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  1. I found my answer. I needed to make sure my timing was the same.
  2. I am running v5.5.10, and I am having a problem with copy and paste. I have 3 files for each song in my show; the main sequence, a sequence for my 16 channel mega-tree, and a sequence for the 3 channel star topper. I am trying to import the tree and star channels into the main file. When I open the tree and star files I can see the sequence properly. I am selecting the entire sequence for all of the channels, and hitting copy. When I go back to the main file, go to the appropriate channel that I already have set up in preview, and try to paste, nothing pastes in. Any help is greatly ap
  3. We moved into a new house this year, which has the new type of thin stucco over insulation. I had planned to use a hot glue gun to attach lights around the windows, entry arch, etc. After reading some comments about the glue melting the insulation backing I am starting to wonder if that is a good idea. We have never had a stucco house before, so any tips on best practices for attaching the lights is very much appreciated.
  4. I have been using stock sequences since I started with LOR several years ago, and this is the first year I got brave enough to try my hand at creating my own sequences. Is there a way to import multiple background images into the Visualizer? We live on a corner lot, and I would like to be able to view both sides of the house at the same time.
  5. I know I am missing a step, and hopefully someone can help me. Due to a computer crash, I am moving my show to my wife's computer. No matter what I try, I cannot get the network to recognize. It was working on the old computer before the crash, so I am assuming the LOR components are not the problem. I have four controllers, all connected via ELL's. I have a USB485 (with booster) between the transmitting ELL and the computer. When I go to the hardware utility, no LOR is found on any comm port, even when I use the network module to manually select the port. I have tried going to the RF
  6. Unfortunately, there are no markings on the unit indicating, well, anything. On the front it says FM transmitter, and has + and - buttons for tuning. On the back it has inputs for DC12V (power) and antenna. That is the total marking on the unit. If there was any paperwork/manual, it has been lost to the ages. When you talk about dummy loads and SWR, I have no idea what you are referring to. Help!
  7. I wish I had known about this a few years ago, BEFORE I bought 1 1/4 miles of extension cords.
  8. Unfortunately, there are no markings to indicate power level, and my electronics skills are rudimentary at best. I think it is either 1 or 5 watts.
  9. Probably best if I not give a hard number, just in case you do have a black van or helicopter. I need to scale it back quite a bit, but I have a problem. I live on several acres in a rural area, and if I strictly conform to what I understand the FCC limit to be, the signal can not be heard from the road. What I am trying to do is limit the signal to only a mile or so, where it will be heard by about 30 houses total. Every year I test to make sure the frequency I want to use has nothing on it in this area. I also check this site http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/vacant as a backup ch
  10. I have a transmitter that I purchased a few years ago on eBay, from a Chinese manufacturer. It has no volume control, just a switch for changing the frequency. I do not know how much power it is putting out, but I have been told that it could possibly be in excess of FCC regulations. Is there something that I can put between the computer and the transmitter, or between the transmitter and the antenna, that will let me adjust the transmission distance? Thanks, Bob
  11. Looks great. Do you use the metal brackets at the top of the display? Are the sides attached at all?
  12. Tonight was the last night for this year's show. Having a drink and feeling very melancholy at the moment. On the brighter side, next year will be the first year I try to sequence the entire show, instead of buying/using someone else's work. I already have 8 new songs picked out.
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