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  1. archive (1).zipI have 10 original ccr ribbon's with controller's for sale package deal make an offer
  2. Im using S4 Hardware utility when i config to brg color setting and when i do a test the colors are correct... close H/U play a sequence and there back to the wrong color again
  3. Yes Sorry.. Colors are not the same as the original ccr ribbon when i play a sequence. Since lor doesn't sell the original ccr anymore, they said that ccr II controller and ribbon would work. The picture below the last 2 right ribbons are not same.
  4. I replaced 2 original ccr ribbons on my super star tree with pixie 2 with ccr II ribbons, when i played a sequence the colors are not the same how do i fix this problem ?
  5. my pixie 16 status light blinking while trying to find in the h/u but it finds my other controllers ccrs,ccb and cmd24
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