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  1. I try to make sure there are songs kids like every other song. I am guessing they are the 1st to get bored.
  2. I think this is such a beautiful song but it runs a little long I think. I am having a hard time making it shorter smoothly. anyone else shortened it? thanks!!
  3. hi James' would you mind sharing Ding Dong the witch is dead and Hocus pocus with me?? thanks so much i_antrim@hotmail.com
  4. hello all thanks for the replies. the distance would be around 16 feet give or take a bit. I bought another old school controller. so I have 16 channels to play with. I am leaning toward pvc going from the star to the ground with 3 colors on each, maybe 5 of them. I should be able to make that look ok. what are you thinking jerrymac??
  5. hello all- looking for ideas..1st let me say my display is totally old school! no RGB, because I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!! I would like to try but have watched the videos and just can't get it through my thick head! So with that in mind, I have blow molds of the holy family, I have a star on my roof, and would like beams of light connecting the 2. any thoughts? maybe 5 beams of light? its a 1 story house with the star on the gutter line so not so high. if there is a educational video I should watch that would be helpful with the RGB please point me in the right direction! tell me what
  6. check out deckthehalllights.com the displays from a couple of years ago maybe just what you are looking for
  7. hi sarge - have you watched the display in florida? go to Holdmanlighting.com go to video gallery...its there to watch. I love love love that song. I used it in my 4th of july display a couple of years ago.. let me know what you think
  8. i use blue painters tape on the garage door.. cheap and quick!
  9. do you have your display planned out? maybe if you tell us what elements you are planning on using we could point you to some displays you might get some ideas from. sure is polite of you to want to give credit where credit is due! have fun and good luck...oh buy loooots of extension cords!! no idea why I underlined everything!!
  10. that's it!! I knew you experts would help!! Thanks!!
  11. looked and looked but can not find the post of a site recommended for cat 5 and cheap zip ties. I bought from them before and now cannot find it back. thanks for the help
  12. did you purchase the license from LOR? you buy it and they send you the code to unlock it to your email. good luck
  13. irene

    mega tree colors

    I am with George on the spiral tree!! how many channels are you planning?? I have a "Weber tree" 8 channels red and 8 channels green. then I have my 16 channel spiral tree over those channels. everyone comments on the spiral tree!! I live in the middle of farm country so many guys refer to it as the auger tree. its not hard to build, if you have enough channels go for it!!
  14. I am going to try 8 poles 8 sections high. then I can do 12 days of Christmas by reliant K.
  15. thanks don! its very nice of you to take the time to answer my questions. i did try to find the answers without bothering the experts with no luck! thanks again!!
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