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  1. My pleasure! I probably could have worded that better.... With the video playback active - Display videos full screen - The space bar would not stop the sequence. I then went to preferences - change display videos full screen to - use audio track only. The video in the sequence will continue to play/stay active - unless that sequence is closed and reopened. Once reopened, the space bar stops the sequence as it should. Yes, still reproducible. Going from use audio track only to display videos full screen does not require the sequence to be closed and reopened. The video is now activ
  2. Not sure if you're talking about an RGB group because I do not see the option for standard LOR AC channels - but for RGB group its, right click on the group and add motion effect.
  3. When using video for media file - the space bar will not stop the sequence unless you click on the grid or sequencer screen. I tried disabling video playback in the sequencer preferences, but it still plays the video. I just closed the file and reopened - video now stays off and space bar will stop the sequence - shouldn't it function the same way with video playing in back ground? Note: using dual monitor - second monitor for video
  4. After building a number of different RGB props, I noticed when I load them into the grid, it will not allow me to expand that prop. It only gives the option for the effect row. If I convert the prop from RGB to dumb RGB and number every pixel individually, it will then allow that group to be expanded. I'm trying to copy my previous effects from last years sequence onto these newly built props and it will not allow it unless that prop is expanded. The option to add other effects other than the motion effects would also be beneficial. In the attached picture, Corner 1 was converted to dumb
  5. Just noticed that some groups only accept the applied effect (On,shimmer,twinkle, DMX and Motion Effect) throughout entire group. So far, I have only noticed this on DMX RGB props. For instance -When collapsed - a group of 5 mini pixel trees, apply effect, only the first tree is on... In group "NOEL" only the N is on. If the group is expanded, it will then accept the effect on all grouped props.
  6. Is there a way to only close one sequence if you have more than one open in the sequencer? The only way I found so far is to close the entire window and then chose to save or not save. Would be great if there was close feature on the tab of each sequence open.
  7. Is it possible to have 2 props sharing the same channel/circuit in the preview design? I have several props I would like to have share a circuit - ie; 3 Driveway arches have big bulbs that all share a circuit, Singing bulbs were built in visualizer and have multiple elements within that prop all sharing one channel (the bulb itself is Red with a white base), 2 - 12 channel candy cane spinners that mimic each other... Just hoping for something other than redoing all duplicates in the custom prop builder. Thanks in advance for any info!
  8. If this has been mentioned, or I'm missing something, I apologize. After playing a section of the sequence and then stopping using the space bar. The playback marker stays at stopped position and will not allow any grid boxes to be selected unless you press the stop button on the tool bar. Majority of the tool bar, besides the 5 play options and stop, are grayed out and not usable. If I have a set of grid boxes preselected, it will allow me to use shortcut keys to add an effect. This happens if the "fast playback marker", in preferences, is checked or unchecked. In trying different th
  9. I'm not sure on the whole stand alone concept with an elor. Pretty sure its still controlled by LOR. http://www.sandevices.com/ is who sell them. $115 for kit and $150 assembled. I do have one that I'm not using that I'd sell for $80. PM me if you're interested.
  10. Love it! What pixels and controller are you using?
  11. Something like this (snubbers) or _mkwid_dLWoUpmI%7Cdc_63668241849%7C-%7CdLWoUpmI'>single strand cord
  12. Here is a video collage of the 2014 Arizona Mini's events ...summarized in less than 12 minutes. It will give you an overall perspective of the days events. We had 30 participants from 4 states... Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada.... a regular inter-state affair! Special Thanks to our sponsors: - Advatek Lights - Christmas Done Bright - Creative Displays - Hi Tech Lights - Joshua 1 Systems - Light-O-Rama - Radiant Holidays - Ron's Holiday Lights - San Devices - Seasonal Entertainment - Winterland - Wow Lights - 3G Lighting Creations
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