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  1. Good morning Check with the hw util to see if communication is ok, controller id, check lights, etc best regards dick de wit the Netherlands
  2. Hello people ( with the Clap😀) Are there somewhere Lor 230 volt controllers for sale in Europe, e.g. CTBpc and similar. ( even defective ones?) Also perhaps USB-RS485 Isolated Adapter? There must be people converting to pixels who do not need those anymore. Best regards, Dick de Wit
  3. Good morning Alan, thank you for the reply, how does it appear on the previewscreen? As a sphere or a cylinder happy season Dick
  4. Hello all, in the S5 on line manual it says a cylinder can be used to model a sphere, it has a picture of a sphere beside it, I seem to mis a crucial step to get a sphere on the preview. I know a Sphere as a model is there also, but this is not what I want to use, because the sphere I am going to use has vertical spokes and want to run the pixelstrings top to bottom and up again Who knows the required steps to get this done? What is it I do not see, the most obvious probably??? Dick de Wit The Netherlands current show, Wilhelmina Childrens Hospital, Utrecht
  5. Good afternoon Mike thank you, I know the power issue, will take care. Best regards, Dick
  6. Good day all, I just recieved some Geekcreit USB to RS485 adapters from the far east. Non isolated version , They cost les than 10 euro per three. They seem to perform well. Does anyone know any reason why not to use these by experience. Happy sequencing. Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  7. Good morning all, thank you for all info, the picture showed me a link option, I supposed to synchronize more than one unit Thats why I asked for the docs. I will wait, no problem. have a nice day all. Dick
  8. Hello dear light friends, Does anyone knows where to find the manual of I want to study the features in order to decide to buy or not. Thanks Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  9. Good morning Graig, yes, I am sorry too. even surface mount part replacing is no problem, but there must be more perhaps, frequency related ? 50 or 60 Hz. or they will no tell because of safety reasons. I am a service technician for Mitsubishi Electric in The Netherlands, so I know a little about electronics and replacing a resistor should not be that hard. If the correct value is known ofcourse. but from the view of Lor I can imagine they will not tell how to do it. would be the same for Mitsubishi Electric. Have a nice day, Dick
  10. Good afternoon Graig, I did ask Lor helpdesk about the gen 3 controllers This is their answer: Sorry. Gen 3 controllers cannot be field converted to 240VAC operation. Can't help you with getting ridd of these, as I would like to. That is a pitty. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  11. I can not get this version running on my G3-MP3 5.38, no display on the seven segment leds, nothing. No leds blinking. if I download the file from the website is 113K ? is this the correct size? Downloading 5.36 to the G3-MP3 afterwards gets it running again. It is not destroid for ever luckily. What can I do wrong? Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  12. Good afternoon Graig, Here people of my age get state pension at 67 years and 3 months, as fas as the law is right now. It has been altered a lot the last years. Every time I neared the pension age, it was altered, so now at least 5 year to go. Concerning the controllers, I really thought they were factory set to the voltage level. hmm, have to review it, perhaps. let me look into it, if you wish to sel still. Have a nice and long retirement the next years. best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  13. Hello all Indeed look at the powersupply specifications. If not full range 110 - 250 => replace. For devices that run directely from 110v, ONLY use a big transformer. Calculate the amount of power needed, and don't be scared to buy a realy big transformer if needed. But using two kind of voltages in one show is very tricky, as connecting to the wrong outlet is a big risk. The lights or controller will do it for a very short while than. (miliseconds ) ( A transformer of 1 Kw can keep a tent from blowing away in a storm ? ) NEVER use converters as many do chop of the bottom part of the Sinusphase to supply half the power or cut the cylce in half. Those converters will destroy any electronic device connected to them, they are only intended to use with things like old bulp lamps. They will destroy led lamps and many powersupplies and devices who are intended to run on 110 only. The voltage peaks will get a lot above 110V and blow everything. On the other hand, if you use 230V strings you can deliver twice the amount of power per channel on a AC controller. As the max amps is the same but the voltage is about twice as high. For the 230volt ledstrings, I just buy the locally from a manufacturer of Christmas decorations nearby, as they use very much 230 volt for the decorations still. http://www.light2000.nl/ All low voltage stuff I get from Ray Wu mostly. ( China ) Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  14. Good afternoon Craig, How are you? If they were for 230Volt, ehmmmm, I would think about it. but as far as I know the voltage is factory set with G3 controllers, is'nt it? You know with 230 you never get the power consumption to high for the controller, as we get only 16 amps per phase from the power company normally. So the triacs almost never die. These controllers last forever. Best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
  15. Hello also got the same error, did second try with repair option, now works on three machines, even on a virtual machine on a mac. strange behaviour though. best regards Dick de Wit The Netherlands
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