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  1. Thanks Mr. P but this is a different issue. @Sijaan Yes, that is a known issue and is addressed in 5.3.14 which I am working on building at this time. It should be out shortly. Thanks for the report. You can always open a help desk ticket if you find issues like these.
  2. So this years giggle ticket (or at least the one I remember right now): I had a person using 3 PixCons (actually, i think they had more, but it was 3 for a particular prop). "2 of these don't work! They're junk!" I need to test this customer to see what their knowledge level is so I can predict how it will go and what we're going to need to look at. "Ok, tell me about them. What are the IP addresses? What universes did you want running on them? What are the Status LEDs doing?" [Cust surprisingly sends all the information I need: IPs, universes, Which PixCon controll
  3. There is currently an issue with building SD cards using Hub. You will only encounter this issue if the following are all true: The first sequence in your show has more than 1 network defined You are using a G3 or G4 MP3 director with 2 or more ports The firmware on your MP3 controller is version 5.3.36 OR LOWER You are using ELOR protocol on any port 2 or higher (IE port 3 or 4 for four port directors) The symptom of this bug is that your director will be stuck on INIT after inserting the SD card. Controller status LEDs may all briefly go to solid, and then chan
  4. Once you have contacted us, please stop touching things We encourage all of you to experiment with the hardware and software. Experimenting is how you learn! Think changing a unit ID of some hardware will do something neat? Go for it. Want to change how that channel is defined in the software to see what happens? Do it. Changing things and experimenting is crucial to getting the most out of your hardware and software. But the time for experimenting stops when you contact us for something that is not working - and you want to get it to work. We have years of experience th
  5. Demo works as a basic license ONLY for Visualizer and if I am not mistaken Previews. HWU Will allow you to set ANY Unit ID regardless of license (including demo). If you want to set a controller to F0, it will allow it.
  6. I never said it was cheap I really think it just comes down to personal preference. Directors make it easy to run 'headless'. Many commercial customers like them because it is a set it and forget it kind of thing - they stuff the SD card in and at the end of the season just take it all down and put it away. It also does take some of the 'geek' away. It's easier to create an SD card for multiple ports than it is to set up multiple USBs/etc. But between you and I, I too would only run from a computer - especially if I had one that is already running 24/7 (like my file serv
  7. YES. Director link will run perfectly fine over ELLs and is one of their main selling points. I always forget to point that out.
  8. Sorry, I didn't bother with this whole thread someone may have said this alread. You do NOT need a license to run the Hardware Utility to change the Unit ID of a controller. Download and install the software from our website and run it in demo mode. Then start the hardware utility and change the Unit ID. You DO need to have a USB adapter to be able to do that. If you don't want to buy ours you can use any USB to RS485 adapter, just remember that the data pins are 4 & 5 (BL/BL&WH D+/D-).
  9. With the N4G4, you can run up to 16 networks with multiple units. Remember that the N4G4 has 'Director Link'. Each director is daisy chained together, so with 5 N4G4 MP3 directors, you can run 15 separate unique networks. Adding a 6th would allow all 16, as well as 2 additional ports that could be used as 'repeaters'. We will also have a 2 port G4 director that can be used in Director Link mode (so 1 network is director link, the other is for some LOR network)
  10. 64 bit is not a magical cure all that you are lead to believe. I have a post around here documenting that.
  11. Both statements are TRUE. You can have 2 1602MP3s on the same wire. You can use it in this configuration. To do that 1 and ONLY 1 must have an SD card. No PC, No external (3rd) MP3 director. You can NOT have 2 1602MP3s on the same wire and use a 'external source' of data - IE a USB adapter. There are simply NO OPEN RJ45s on that network to go from the external source to that network. In order to use 2 1602MP3s on a single wire with no other network equipment, one must go at the start, the other at the end. All the holes (rj45s) are then filled. The data must then come from
  13. Today we released production version 5.3.12 of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite. This is an official production release, not a beta release. 5.3.12 Contains critical bug fixes and should be installed immediately if you are using any previous 5.3.x release S5 fully integrates the Pixel Editor, Sequence Editor, and Visualizer into a single program and adds many enhancements to help you program large channel count stages. S5 uses a different methodology called 'Visual Sequencing' to create amazing sequences and has new automatic programming tools called 'Motion Effects' that will spee
  14. No. You can use ONE of them, but not both. There is only 1 NET 1 connection on those controllers. If you use two of them, you have 'filled all the holes' and there is no way to put the USB signal into the network. Edit: Ninjaed!
