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  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You are the informed consumer all companies wish they sold to. You and I shop the same way: based on VALUE not on COST. Let's talk shoes for a moment. My shoe of choice is a loafer (well, actually a boat shoe). Shoes come in vastly different qualities and vastly different costs. I discovered long ago (when I was much harder on shoes) that I could spend $20 on a pair, or $80 on a pair. The $20 pair would fall apart after a year. The $80 pair would fall apart in 3. The $20 one is the much better value - even though it is the lowest quality.
  2. The help file probably has all the information you need. You need to have a Deluxe MP3 director. That is an MP3 director that has a real-time clock built in. http://www1.lightorama.com/help/index.html?differences_between_mp3_direct.htm Scheduling shows for different days/times: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/index.html?select_sequences_and_show_opti.htm
  3. It is not fair to discount ALL of China as 'cheap Chinese' . Most mfgs in China can make product and either adhere to your specifications, or will produce several different 'grades' of a product on speculation. Take fictitious USA companies "H" and "L". They may both order from a Chinese manufacturer some product "X", also fictional. In fact they could order from the exact same mfg. "H" orders the least expensive version of "X" available from the mfg. This product is made 'on spec' IE, the factory makes this version (and probably several others) as a kind of 'default' product.
  4. Hey here we are again! The season is off to an early start. Let's see what's happened so far: We're only trying to be nice: We are more than happy to send parts to our customers to repair controllers/etc. Some customers are shy and will ask us for part numbers, etc and somewhere they can buy the parts. We always turn around and tell them - Hey! We'll send you the parts, usually at no cost. Just tell us what you need (and tell us that you know how to actually change the part in question). They are being polite, and we appreciate that! So a certain customer (a Dr. of someth
  5. You need to first configure the board (which requires communication). Your Pixel type may not be set correctly which will not allow the pixels to work even with the hardware test.
  6. That's a Windows thing.... Something, somewhere on your computer is running an installation process - it could be another program trying to automatically update itself, or it could be Windows itself trying to do an update. Since Windows wants to track changes by install, only one install can run at one time. Ensure all your Windows Updates are done. Then restart your computer by using the window's start button, power, and then 'Restart'. Don't just power off or select power off - those are not true re-starts in the world of Windows. You must select the 'Restart' option. Onc
  7. The issue is Windows 7 Windows Media Player and/or Win 7 itself. From what I could gather from Matt's description of the issue, both Windows Media Player and S5 want to use two different DLLs that just happen to have the same name. The problem is these are actually two very different libraries (IE: That other guy you know named Mike is not this Mike :P) That should not be a problem (and isn't in any other version of Windows and or media player or whatever goofy combination this is caused by) since they are in different locations. When a program needs a DLL, usually Windows will search
  8. Connect the controller to the USB adapter and start the hardware utility. Status light should go solid after a few seconds. Press the 'Refresh' button and wait. The top center will show the unit once the scan is complete. The first 2 digits are the unit ID hardware utility found the board at. Is it the unit ID you set, or is it different? Remember, ports are units. The first port is the unit you set. The next port is unit +1, then unit +2, etc. Don't forget HEX.
  9. Ok, so let me break this down as best as I can using the PixCon as an example. There are 2 things you need to have a good grasp on - one is 'Protocol', the other is 'Transmission Medium'. Let's talk first about transmission mediums. In the LOR world, there are TWO that we are mainly interested in. RS485 Ethernet There are pros and cons to each of those, as well as differences in how the physically work - we won't get into those at the moment. While both use the same type of cables, sockets, etc they are not physically the same. You can NOT directly connect one t
  10. You may occasionally see 10053/10054/10061 (and others) errors in the log for the LOR Comm Listener. These errors are usually followed with some error description text that is similar to " An existing connection was forcibly closed/rejected by the remote host". The text can be different, but the general gist is that someone closed a connection to someone else. These errors are transient and a normal part of Ethernet communication. They happen all the time on your LAN without you noticing, or even between different software on the same computer using TCP/IP to communicate. In almost AL
  11. I don't see a 719009 either.... I do see where you have 2 tickets (neither ending in 009). I'll use the new one to get you replacements. Just leave the other one closed please.
  12. In his PM to me , he typoed the ticket as 709009. That was what I checked. I'll make sure Dan knows about 719009 then.
