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  1. Because I didn't know any better, I've been running more Than 7,000 pixels on one 500k network and I haven't experienced any lag even on very complex sequences. I use a mix of pixie 4s, 8s and 16s.
  2. Never mind. It eventually came back on.
  3. When I get to the last port the delete channel button become greyed out. How do I get rid of the last one?
  4. I inserted a pixie 16 and forgot to change it to 100 pixels per port. I would like to back that out and reinsert the device in the sequence so I don't have to add the channels manually
  5. In S4, how do you delete a device. Thanks
  6. When setting up multiple pixies I always thought that all ports ended up getting a unit ID. For instance, when setting up a pixie 4, if unit 1 is selected then the software would take unit IDs 01, 02, 03, and 04 so when setting up another pixie 4 I would start with UI 5. However, I watched a video today that showed someone setting up 2 pixie 16s and he used 01 for the first pixie 16 and UI 02 for the second. Have I been doing this wrong all this time?
  7. I added a pixie 16 to my system. I added it using S4 sequence editor and selected pixie 2/4/8/16, pixie 16, pixels per port 100, and the base unit ID and my network. In the sequence, all 100 ports show up and all have the same color changing sequence but only the first 50 work on each port. What am I forgetting. The other pixies I added the year worked fine doing the same technique. Thanks
  8. I purchased 2 pixie 4s last year and hadn't used them. When I went to add them to my show, the red light remains on and the hardware utility finds both of them. No numbers are on and I've tried several combinations of light strings. Neither controller will work and they do not respond when the white button is pushed. This is my 10 pixie controller and I've never had issues with them before. Any ideas of what to check next? Since the lights don't react to the white button, I assume that means there is an issue with the circuit boards? Seems odd that both would be defective. Thanks
  9. I have all of my units configured but just realized that my rgb star only has 50 channels per string and I have 100 light strings. Is there an easy way to add channels that are prepopulated with the channel configuation? I was able to I sett 50 channels by right clicking on the 50th channel and selecting "insert mulitpule RGB channels below and selecting 50. However, I would then need to go into all 50 channels and manually set the device type, unit ID, and circuit numbers. I vaugly remember using a third party software to do this but I don't think it worked for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. If I use the "light string" function and change it to RGB, it seems to only be adding a traditional rgb leds. Not smart pixels. I assume I should be using the pixel DMX tool?
  11. When adding a rgb light string it seems to assign the number of points automatically. What are points? Pixels? If so, how do I change it to 50? it won't let me do that manually. Thanks
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