means, or they just retired just barely make ends meet. However
  13. 128K CBR was true with older Directors, the newest G4 Director {I have the N4-G4} seems to work just with 320K CBR MP3 files, I used 320K CBR audio MP3's in my 2020-2021 Christmas Show, all ran perfectly fine, and being 320K they also sounded much better than 128K audio files.
  14. If you are NOT getting power to the G4 Director even with an Adapter, then there is a problem with the Director unit. So if this is true, you aren't getting any power {does the display even light up when it's powered by the adapter?} If yes, then you may need to update to the latest firmware for the G4. Is this the N4-G4 with 4 network ports? If the display is NOT lighting up, then you may have a bad Director, in that case open a Help Desk ticket", as you may have to send it back for a replacement. I bought mine last year and it has worked perfectly with no issues at all. But I d
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