  13. Wow, sure would be nice if there was a company that stands behind their strips and warranties them, huh?
  14. Today we released production version 5.3.8 of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite. This is an official production release, not a beta release. S5 fully integrates the Pixel Editor, Sequence Editor, and Visualizer into a single program and adds many enhancements to help you program large channel count stages. S5 uses a different methodology called 'Visual Sequencing' to create amazing sequences and has new automatic programming tools called 'Motion Effects' that will speed your sequencing. For more information on S5, please see the "Sequencer (Showtime 5)" section of our Tutorials and PDFs
  15. There is a planned (by the power company) outage in Hudson Falls which is affecting manufacturing, distribution, and main offices of LOR today 9/20/2019. We will not be shipping today, and phone support is not available due to the power outage. Help requests are being serviced on the helpdesk at http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ should you require any assistance. We should be back to normal operation on Monday 9/23/2019. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. I'm glad that got it working, but I am still worried about Network Preferences in 5.3.6. Is anyone else seeing anything weird with it like runtime errors? The only runtime errors I remember seeing in there where from newer firmware not playing nice with the IP troubleshooter long long ago.
  17. If you are still experiencing this error, please open a help desk ticket. Usually that is caused by 1 of 2 things: 1 - You have an incomplete install/uninstall that has killed some DLLs. A full uninstall/registry wipe/re-install will fix it. 2 - You have a bad registry value. This was fixed years ago, so I doubt it is your issue. In any event, following #1 will also fix this (if you use the registry wipe)
  18. I'm also going to reply to your ticket, but I wanted to let others know here. The RunTime error 9 in the Network Preferences was a bug that was fixed in newer versions of S4/S5. I don't remember which exact version it was fixed in, but 4.4.4 should definitely have it. I suggest you upgrade to that version.
  19. Ok fellow residents of the great state of FL, let's check in and be safe out there this coming week. I know a lot can change in 3-4 days, but Dorian looks like it's going to affect pretty much all of us. Prepare. Be safe. And most importantly - check in NOW with your neighbors and then again after the storm when it is safe.
  20. The secret sauce is: TRUE SINE WAVE. Your inverter or generator MUST output true sine wave. Not 'Modified Sine Wave', not 'Square Wave', not 'Safe for electronics'.
  21. The only reason Jim and I disagree on this (and even then, see below) is that I have to take an official stand - when you support this stuff, you need to have some firm rules. In the interest of full disclosure - yes, we have VERY RARELY recommended to customers that they use a Y. Typically it's an emergency situation where the customer simply can't remove a controller with a bad RJ45 from their chain. We also tell them that once the emergency is over, they need to send it in for repair. Other than that, we say no. We especially say no when it's to run in 2 directions. So i
  22. LOR Controllers, along with DMX universes have a hard cap on the channel number of 512. The issue you are having is that you are 'packing pixels'. You should not 'pixel pack' (IE, use EVERY address available to you) as it just leads to this kind of frustration - EVEN IN DMX mode (which you are not using if you have Pixies). Early pixel controllers FORCED you to pixel pack. Newer ones (like ours) do not. Let's look at an example of a theoretical pixel controller. This pixel controller has 8 ports, and each port can support up to 170 pixels per port. To this pixel controller you
  23. In my classes I always describe 'channel' as being the 'smallest unit you can control'. Notice there is no mention of color, or even POINTS OF LIGHT (since channels can control other things like Servos, etc). So if you have a bush that has 2 different colors of regular lights on it, and you connect it so that each single color can be controlled. THAT is the channel: Bush, Blue or Bush, Red. 1 channel controls 1 color for that entire bush. If you want the bush blue, turn on the blue channel for it. If you want it blue and red, turn on both. If you have another bush and put 2 differen
  24. I do my part: Anyone I talk to on the phone is told skip the black go for red and spend the $2 When we say black or red, we are talking about the small T-Shirt adapters, not the B/ISO ones. FYI: the ISO one CAN do 500K (and happens to be black). The B one can NOT. Read about it in boring detail here: http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ This is the one of the FEW things that Jim and I disagree on (wow. Not many of those!) Unless provided for on the adapter (like the B or ISO or Repeater), we do NOT recommend splitting the RS485 signal. Impedance mismatches
  25. If the sequence identified and you are trying to schedule is a LOR S5 sequence (.lorprot or .loredit), you can ignore that. It's not really an error, it's Verifier not understanding that you can now schedule those file times. If the sequence identified is a legacy sequence and you are trying to schedule that (.LMS, or .LAS) then this error still applies - there is something wrong with that sequence. Check the help file for more information.
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