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  1. I also made and order back in Aug. Sent and email in last Thursday about my order and it was sent to the other department but have not heard anything since. I call last Friday and phones were not workng and made 3 calls this morning and still the phone are not working. It may be on hold for a bit until Frankenstorm blows thru but I hope something happens soon so I can get my show going by Thanksgiving or the weekend after. Hopefully everything will work out very soon.
  2. I am looking for a sequence for monster mash with a singing face just for some help to go by. Please send a pm if you would like to share one. This will be my first full halloween with lor. I only ran a small test for this past Halloween. The spooks said it was the coolest house they been to all night and one left the yard running when the lights came on and a scream came from the window. I only ran flood lights and now I want to try to make some singing monster faces. Thanks for all the help with everything to make this a great past Halloween.
  3. The lights have been on now for about an hour and everything is doing what it is supposed to. Fading, intensities no late on or offs. Any suggestions? Last night it never once ran like it was supposed to.
  4. When I first turned on my lights they worked great for the first day, then I had one channel where the lights would not fade up or down or use the intensity setting, just on or off. I checked the cords and it started working again just like it was programmed. It started raining Sunday and when the lights came on the same channel started acting up again. I changed the extention cord right after work tonight but it had no effect on it. I have a set of led lights M5 I got from CDI. The lights will come on late and go off late also, maybe a half second or so. I noticed some of you said something about a snubber but I am not electrician so I know nothing about what you are talking about. Has anyone got a suggestion for me that might help?
  5. Good news it seems to work after I soldier it back just have to check the range now. Thanks for all the help here in LOR land. I got to run my show for the first time to test somethings and I think the show will go on schedule for either Friday or Saturday night. Thanks again for everything and for being some of the most helpful people in the tech support realm of things.
  6. Ok I may be able to soldier it back together it broke about 6 inches from the plug. I guess I can strip a little insullation back half inch or so and try that. If that does not seem to work does Radio shack carry something that I can replace it with and it work properly?
  7. the test antennae that came with it.
  8. I just got my transmitter a couple of weeks ago and my whip antenna wire is broke now and wanted to know if an antenna from radio shack would work or do I need to order one from EDM to replace it? It is a EDM-LCD-CS-EP.
  9. Since this may be my first year to have a show and trying to keep everything small and simple I only need to finish up my last song for about a 15 minute show. I need to order 12 strings of lights for my mini trees, pvc pipe and a metal fence post for my short mega tree, lor license, mp3 director, fm transmitter, need all my extention cords, finish my star for the tree. All my funds for this have dried up for the time being because of other things going on so hopefully things will get a little better or there will be no show this year and will have to try to have a show next year.
  10. I am completely new at this and I am curious about all this because I would like to get a fm transmitter sometime in the next month or so. From what I understand here is that there is 3 popular brands EDM, MBB, and a few HLLY. Correct me if I am wrong on that part. I only want to find one that I can get a good quality sound and only need to transmit around 150 feet. any more than that would be fairly useless. About what size would be good to do this? .5, 1.0 or bigger and I know that the bigger the number the futher the signal will travel. I have been looking at a couple of the hlly because I think they are fully assembled instead of having to assemble them afterwards. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  11. That looks great to me. If I read Mr. Holdmans article on rules he has it says never turn on red and green on the same object at the same time. If I watch his videos correctly he has red and green on a channel each and white on an a channel for each strand. That might help you out a little on the voltage part.
  12. I have been looking at the HLLY web site and was wondering about what size of a fm transmitter would for for about a 150 foot range?
  13. My other computer has just about quit working so I copied all my sequences and audio and install the demo program on a different computer and it plays my sequences but I cannot copy anything to finish a sequence unless I start all over with new clean sequence. What am I doing wrong or is there a setting I need to change or will it work if I get the license and register this demo?
  14. THolland


    When you have to put a red light on the top of the Mega Tree to keep the planes off it and still use lasers on top of the house, he must know something about them to be able to use them like that.
  15. THolland


    I found this video while prowling around for something else and it has lasers and fog machines. these do point up tho.
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