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  1. Good morning Check with the hw util to see if communication is ok, controller id, check lights, etc best regards dick de wit the Netherlands
  2. Hello people ( with the Clap😀) Are there somewhere Lor 230 volt controllers for sale in Europe, e.g. CTBpc and similar. ( even defective ones?) Also perhaps USB-RS485 Isolated Adapter? There must be people converting to pixels who do not need those anymore. Best regards, Dick de Wit
  3. Good morning Alan, thank you for the reply, how does it appear on the previewscreen? As a sphere or a cylinder happy season Dick
  4. Hello all, in the S5 on line manual it says a cylinder can be used to model a sphere, it has a picture of a sphere beside it, I seem to mis a crucial step to get a sphere on the preview. I know a Sphere as a model is there also, but this is not what I want to use, because the sphere I am going to use has vertical spokes and want to run the pixelstrings top to bottom and up again Who knows the required steps to get this done? What is it I do not see, the most obvious probably??? Dick de Wit The Netherlands current show, Wilhelmina Childrens Hospita
  5. Good afternoon Mike thank you, I know the power issue, will take care. Best regards, Dick
  6. Good day all, I just recieved some Geekcreit USB to RS485 adapters from the far east. Non isolated version , They cost les than 10 euro per three. They seem to perform well. Does anyone know any reason why not to use these by experience. Happy sequencing. Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  7. Good morning all, thank you for all info, the picture showed me a link option, I supposed to synchronize more than one unit Thats why I asked for the docs. I will wait, no problem. have a nice day all. Dick
  8. Hello dear light friends, Does anyone knows where to find the manual of I want to study the features in order to decide to buy or not. Thanks Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  9. Good morning Graig, yes, I am sorry too. even surface mount part replacing is no problem, but there must be more perhaps, frequency related ? 50 or 60 Hz. or they will no tell because of safety reasons. I am a service technician for Mitsubishi Electric in The Netherlands, so I know a little about electronics and replacing a resistor should not be that hard. If the correct value is known ofcourse. but from the view of Lor I can imagine they will not tell how to do it. would be the same for Mitsubishi Electric. Have a nice day, Dick
  10. Good afternoon Graig, I did ask Lor helpdesk about the gen 3 controllers This is their answer: Sorry. Gen 3 controllers cannot be field converted to 240VAC operation. Can't help you with getting ridd of these, as I would like to. That is a pitty. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  11. I can not get this version running on my G3-MP3 5.38, no display on the seven segment leds, nothing. No leds blinking. if I download the file from the website is 113K ? is this the correct size? Downloading 5.36 to the G3-MP3 afterwards gets it running again. It is not destroid for ever luckily. What can I do wrong? Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  12. Good afternoon Graig, Here people of my age get state pension at 67 years and 3 months, as fas as the law is right now. It has been altered a lot the last years. Every time I neared the pension age, it was altered, so now at least 5 year to go. Concerning the controllers, I really thought they were factory set to the voltage level. hmm, have to review it, perhaps. let me look into it, if you wish to sel still. Have a nice and long retirement the next years. best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  13. Hello all Indeed look at the powersupply specifications. If not full range 110 - 250 => replace. For devices that run directely from 110v, ONLY use a big transformer. Calculate the amount of power needed, and don't be scared to buy a realy big transformer if needed. But using two kind of voltages in one show is very tricky, as connecting to the wrong outlet is a big risk. The lights or controller will do it for a very short while than. (miliseconds ) ( A transformer of 1 Kw can keep a tent from blowing away in a storm ? ) NEVER use converters
