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  1. Oops - my mistake - it's Saturday the 17th. Hope to see you there.
  2. Yes, there IS a LOR meeting in Sacramento this month. It's Saturday the 17th. Sorry for the late notice (busy with lighting). At the usual Round Table Pizza in Old Sacramento. PS: Some people were asking about programming moving lights in LOR:
  3. Yes, Ken is normally here, but been busy installing a lot or LED lights for the displays at the state fairs (California and Washington). Getting a little break, so the 22nd would work just find for me. WHat's a good time? 6:00?
  4. It's a bit more technical than that, but try adding a simple C9 incandescent light to your string(s) and see if there's a difference. If it looks better, then think about adding a snubber or Glade or other artificial (ghost) load to smooth things out.
  5. Try it yourself; get a video and program some random lights and point it at your house.
  6. There used to be a DMX to GECE device, but may not be available anymore.
  7. The commercial LOR controllers also have this option (internal memory), but the ..PC versions do not. Also, the CCRs have it too.
  8. Don't splice it in that way, you could damage things. Use a DMX merger and either set it for LTP (last dmx signal takes priority) or HTP (highest dmx value takes priority). You may have to get adapters for the DMX signal, but that's the easy stuff. I've done this before, but used an outboard DMX dongle that can deliver a clean signal, no matter what the computer is doing.
  9. Some people wire a resistor into this plug and use it to help control the LED dimming. Technically, it's a "dummy load" or "ghost load", but over the years LOR folks call them Snubbers. It's also available commercially: http://www.ebay.com/itm/American-DJ-LED-Dummy-/291477761579?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43dd6dae2b
  10. I snuck (sneaked) a preview and it looks great; nothing like it out there. It might even better than my RGB snowflakes. Maybe.
  11. Your EasyDMX controllers only talk DMX, not LOR. No firmware updates to accomplish this. Your E682 can supply regular DMX on any of the four clusters. See J22 in the last two pages of the documentation. You might consider the ELOR, which has a couple of regular DMX outputs and talks LOR on your 485 USB network.
  12. You get what you pay for, as they say. You're paying for quality development that continues to advance in this marketplace.
  13. Are these sub ports or USB ports? Need the correct terminology so we can help you.
  14. More details: http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-to-deliver-free-windows-10-upgrades/
  15. Yes, there is; I will be there as will several others. Hope to see you there. See you there.
  16. March 21 just freed up for me, if anyone's interested in getting together. Tony? Shaggy?
  17. Your projector(s) need to be in the same place every time; you may have to make a stand or post of some kind to get the same height and distance. Create an alignment video with a test pattern and run it when you setup your projectors to get the alignment to match. Or if you already have a graphic that matches your house, use it to line the projectors up. There may be some other patterns on TriplewideMedia. If you want to use different videos on each part of your house, make a video that's twice as wide as normal and use your editing program to put the videos where you want them. Add the sound track when you're done. You can use the Matrox units to get multiple videos out. Or whatever your computer can produce. Some computers can already support three screens without the Matrox devices. Others have done two videos under LOR and I will be testing a triple video using LOR. I'm optimistic and will make a how-to video.
  18. Just a reminder for the Sacramento and Bay Area LOR folks about the monthly meeting this Saturday at Round Table Pizza in Old Sacramento 6:00pm.
  19. Be careful of the 20mw laser output; should be like 5mw to avoid eye damage when they look into them. I'm designing a laser maze that will probably trigger a LOR sequence if they complete it successfully. We shall see.
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