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  1. I noticed on the 2 LOR RGB Singing Christmas Trees I purchased, they have a cap at the end of the RGB strand. So I was wondering if there are any of these LOR sells for their Pixie2D or older CCB100D Controllers to cap off an unused port on them? Sometimes I may not use both ports, but I need a way to cap them off with a weatherproof screw-on cap to keep water or debris out of the ports unused connection. Or where can I buy some that would fit the LOR Pixie2D or CCB100D Controllers? Thanks
  2. @DevMike is this a bug/coding error? And can it be fixed? This is mainly addressed to DevMike, but does anyone else have this problem? I just noticed this as I was working on a sequence in S4.4.14 SE that now, the Shimmer ON and Twinkle commands in S4.4.14 all look identical now. No distinguishing one from the other They all look like a steady on command in the sequences. What happened to the x marks for shimmer and the \ marks for twinkle? I see no way to get them back. Why was this done? Now I can't tell where a shimmer or a twinkle starts or ends Could we please get
  3. The only real advantage using an MP3 Director: No adapters required and no cat5 cables running out windows or under doors. So that makes things a little simpler in setting up. All personal preference. But it would be nice if a Director were able to do all those things, but it would cost a lot more if it could. But as for a Director really replacing the computer, in all reality it doesn't do that. Not even close because of its limitations.
  4. As TheDucks stated, no move is possible, LOR gives us 5 seats{licenses} to use on different machines. You just install the software as you normally would, enter your license key and all info, e-mail you registered the software with, name used under that registration and it will connect and register/license your new systems LOR installation. Very simple process.
  5. Very cool David. Seems the news crews are out and about roaming neighborhoods everywhere looking for unique Christmas Displays to showcase this year. Saw one of the local channels in Orlando cruising around my neighborhood, but I'm still quite a ways from being ready to go live just yet. What made it worse for set up this year{2020} for me, I had a tote disappear that had hand tools, a few long extension cords, my 10 outlet homemade outside power grid and a couple or so power stakes I normally use to do my set up for Christmas. Looked everywhere for that tote, but nowhere to be
  6. Sorry, but the mini directors just won't work for you if you need multiple networks, you need a better MP3 Director, either the N2-G3 MP3 or the best, the N4-G4 MP3 Director. N2 has 2 ports, it can do Reg and Aux A, the N4-G4 has 4 ports and can be set as Reg, Aux A, Aux B and Aux C, which are the 4 networks I use in my 2020 Christmas Display. So you need to upgrade to a Director that will give you the Network Ports you need to make things work.
  7. So do you have a lot of RGB elements in your sequence? When my other system was operational that had the better graphics, video and memory to run my shows fine, when doing real time sequencing, many times it would lag when testing directly from the SE. Just seems to be the nature of the beast. Yes, it can get frustrating, but depending on the number of RGB elements, controller types and network speeds or if using a single network, this seems to be common occurrence. As long as the actual show plays correctly, that's the main thing, if it isn't. Only other probable cause cou
  8. Set up all depends on what lights you want to operate during the overnight hours. And it's all done with one simple animation file or it can be several animation files, again depends on what you want your lights to do overnight. If you could be a little more specific what you want to know about setting up an animation file overnight I'll do my best to get you pointed in the right direction in doing so.
  9. Did you also set Aux A in the Sequence Editor? If not, it's never going to work. When I create my sequences for my Director, I have 4 Networks, Regular, Aux A, Aux B and Aux C, Regular 115K Comm3, Aux A, 500K, Enhanced, Comm4 in my network preferences, however, I don't have USB RS485 adapters for Aux B or Aux C {which I don't need any adapters for my Director, as these are set in the Hub}, so my Aux B is Enhanced and 1,000K for my 2 Pixie2D controllers, Aux C, Enhanced and 500K for my older CCB100D controllers that run my RGB Trellis and RGB Ramp Lights. So in my sequences I have 4 ne
  10. Finally got my LOR Singing Trees {duo, Ralphie and Zuzu} set up out front, sheesh what a pain they were too! Got my roof line set up, but unfortunately didn't get it even on the front, but it's staying as is. So I finally got some RGB lights going early Friday morning, like around 2AM running an animation test to see if I had any issues with what I've done so far. No issues, so far so good. Worked from 6:45AM Thanksgiving morning until Friday morning and just came in around 2:15-2:20AM to check e-mail and the forum before hitting the bed. Still have 3 RGB Controllers and lights to
  11. When my vision was a bit better than it is now, I could cut them off, but doing so now, I'd just damage the cable{and I have}. They are a bear to get into and out of RGB Controllers like the CCB100D and the Pixie2D, but I manage. I tried sliding many of my boots off cat5 cables I have, couldn't get a single one to slide off, I almost broke the tang off one of the connectors trying to slide it off. No go for me, and before I broke a good cable, I quit messing with it. Just not worth it to try and slide them off when they don't come off very easily, if at all.
  12. Are your female ends and the male/female pass through plugs on your net lights covered with a child proof outlet cover? I had similar issues with net lights years ago, and water was getting into the female end connectors, as well as the male/female pass through plugs. I installed the Child Outlet Protector caps and never had any further issues with them. So I use these on all my extension cord connections that aren't used, as well as any light stands that have those type plugs on them. Haven't had any issues in many, many years after I started using these. They might help
  13. Been playing with S5 on another computer, got to say I still hate it! I prefer the easier way the Sequencer is set up in S4, with my vision issues, it's just easier. Yes, I've made the screen larger in S5, but it takes too much off the screen, there is just too much crap on the screen at one time for my liking. Maybe if those 2 windows were more like the Animation window where if you wanted to see them, then you'd click on the area in the drop down menu to access them. They are part of the problem, if they could be turned off and the sequencing screen larger without them that'd suit me
  14. Yes, i figured it out, but I should not even have to do that. Never had to in the HU when setting shows for a Director, and the HU still works the same as it always did with one exception now, earlier versions allowed me to use basically unlimited sequences in a show, but the S4 version now limits it to 99. Which I really don't like, because my Off Hours Music Show runs for 10 hours 25 minutes with 221 sequences. And I've had to break that down into 3 shows, whereas in the past this would have only been ONE SHOW, not three, with a start time of 07:00AM and an end time of 05:25PM,
  15. I buy all my Kingston SD Cards directly from Kingston too. Wouldn't go any other route. I found them for a lot less at other places, but when something is so drastically reduced than what the actual manufacturer sells it for, that sets off the red lights and warning bells in my head.
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