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  1. Trying to find the following for 32 channel or anything would work. Nutrocker by TSO Original Grinch Sleigh Ride by Gwen Stafani Please let me know. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks JR. Ill search for him. Also my version I have is 4.4.6. I ran a pixel tree last year and it was amazing. Thats why I wanted 2 more smaller ones. But I have a feeling Im not going to find much for them. Hopeful though. Have a great day! :)
  3. Hi group. I have a 16X50 pixel tree and have a place to get all my sequences for that but I cant seem to find many 16X25 sequences to go with this. I have 2 of the small trees this year. Does anyone share these and if so can you shoot me a list? Also if anyone knows a site other than superstars (already checked them out) can you let me know to purchase some? Thanks so much everyone
  4. Thank you so much for sharing. Can I please get a list or the sequences from you? I run S4 32 Ch also but working with 3 pixel trees this year. trying to find some good 16X25 sequences. Also would love to hear about this automatic face thing :) vsnsound@aol.com
  5. Would anyone be interested in sharing the below mentioned sequences? 32 Ch. I can edit it to fit my setup. Just a basic setup. No Pixels. Still using S4. Most wonderful time of the year - Andy Williams I saw Mommy kissing Santa - Meloncamp Thanks so much in advance.
  6. Phil you have been SO SO helpful and I am grateful for that. This CCR is new for me and I cant wait to get it in. I will take your suggestion and not upgrade yet as long as the CCR will run on my S4. I wont be designing anything. Just going to purchase already made CCR tree sequences and try to import that into my existing regular musical sequences (any tips would be great!) LOL Got any good links you can share with me to purchase CCR-II WITH star sequences? Besides Superstar? Im already purchasing a couple from him but wanted more kid friendly sequences. I have wanted to do this all year. What we do it we donate our lawn/house and make a large display for people to come and watch and we do it for charity. In order to watch it they have to bring a food donation for our local food bank. Then after Jan 1 we deliver it all to the food bank. So as you can see... trying to make it bigger and better every year is a task and I hope this tree will really pop. Again, Thank you and any help would be great. Jay
  7. I am running S4, 4.3.34. Will I be able to control my CCR tree with this? I dont want to upgrade just yet for there is a learning curve I dont have time for. I just bought this yesterday but I have been a LOR user for many years now. Just have to figure how to get the tree sequence into my existing musical sequences. Any help would be great. I cant wait to get this going.
  8. Well I guess that brings up a whole new question or 2.... Im trying to upgrade and it tells me: Your license covers the latest version, 5.5.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time. Details LOR Feature Level: Pro SuperStar Feature Level: 2_CCR Max Version: 5.11.* (and any future versions released by September 9, 2021) So what do choose to upgrade from-to and how? Also... Will my version run my CCR-II & star? I have been saving up for it for months now and finally bought it yesterday. Thanks for all the help
  9. Cince I just purchased the CCR-II with star I thought I would try to make a preview with my house as background pic but when looking on how to do it and using the lorwebsite youtube page it tells me to click on S5 light-o-rama sequences. But I dont have that. I have to most up to date product. Am I missing something? But I did notice im licensed good up to 5.1 but my program running is showing 4.3.34. Now im confused. Can someone clear this up for me? I know I will have more questions when my CCR gets here and when I try to import it to my program but 1 step at a time. I have been watching all the tutorials I can find Thank you again Jay
  10. I would love to see your files. Please when you can send them to me and thank you so much for doing this for us all. vsnsound@aol.com
  11. Hi everyone and thanks in advance for some help/advice. I am looking at purchasing the CCR16 tree to add on to my LOR show I already run. I am a newbee to the Pixel stuff but not the LOR stuff. We run a large light show here and we do it to raise food donations for the local food banks. Last couple years we brought in over 400 pounds of food for them. Hope to do better this year but wanted to add to the show this year with the CCR16 kit. Ok, Here are my questions...... If I purchase the CCR16 tree kit can you incorporate it into an existing sequence? Say I get the WOW sequence for the CCR and I already have a show on my LOR for WOW. Will it add into it... and how? How tall is this and what size pole will I need to construct? Do I need anything else that I dont already have? I have the USB/RJ45 and LOR software v4.3.34 Pro. Does anyone know where I can get the Pixel star for this kit? I see a few website (LOR approved sites) so who should I go through to order this. Thanks everyone for the help.
  12. So my LOR laptop crashed (thank god I back it up every day) so I installed the software on a new one but it wont let me register because of too many users or something like that. How can I disable the dead laptop so I can use my code in my new one? I cannot believe I would have to buy a new license if this happens. Im sure you all have had to swap out computers to a newer one before. What did you do? And yes... before I asked I searched the forums with no luck. Thank so much. 1 week till showtime!!!! Cant wait! Hope to collect even more food for the food banks this year then last.
  13. I have been doing this for 6 years so not really a newbe, but this is an issue I was "cheating" getting around but now that I add a song or something its more difficult. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? In the past I timed everything out to make things run smooth in the schedule editor but now my first show since I added a song wont stop to let the 2nd one run. Here is what im trying to do.... I have a "pre" show that runs 4 on channels of lights with music behind it for about 45 min. Then right after that I have the full show fire up. Then that ends after the last song and the "pre" show comes back on. I want the main show to start on the hour. Basically this is how I was running it the same every day: 5:00 - 6:00: Pre show 6:00:05 - 6:13:25 - Full show 6:13:30 - 7:00 - Pre show and on at every hour until the last show at 10:00. Now the pre show is running into the main show and wont switch to the full. I know there has to be an easier way but I cant figure it out and now every year im going bigger and its becoming more of an issue now. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  14. Thanks everyone! I used Audacity and made a 46 min playlist. Then made a new musical sequence and added the song. All set on that part but having another issue that I will address in another thread.
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