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  1. Thanks that helped a lot. Not what I thought they might have been, if they'd have been CCB100-D older 5V units, I may have had an interest in them for use with a lot of older 5V RGB LOR Bullet Pixels I have, but no controller for them. I wouldn't have used the ribbons if the controller would have been 5V and enclosed with everything to make it work like the CCB100-D Controller.
  2. Are these the original CCB100-D 5V RGB Controllers that control 50 RGB bulbs per port{100 bulbs total, 50 per port} or something else?
  3. Only difference I can think of is S5 has Motion Effects, S4 does not have them. But I use S4.4.6 PRO and have 2 of the LOR singing trees and they work just fine in S4.
  4. I run my older CTB16PC Controllers {Firmware ver. 4.32} at 115K, Regular, Non-Enhanced with no issues, I have also run my 2 RGB LOR Singing Christmas Trees on that same network when testing when I thought my RED H.S. Adapter had died {it didn't, the cable that connects it went bad} and this off an older black USB485B adapter. Only issue this causes with the RGB Controllers {and these are both Pixie2 controllers} is usually some serious lag times, so if running a show from a computer you definitely need the Red H.S. adapter. I won't be using any adapters or computer to run my show, I purc
  5. I salvaged an old Creative Labs Bass Speaker that came with 2 Satellite speakers to sit on your desktop, but I purchased some outdoor {NON-POWERED} speakers, removed the Bass Speaker from the main control box that houses the electronics {amplifier} which plugs directly into a 115V AC outlet, used a 3.5mm stereo jack that fir the amp on the box and the other end of the wires were pushed into the speakers by their thumb contact connections. I use this speaker amp inside my house and run the wires out to the speakers, this control box also has an external volume control on a long cord, so it mak
  6. First off, when you say wireless are you using LOR Easy Light Linkers or something else? Also on the G3 or G4 {actually any multi-network capable} Director units, any older Controllers {pre Gen 3} or Easy Light Linkers MUST be on the 1st Network, which would be Network 1 and be set as Regular, 57.6K, NON-Enhanced. At least this is how I have to set up my older CTB16PC Controllers {G2 units} because the Director gets its power from the 1st CTB16PC AC Controller and this will only work on the Regular Network, Network 1, as any of the other network jacks {*network 2, 3 or 4} WILL NOT sup
  7. Before I ever got into the LOR Controllers, I had static displays for years using LED strands from big box stores when they first started coming out, then I moved to a wireless 4 channel Mr. Christmas and used those same LED strands with it, then after checking out other Christmas displays in my area and saw some of these animated lights synchronized to music displays that looked a whole world better than my Mr. Christmas, and fortunately able to talk to some of those folks is how I learned about LOR Controllers, the software and how it all went together, I was hooked. So 1st controller {
  8. Sometimes during this time it might get so quiet in here you thought everyone done died and went to the great beyond. LOL
  9. Give them a little extra time. October starts becoming the busy season for many of the folks here on the forums, including the LOR folks as well. So it may take them a little longer than usual to see your request and get back to you. But eventually they'll get back to you, just starting at this time of year, we're all busy with updating and making changes or adding new sequences, getting our shows finalized, etc. Just be a little more patient, I've not ever seen any of the folks that share sequences not get back with anyone here.
  10. Most any big box store LED strands will work, rope lights, both incandescent and LED will work, if LED, make sure the details say the LED Rope Light is "dimmable", otherwise your options are limited to just full on and off only. Just make sure any LED product you purchase says it is dimmable for best results. And whatever you do DO NOT BUY Martha Stewart brand LED strands, these are not dimmable and quite a few folks have reported in trying to dim them, well, they have burst into flame! So you don't want these or you could end up burning your home down!
  11. I guess like everything, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. As in some folks can get them to work together and others have issues. Just like with the "Save As" in saving new changes to a sequence, I and others use it and never had issues, but others have had problems using it. You'd think it would work the same all the way across the board for everyone, but for some strange reason, fate has other plans and it just doesn't work the same for everyone. Yet another reason my signature tag line was born. LOL
  12. I've read they will play fine as long as the Network is set up for the older CTB16PC AC Controller, but I do believe you may also lose some of the G3's features {but can't say for certain on that since I don't own a G3 CTB16PC}. But I've read where others have both G3's and older V2 CTB16PC controllers on the same network and work together.
  13. If I recall, I just loaded the file I saved from the Verifier into Windows Wordpad software. I had to select show all files to locate the file I had saved. I forget what verifier uses as an extension on the file when you save it. But I believe I was able to load it into Wordpad and browse through it.
  14. Don't know about the G3, but the other CTB16PC with FW V.4.32 is the highest available for a V2 AC Controller. However, there is one thing that comes to mind, which controller is connected in line as the first controller? Also what speed is your network set at for the CTB16PC controllers, is it set at 500K and Enhanced or Not enhanced? The G3 can run at 500K Enhanced, however, the older V2 unit CAN NOT. It can only run under a Regular Network, NON-Enhanced and no more than 115K speeds. So this could also be causing you issues if you have your network set for faster speeds th
  15. Wish it would be that cool in Florida. But Nooooooo, it has to be hotter than Hades here all the time. This is supposed to be Fall, yet our temps are still in the 90's with heat indexes from 99-106F! Too hot. If Hell truly exists, it's FLORIDA, no doubt in my mind!๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿคจ
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