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  1. Thanks very much Don, I appreciate it.... Knew it would be simple, just wasn't sure the way forward. Thanks again Trebs
  2. Hi everyone, Was hoping you could help, have searched the threads but just seem to get more confused, with something I know should be easy so I apologise in advance... I want to upgrade to 3.7.0, from 2.9.4. including Super Star (only for auto sequencing, no ccr's, yet anyway ) I am licensed for V3, but only up to 3.1 as below Feature Level: Advanced SuperStar Feature Level: Demo Seats: 5 Max Version: 3.1 Can only see where I can upgrade to advanced on the LOR site, I just want to be able to run 3.7 and Super Star, what do I need to do to get to the latest version... Thanks again Trebs
  3. I have set up my show and running through a mp3 showtime director... First song works perfectly, second song stops (animation part) 3/4's of the way through with 3 channels left on and "stuck", track keeps playing and when song finishes, the show continues to the next song with no more hiccups... Any ideas what causes this type of thing?? I have rebuilt the show on the SD card a few times, thinking it may not have transferred properly, but same thing always happens on same song. Really don't want to re-sequence the song, any ideas??? That sequence was a shared sequence rehashed for my setup...
  4. Thanks for that... All my sequences are still S2 version. It has prompted me to save as S3 format when I have made a few changes, but to date have not as I was a little worried if I needed to convert back. I have all my sequences backed up from S2 so that shouldn't be an issue if I roll back. Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering if this is common, or if I have done something to cause it or if anyone else has experienced it... Upgraded to S3 Advanced (and to 3.0.2) and everything was working brilliantly. All controllers talking, MP3 director talking, all good... Then went to open it yesterday and the program starts, but I can't open any sequences, it is just stuck and every time I click on something it will "beep", almost as if I have a message somewhere that needs to be acknowledged before going any further, but can't find anything and need to crash to get out. It will open, and run etc i
  6. Hi Greentree... Think this really comes down to individual preference and house/yard setup. Last year was my first year and I located the controller in the garage, and had the cat 5 cable running out a window from the lounge to the pc with all the cords going under the garage door to each element. This worked great, and kept the controller from the sun and rain (paranoid about that, even though they are built to handle it ) This did however create issues, first an extreme amount of extension cords to get to each element, and also didn't like the cords under the garage door. This year I have
  7. That is just awesome I have been looking on a few US websites and China factories wanting something like this - a HUGE inflatable... We don't get too much Christmas "stuff" here in AUS, like you guys do ! Just glad LOR looks after us Absolutely love it, no, not jealous at all :) Enjoy (sorry for all the smiley's, but I just love that Snowman)
  8. Thanks guys, makes sense.... And thanks for the link, those lights are amazing
  9. Hi, Another newbie question, As this year is bringing lots of new features for me it is very exciting, first year with arches, and 2 col mini trees, also strobes. Strobes are an element I haven’t used before and struggling to visualise.... Just wondering if you can give me some advice on how you use strobes in your sequences/shows. Something says to me to use them sparingly so that they have a wow factor when they come on. I actually have not seen them working, and won’t get mine til late in the setup stage so won’t have time to play... At this point I will have a string of ten strobes on one
  10. Hi Lee, Obviously Dan has just said it all, but as an International buyer myself the process does work and the customer service is great. Once my order is in I usually get two or three shipping options from customer service, and once I confirm which way to go they process and it is out the door in a day or two... (depending on stock etc) We are lucky as LOR now do AUS compliant cords, even though shipping costs are huge (weight) for me it is worth it as I don't have the time to "make my own" anymore. This was an issue on my first order, and just made my own from short extension cords, cut of
  11. HI, I would definitely suggest the PC kits as well, I am personally not very good at soldering so waiting for the card assembled package (plug the cords in yourself, still saves some dollars) to be available again. I wish I could solder, it would be more rewarding I think, just don't have the time if I muck them up. Last year was my first year with lightorama and it was awesome... I too was trying to work out which way to head, and even though the showtime series "looked better", I am glad I went the way I did (CTB16PC). I utilised the start up package and got the full license as well. Not su
  12. Thanks very much for sharing, and to the others that have as well. With a whole lot of new things happening this year (hopefully, waiting on CTB16PC's to become available) that are new to me like arches, strobes, and multi colour mini trees etc it is great to see how others do it I am now busy sequencing with my "wish list" and will just plug the controllers in when they arrive..
  13. Thanks Jim, sounds like a great idea... As last year was my first show I didn't have too many people past, although by the end it had certainly grown by word of mouth, so not sure if they would stick around long enough to "play" between sequences. Actually, a lot of people didn't realise until we talked to them that the lights were even synched to music, even though the sign was there etc, just a bit too "new" for a lot of people in our area. Will have a speaker setup as well this year so that should change... I was hoping to have an animated snowman fight triggered by a button that could hap
  14. Thanks for that, very interesting... I am wanting to use triggers in some form this year, just haven't figured out quite what to do yet... This just expands the options cheers
  15. Trebs

    Always on items

    Hi frosted1, I can't answer your questions on CCR's etc, but can let you know what I do for my other items not used with LOR. Before last year (first LOR Season), my lights were designed around a static display I had done for years... When I incorporated LOR I was "channel hungry", and now even more so . So my personal rule is if it isn't blinking to music, it goes on it's own circuit with a timer. I use a lot of inflatables etc as well so generally I setup and pull down my display each night so vandals don't get free reign. If I happen not to be there, the show still goes on, with the stati
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