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  1. LOR had one posted at ont time on the website that was free. Not sure if they still do or not. If not, let me know. I think I still have it downloaded somewhere.
  2. I think im gonna end up going with the EDM-LCD-CS-EP fm transmitter. I seem to keep getting told to get that one so I'm guessing it's a good one. Haha. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions on this.
  3. I keep seeing that the EDM-LCD-CS-EP unit isnot a plug and play. How much do you have to solder? I work at a computer replace store and my soldering skills aren't the best. It gets the job done for what I need done. Haha. Just trying to figure all this out before I spend $150 on something and I can't get it to work right after soldering on it. Again I could be wrong but that's what i get after reading about it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Just wondering if anybody knows if the fm transmitters are gonna be on sale? I need to get one and have been waiting to see if they were gonna be.
  5. I could have posted that in the wrong forum but it's helped me with my sequencing to see what it looks like and what the different features do. It helps to see it on actual lights. Haha
  6. This is my first year to do a light show and first time to use LOR. But one thing that has helped me in sequencing and getting an idea of what my display will be like is building a frame for my lights. Example 1: I am going to have 5 arches so I screwed 4 2x2's together to form a rectangle. Then I put 5 screws on each side to wrap the lights in between. I string the lights between the screws. Each light string is spaced out and i can tell where the arches are. Since my real arches are gonna be varying heights and widths from 1ft tall and 2ft wide all the way to 5ft tall and 10 ft. wide, It gi
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