  14. Good afternoon Craig, How are you? If they were for 230Volt, ehmmmm, I would think about it. but as far as I know the voltage is factory set with G3 controllers, is'nt it? You know with 230 you never get the power consumption to high for the controller, as we get only 16 amps per phase from the power company normally. So the triacs almost never die. These controllers last forever. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  15. Hello also got the same error, did second try with repair option, now works on three machines, even on a virtual machine on a mac. strange behaviour though. best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  16. Hello, I used some different monitors on the same pc, and found different latency with the different monitors, up to 1/25 of a second. music was spot on but the display of the grid too late. When driving lights with the lights on time the grid was moving to slow. Thus very hard to sequence. Took me a while to figure out it was the monitor. used the monitors on two kinds of pc, used three types of monitors on both pc to get to the conclusion it was the monitor. maybe it is not what you were experiencing, but just for information, both devices have different displays in your
  17. Hello, I have tried to import my visualizer file from lor 4.3.24 pro to S5. ( finally you will say ) On one prop I get an error. If I remove the prop it goes well. The prop contains 15 spokes with dumb rgb controlled by three CMBD 16. Exactly on the transition from controller A to controller B the error occurs. Channel 16 of controller A is Red, channel 1 and 2 of the next controller are Green and Blue. So in my humble opinion it could have to do with the R being on the first controller and the G-B on the second. I included the prop in the files. Please advice, if th
  18. Good morning 8track, Why do you want lor software to control this sign? has it to work together with existing sequences or stand alone? If stand alone you can use any microcontroller to drive such a display, for instance an arduino with a clock module to keep time with some hardware added in the form shift register/driving chips for the leds.( or powerfets if more leds used in the segments) Even the suggestion to use 14 or 16 segment displays and make a scrolling text would be possible this way. Need some arduino programming skills with the help of several libraries to mak
  19. Hello If you are in europe, a company in the Netherlands has experience with this kind of projects, Inventdesign, Email: info@inventdesign.nl Man, they are creative with light. ( I am not an employee, just an admiring their work ) Best regards Dick
  20. Good afternoon from The Netherlands, it is like sailing, as it goes well physically, you are able to do it, but when you get to old, it is a painstaking goodby to the boat with tears in your hart. ( will happen in some time in the future to me, I assume) sorry to hear it is final. I feel with you dearly. but please, have all the best moments with your wife as long as possible in good health, as from my own experience this can change only to soon. All the best Dick The Netherlands
  21. Hello dear nabour country Lor is rather closed platform. have you seen the xlight programm in combination with the raspi? That should work for you I can imagine Gruessen aus die Niederlaende dick
  22. Hello friends I am trying to setup the interactive part, three buttons. using 4.3.24 I want the interactive show to start with a sparksound with corresponding anim, and than to go to the second sequence, the song itself. It works with the G3mp3, there you can make a list of sequences to be used by a specific trigger. even more than one is possible. but how do I do this in the show editor. In the jukebox it starts the next sequence by pressing the same button again. perfect. but not 2 sequences directly after eachother automatically. Please do
  23. good morning all While trying to use the pixie 16, I encounter that it is a pita device. The technical info says it is capable of driving up to 100 pixels, in fact is it 50, all above 50 is not supported in the visualizer, and pixels above 50 are working unpredictable. I use a networkspeed of 500k, and still lose lots of pixels. What a bad product. original text from the website: Each port can control up to 100 smart RGB pixels over a standard LOR network. In Lor 5 it should be better, but to use a beta release in order to use a pixie 16 is a marketing scam. My ELOR for
  24. Good afternoon, Maybee I am the dumb guy from europe, but which icon is the rgb string tool in connection to the pixie 16? And I know how to make DMX strings, and how to make arches for thePixie with the wizard. That all went well, but my freeform I have still trouble with. Freeform in DMX pixels is a piece of cake. But for the pixie16 I am not seeing the solution. The draw string icon makes a rgb string, but no pixels, or am I wrong here? the draw cosmic color ribbon tool works ok, I can draw anything I like, but does not get me the option to get the string to 62 pixels.
  25. Hello helpfull lightfriends I want to create my own shape with smartpixels driven by pixie 16, so not using dmx pixels but normal controller id and lor pixels. for some shape threre are wizards, but how for a freeform shape? for instance, within xlights you use some kind of speadsheet like setup. how to do that within lor? If I do not see the obvious, please enlight my brain. Dick
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