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  1. I have 4 CTB16PC controllers for sale kit assemblies that i assembled 6 years ago. Tested and work as they should. Never used more than 3 strings per channel. Will sell for $100 each, buyer pays shipping. Selling due to health issues.
  2. Could I also have a copy please let thanks . rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  3. Could I get a copy of this as well. thanks rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  4. Could you et the copy as well. Thank you . rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  5. If you are still sharing I would like a copy as well. Thank you RRANDALL5563@YAHOO.COM
  6. If you are still sharing could I get a copy as well. Thank you RRANDALL5563@YAHOO.COM
  7. Could I get a copy as well thank you RRANDALL5563@YAHOO.COM
  8. Looking for a sequence for Dan fogelbergs same old lame syne. rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  9. Would like a copy as well. rrandall5563@yahoo.com Thank you
  10. Could I also get a copy of all these. Please and thank you rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  11. Could I get a copy as well rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  12. I would like to take a look at this also rrandall5563@yahoo.com
  13. Looking for tso requipment ( the fifth ) Searched the free based ones but founder none that had tso on them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks RRANDALL5563@YAHOO.com
  14. Would like a copy of happy. RRANDALL5563@YAHOO.COM Thanks for sharing.
  15. yes please rrandall5563@yahoo.com thank you
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