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  1. [Potentially incorrect information removed by admins.]
  2. You might want to try this: Edit > Preference > Display Preferences > Advanced OpenGL Settings and then select a different option than the default. You may have to try different ones until you find one that works for you. Each time you "change this setting" you will need to close the SE and then reload for any changes to take effect. I had an issue with the special lighting commands not showing up as they should, they were all solid, like on commands, I had to use "Pixel Format #33" to make them appear correctly, otherwise I couldn't tell a shimmer from a twinkle. This could
  3. A day late, but agree. And if there are any "Pagan folk" on here, Happy Ostara to you.
  4. I remember when Citrus County's name represented exactly that, in Clermont you could visit the Citrus Tower, go up to the top floor and see millions of Citrus Trees as far as the eye could see in every direction. Then Florida got hit with a major freeze that wiped out the Citrus crop, along with some form of disease that came a very short time later, causing many Citrus Trees to be destroyed. After that, the Citrus farmers all gave up, and started selling off their land. Once the beautiful, spectacular Citrus-scape started disappearing, the Citrus Tower started losing business. Last I hea
  5. Come on down to Florida Bob. You'll see a lot of those lawsuits between where someone had an accident because the streetlights were improperly placed {too far apart to overlap} or had burned out between those that do, leaving a pitch black void. But the darnedest thing is, the streetlights are owned by Duke Energy, but are on PRIVATE PROPERTY and, I'm sure we all absorb the cost of them operating in the LOT RENT FEES we pay here. And they are spaced so far apart there are PITCH BLACK VOIDS between almost every one of them. We have no sidewalks in our neighborhood, so you have to walk i
  6. +1 on what Kapkirk just told you. I'd highly recommend you just leave it alone. Otherwise, like stated above, you could be in for a big lawsuit if something were to happen. I asked about the streetlight right next to my driveway that lights up the entire front of my house, and half-way down that side of the house, and was told if I disable it, and someone trips, and gets injured then I'm 100% wide open for a lawsuit. Also, if any type of accident would occur that would possibly end in someone's death because the streetlight was out by my turning it off, I could be up on manslaugh
  7. Well our Governor has pretty much opened Florida to ANYONE from ANYWHERE, plenty of real estate here, but some of the newer homes, the yards really suck because they are extremely small and limited. Should be a law against building houses so close together you can barely walk between them. Give me the old days when houses had massive yards, and you could drive at a minimum 2 full size fire trucks between them side by side! I remember when developers started building houses this way and the Fire Department was and kept telling them it was a bad idea, having homes so close together l
  8. Wish I lived in Iowa. That's a really great deal for someone that may just be starting out in this hobby! If I still had a chunk of the funds from my Stimulus, I'd have snapped this up and, yep, even paid for the shipping to Orlando, Florida. Would have been well worth it! Unfortunately I had to replace a lot of tools and buy new items for the house {wife's orders}...and we all know how that goes, right guys? For those of us that are married. So she got a good chunk of the package deal this go around. Unfortunately, that left me with no funding for the other two LOR Singing Tree
  9. Since you're being fairly new to this I think a little further in-depth explanation is needed to try and make this a little clearer for you. YES you WILL need 2 different networks if your AC Controllers are Gen 1 or Gen 2 {Pre-Gen 3}, as none of the older 16 Channel AC Controllers Original through Gen 2 {although from what I've read, depending on when you bought them, some GEN 2 Controllers are actually Gen 3, and I think the only way to know is by the internal LED on the board or from the firmware installed {viewed in the LOR Hardware Utility}, GEN 1 or 2, RED LED, Gen 3 or later usually
  10. What I stated in a prior post still holds true. And I believe the OP says he was playing the sequence and the Visualizer still stayed a blank{black} window. If he has Visualizer checked and Play Lights checked, and the Visualizer is still a blank screen in Simulation mode when a sequence is running, he'll need to check over just what I stated above. I know for a fact, it will not work if any of the steps I outlined are not mated EXACTLY as stated. If everything matched up in the SE and Network Config program, then there is another issue causing the problem. Just know what I
  11. If you are using S4{and it looks like it from your screen capture. I had that very same issue. You have to be sure ALL network configurations are set correctly that match your sequence settings, if there are differences between the two, the Visualizer WILL Load and show you the visual, but when it comes to "Simulation Mode", nothing will happen and you'll get just what you described a blank screen. And any Networks set MUST also exist on the system, if you have a Regular Network, AUX A Network and an Aux B Network, each must have their own Com Port, Example Reg: Com 3, Aux A: Com
  12. For sealing any electrical ends/terminations of any exposed wire, Clear Flex Seal and the Clear Flex Seal tape may be a better alternative to your other ties that are failing. Both are weatherproof and waterproof. I use black liquid flex seal on my wire terminations/exposed end of wire. best stuff I've found, cures within 24-48 hours to a nice rubber, water-tight seal. Haven't had a chance to get or use the Flex Tape, it's a bit costly {IMO} for the amount you get. But if it works as well as the liquid Flex Seal, for smaller areas or use, might be worth it.
  13. Doesn't it get really hot in Texas in the summer, like it does in Florida? When I was using hot glue, many times it melted in the heat from the sun. Sure made a sticky ooey gooey mess that made any repair fairly impossible! That's when I started using the Flex Seal Family of products. Yes, some of them are a little messy, and you need to cover things with painters tape. However, I haven't had further issues with modifications getting ruined in such a way I can't replace just the LED assembly and re-solder wires. I, have to scrap the item and rebuild it over again, tossing eve
  14. You know how it is JR. That was my last post on this aspect anyway. At least you and I are on the same page.
  15. I've never experienced this issue from the old Original LOR MP3 Director to the newest N4-G4 Director until the Spring Foward time change and redoing the times ny animation ramp lights would be on.. In the Fall it ran my 6 hour sequence just fine from 7PM-1AM. But when I changed to my 4 hour sequnece and run it from 8pm-12AM is when this BUG in the Hub bit me. So I had toi go back to using he Hardware Utility to be able to set the correc time, created the same exact show with the same time options I used in the Hub and the 4 hour sequence runs just fine from 8PM-12AM. The Hub always
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