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  1. #1. The N4-G4 to N4-G4 Director Link is only on Network 1 to Network 1 of the 2nd Director. And if using ELL's this is ONLY for 56K speeds, maybe 115K at most, so if you need Enhanced or higher speeds, like for RGB Controllers that may require both 500K and Enhanced, using ELL's WILL NOT WORK, the ELL's are mainly for older AC Controllers {Pre-Gen 3} or G3 AC Controllers used at LOWER speeds {56K) and NON Enhanced Networks. #2. The ELL must be supplied with power by using an adapter appropriate for the ELL power requirements. The N4-G4 Director DOES NOIT supply power to ANY accessories
  2. Purchased my N4-G4 Director in or around April 2020, ran tests on it with every contrioller in my show. Yes, I set up a temp display for year round testing in most cases to check my progress on how a sequence is going to look and to make sure everything is and will still function at shoiw time. So for several months and then it tan my show for about 45-50 days. Never locked up once, never froze up, it's been outside now since the end of November 2020 and is running my handicap ramp lights for now, soon to have some additional yard lighting added, and it has never froze or skipped a beat,
  3. I've ran a G-Scale Locomotive {complete with sound system installed, smoke and lights}, Christmas Music Sound Car and 5 Lighted Passenger cars off my OLDER V2 CTB16PC Controller. It was connected to the outdoor train power pack then the DC output from the power pack to the railroad tracks using off and on commands. I also ran some AC Motorized Deer from the same controller, the deer lights were on separate channels {2 channels per Deer}. The train power pack AC plug was plugged into Channel 1, Deer on Channels 2, 3, 4 and 5, 6, 7. 8 and 9. Ran for 5 hours a night for almost 3 months durin
  4. Thanks for the reminder! You are correct, if you use a different audio file and it doesn't match the sequence exactly, and you don't change the sequence length MANUALLY, this wll "always" happen! To all the newbies using any previous version LOR Sequencer PRIOR to S5: When modifying the length of an audio file in an existing sequence by using the "media file" option to change/import it to a different version, or editing it, causing a time length change, the NEW AUDIO file DOES NOT, REPEAT DOES NOT automatically retime your sequence to the new Audio length! It has to be done MANUALLY
  5. If other sequences are working and the new sequences are not, then there is a definite configuration change between the working and non-working sequences. Are you using the sane channekl config file for both, are you even using a pre-set channel config? And if so, did you change things around and then import a prior channel config? Any of these could create the issues you're having. Just know I updated my channel config and forgot and loaded a older channel config file into a sequence that wasn't the one I updated, I had moved channels and items around and that sure fouled up my sequ
  6. There is absolutely nothing scary about my post. Just a bit more detailed information. Can't win, if I detail it out, folks sometimes find issues, and then when I don't, I end up having to do a detailed explanation at times. So I'm going to detail it, then if there is any doubt, they can still ask questions. I don't care what folks think, but like some others have stated, sometimes more info is better than less. And I believe more was better in this case.
  7. What you are missing here is the N2 is a DUAL or TWO Network Director, the N4 is a 4 or Quad Network Director, this is why the N4 is capable of handling a larger display and more channels. On my N4, I have Network 1 {Regular NON-Enhanced, 115K speed for older CTB16PC V2 controllers}, Network 2, 500K Enhanced {Aux A} controls 6 CCB100D RGB Controllers, Network 3, 1,000K Enhanced {Aux B} controls my 2 Pixie2D's controlling 2 LOR Singing Christmas Trees, Network 4, 500K Enhanced {Aux C} also controls 6 CCB100D RGB Controllers. I could get away with just 3 networks, but the way my display
  8. You can get one of these DMX to LOR crossover cables from HC: Standard RS485 Based DMX to RS485 Based LOR Protocol Cross-Over Cable Or make your own if you're capable of that. Just know that I am NOT! LOL
  9. That's strange. When I upgraded my license from Basic Plus to Advanced {highest level available at the time}, I was using S2 and S3 was going to be coming out soon, it just upgraded my CURRENTLY USED software suie, it never asked me if I wanted to install the latest version {which I could have done, but I'd have go to the download page, locate the version I wanted, download, then install it. When the Pro license came about, and I eventually saved up the funds to move into it, I did. I don't recall the exact version I was using, but think it was an early version of S4 {can't recall if Pro wa
  10. Must have really cut it back in S5 then. In S4 I created a 6 Hour Animation and a 2 hour animation for my Handicap RGB lights. My 6 hour animation runs from dusk, 6PM-Midnight{12:00AM}, then my 1 minute all lights off runs from 12:00AM-12:01AM, then at 5AM-7AM my 2 hour animation runs in the morning before daylight, then the 1 minute all lights off runs again at 7:00AM-7:01AM. This way I don't have lights going off during those times. I had been using 30 minute animations, but at the end of the animation sequence the lights would go off for 1-3 seconds, and for walkway lighting in a p
  11. For 2021 I'm adding 7 more CCB100D Controllers {for a total of 12 controllers} and a lot more C9 RGB Bulbs. Not even sure where I'm going to put them at yet. Still trying to figure that out. Also am trying or attempting to convert an old Permit Box that was left at my house after the construction of my 66 foot wrap around handicap ramp. Will be using bullet nodes for the matrix project, if I can ever figure out what I'm doing to make a matrix and make it work and get it created in the Visualizer and hopefully SS providing some funding comes in so I can register it at the 40 CCR level. Ma
  12. I guess that's why I've never seen it either Jim or Phil. Like both of you, as soon as DevMike posts an update is available, I just go and download/install any updates to the version I'm using, so I wasn't even aware the LOR Software had that capability of asking to be "updated"! Learned something new I was totally unaware of. Thanks guys.
  13. This is S4, not sure if S5 is set up the same way or not. S4 you can Right Click the Bulb Icon, first thing in the menu is "Upgrade Light-O-Rama", it also the last option under the Help tab in the SE. But those are the only two areas I know it can be found at in S4. I would have thought S5 would have kept these options in the sequencer and in the bulb menu when right clicking on the bulb icon. Sorry missed the OPS initial question. Must have been something new in S5, as I've never gotten a notice to "Update" my LOR software, but I'm using S4, and playing around with S5 to try and lea
  14. Once I can get my new "refurbished" computer set up {dreading Windows 1}0, had to get my wifes new {refurbished} laptop set up with it when she got it and I've never been so frustrated with a Windows Package except for Windows 98 when it first came out. But Windows 10 had me ready to go find a sledgehammer and smash that %&$#%^*&(*%^$#%$^& laptop till ther was nothing left of it. This is the worst POS OS Microsoft has ever came out with. Windows 98 flustered me a bit, but not as bad as this new POS OS! Anyway, that's my rant on that, but once I get the new computer up, it'
  15. That's exactly what I did Matt when I installed the LOR Suite. Checked the Launch at Startup and disabled a lot of those annoying windows with don't show this again option. At the time I typed my response, I thought the OP was talking about the Comm Listener, since that is what it sounded like at the time, and after I hit "Save" saw your and the OP's responses and so I edited my reply, since there is no way "I" can delete it. And a message with just a . or something that would make no sense, so I added the IGNORE THIS COMMENT.
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