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  1. Hello, I have had a 12-ccr ribbon tree for several years and have multiple sequences already programmed. There's nothing wrong, but it is very bright. I'm wondering if there is a way to ratchet back the overall brightness. I've been through the SS configuration and layout tabs as well as the Hardware Utility and haven't found anything. Is there a way to do this so I don't have to re-do all the programming to adjust the existing sequences? Thanks, Sally
  2. Nevermind...I figured it out. Missed the "add the image" step. I was working right from the image action box. My bad.
  3. Ok, so I followed the directions above. (I have a standard 12-ribbon tree layout) When I switch back to standard grid and click on play the only thing I see is one pixel moving across the tree not the whole image. What am I missing? Please help. Thanks, Sally
  4. You shouldn't have to quit unless you want to. Glad to hear that you're going to give it one more try. And I think you you should make George Simmons quote "your bonfire sucks" your mantra. Sally
  5. What is the model number and number of lumens? Do you also incorporate other lights into your display? Or is it strictly house projection? Do you have any videos of your display?
  6. Hi All, This past season we added video mapping and video projection to our light show. It worked fine, and people loved it. The only problem was that the projector wasn't bright enough. Due to our yard configuration, we need to use a short throw projector. Due to our budget we purchased an Optoma X305ST which is a short throw DLP, 3000 lumen projector. We do other lights in addition to the projection. Like I said, it was okay, but we need a brighter projector. I'm just wondering what type of projector or projectors (if you do stacking or splitting) that other people who do project
  7. Just beautiful! Love this arrangement, and your sequencing was wonderful! Sally
  8. Very nice! And let your wife know that I thought the porch was nicely decorated also. So much christmas spirit! Thanks, Sally
  9. No, I'll have to check that out. I assume you're talking about your FB page. Is that right?
  10. Nice job! And thanks for the Minion Jingle Bells reference. I love the minions too; they've kind of become my light show mascot. Will definitely be using this next year. Thanks. Sally
  11. Good job! Have you thought about using the lighted animals in the sequencing? Maybe creating groupings to add some additional ground level movement. I've found that it piques kids interest if something isn't on all the time. They wonder when it'll come back on especially if it's a favorite character for them. No matter how you do it, I'm sure it'll be a hit.
  12. Nice job! Especially like "Let It Go" and your chase pattern with the ground level lights.
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