  15. Sorry, I don't have time to read this entire thread. Here is what you need to know about MP3 directors/etc. There can only ever be ONE source of data on any wire. That means a single MP3 director or single USB device that is actively sending data. This holds true even for new G4 Directors with Multi-Link. You can have multiple MP3 directors on the same network as long as only one of them has an SD card inserted at any one time. As soon as an SD card is inserted into the MP3 director, even if that director is set to a schedule and there is no show playing, that MP3 director is
  16. Can someone take a quick search and post a link to my previous post about 32 v 64 for these folks, please.
  17. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has contacted us on the help desk so far this season. We have been swamped with tickets and calls for the last 2 weeks and are working extra hard to get you up and running. While there are always jerks, I can say that this year I have run into fewer even with the increase in help requests. To all of you who are understanding and are taking the extra time to pass along good wishes we thank you. Just to give you an idea, I would estimate we have seen an 40% increase in users and help desk requests this year. Last year, th
  18. FYI: Light-O-Rama software downloads can be found at http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/. The latest version is at the top of the page and previous versions are located at the bottom of the page. It's a big file and could take several minutes to download so be patient. To see a comparison of the different license levels: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/To check your license status: http://lightorama.com/licenseCheck.html This will tell you the maximum version your current license is good for. Anything after that would require a renewal or u
  19. Pro has only been offered with the TSO package starting this year some time. When you open your ticket, please include your order number so we can look up the date of your purchase.
  20. I hope you have taken the time to open a help desk ticket, we will do our best to help. We don't care who you purchased the controller from. If it is ours, we will stand behind it and repair/replace it as needed. BUT I do want to say I take umbrage with this comment. You stated you purchased the controller from eBay. That would mean the person who pulled a bait and switch on you is the person you purchased the controller from on eBay, not us.
  21. Must be season, time for the annual outrage about the war on Christmas. I see the same group of people involved. If I see this thread get out of hand, I will put people on moderation. If you are about to post about how nothing is wrong, etc you are probably one of the first people to be on that list. My fuse right now is VERY short. Be cool.
  22. Use the Defaults We get 2-3 of these a week, and during the season 2-3 a day. A customer will contact us about moving to a new computer, or reinstalling the software and then not be able to find where all their stuff is - because they changed the location of the LOR Data directory, or they are not saving their audio/sequences/etc in the proper folder of the LOR data directory. These customers (especially during season) then demand we find their data for them. We're sorry, but that's not something we can do. We didn't store or move the data, so we would have NO CLUE where YOU put i
  23. Let's Answer ALL those questions So the help desk ticket system is THE most efficient way for us to handle support issues. But for you, it may not be efficient - you put in a ticket and have to wait for us, then we have to wait for you, etc. After all, it sometimes takes a couple of back-and-forth sessions to properly resolve something. We are keenly aware of that, and so many times we will ask you several questions at the same time. For whatever reason, many (OK. ALMOST ALL) customers will only , and then barely, answer one of them. And it's not like they answer the first or
  24. I think you handled it well. Lights and decorations are crack to kids (and some adults too). It is hard to blame them when they come running into a display (Halloween or Xmas or anything else), despite our warnings, announcements, and signs. We can only be gentle with them, understand they didn't mean to put themselves in danger, and nicely correct them. 99% of them are going to understand, and apologize. You'll get a friendly wave from the parents. No one is to blame. Even the parents don't deserve any - I have personally witnessed well behaved, well parented children in less
  25. Today we released production version 5.3.10 of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite. This is an official production release, not a beta release. S5 fully integrates the Pixel Editor, Sequence Editor, and Visualizer into a single program and adds many enhancements to help you program large channel count stages. S5 uses a different methodology called 'Visual Sequencing' to create amazing sequences and has new automatic programming tools called 'Motion Effects' that will speed your sequencing. For more information on S5, please see the "Sequencer (Showtime 5)" section of our Tutorials and PDF
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