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  1. Do you have any custom props? Like maybe a model that was imported from XLights or Boscoyo Studios? I noticed tonight on my pc that it seems the custom props I have imported take forever to load or render when a motion effect is added. It took about 5 minutes just to open a sequence before I could so anything to it.
  2. Thanks Matt. Yeah after I typed the question and kept searching I found that page. Just left it up in case it would help someone else. Thanks
  3. I have imported a model from XLights to S5 (5.5.16) that has 312 pixels. It is modeled in XLights to run off one port. I plan to hook it to an existing Pixie 8 but I’ll need 2 ports since the pixies can only use 170 pixels per port. One can this model (prop) be configured as 2 ports in S5? Or is my thinking right in that the carry over channels will be carried over to the next port? Say the first 170 pixels on port 1 and then the rest (142 pixels) will be automatically carried over to port 2? That way all I would have to do it connect the last 142 pixels to port 2? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I googled it and looked it up on LOR website. It mentions running e1.31 and Pixcons. Does the carry over work on the pixies setup as LOR Enhanced network?
  4. Here is a video what is happening. I had just opened S5 and opened the sequence. Went to the effect and opened it and tried to change it when it crashed. Thanks Matt
  5. I keep having the software crash on me. It started after I upgraded to 5.5.4. I have submitted several error reports. I am trying to get a video of what is happening. But I have text on my mega tree as a "Text" effect. I open up the effect and copy the text. I then click on "TextPE" effect and it crashing instantly. I have had it crash probably 10-12 times now while changing effects (don't think it's all be changing the same effect). And I just had it happen when i just opened the effect and tried to change from "Text" to "TextPE". I opened the software and opened my sequence. Once it rendered everything, I went to the effect I wanted to change. Opened it up, click the effect to change it from "Text" to "TextPE" it crashed. I made a 20 second video of what I am doing when it does it. I can't attached the video as it's too big to post here
  6. This happens to me all the time since the upgrade. So it's not just you Aubrey. You have to click to a different effect and then back to the one you want or just click the same effect again. Then the options will show up. I'm not on the software for more than 2 hours or so at a time and so I wouldn't say that I am on the software a long time. But this happens to me also.
  7. I have had LOR crash probably 7 or 8 times since upgrading Thursday. I have submitted the tickets through the software and also just submitted one through LOR website. Mine crashing when I am trying to change effects. This morning when it crashed I had text on my mega tree as the "Text" effect. I went to change it to "TextPE" and the software crashed. Never had this issue before I upgraded.
  8. Thank you. That will be so much better.
  9. Also I just tried to see what would happen if you went bigger than 1 second timings. Like 1.5 seconds. Not sure why you woood ever want to do that but when I did, the 1 second marks were still there. So there needs to be a way to turn that feature off. And yeah on the AC side, the background is grey and timing marks are black. Then you throw in a white, 1 second mark and it makes it hard to see. Especially when you have white in the sequence.
  10. Yeah to me it’s harder to see since that is the first thing I see when I look at the sequence. It’s not as bad on the pixel stuff with the black background. But most of what I do is AC for now and it’s annoying and harder for me to focus on what I’m sequencing since it stands out so much. And I know some people (yourself included) will like it. I would like an option to turn that off.
  11. I have been using S5 since last year. I upgraded to the newest 5.5.0 version. I notice there are white timing marks every second. All the other ones are black. Is there a way to make the second timing marks black? The white stands out to much to me and that is all I see when I look at the sequencer. I know it’s a small detail but I notice small details and this just looks weird to me and makes it harder for me to focus on the actual sequencing. I know some people will like it but for me personally, I don’t like it at all and makes it harder to use. So just wondering if there is a way to make black like all the others. Thanks
  12. Could I get a copy of this? Thanks in advance. My email is joeycain@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  13. Could I get a copy of this please? thanks in advance email is joeycain@gmail.com
  14. I am looking for the Oogie Boogie sequence from Nightmare Before Christmas. I know there are several versions of the song out. I have the 3:17 version (or close to that length). I have the singing faces for it, just not the music part sequenced (I have the mp3 already). Just wondering if anybody has it sequenced and would mind sharing it. I have searched the forums and haven't been able to find it yet. My email is joeycain@gmail.com. Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks. I’ll check into it more. I just know last year I had issues and saw where a lot of people did. I would still prefer to do it manually though. I’ve been working in IT for the last 16 years and I still do a lot of stuff the old way cause its how I know and like and I can see what’s happening and know if one part of something messes up. But I’ll check into doing it with 5.4.2 Thanks, Joey
  16. I know that has been talked about in the past. Just trying to maybe get more attention to it so maybe LOR will possibly add this feature back. But I think a lot of people that use S5 would like to be able to create their playback files manually. I know last year I went back to a version of S5 that allowed me to manually create my playback files. I forget what version I was using last year but I never could get my sequences to play and had to go back to an older version to be able to create them. I just hope that when it's time to start my shows, I can get the current version of S5 to work or hope that I will be able to get them to work on an older version to manually create the playback. Anyway this is just a suggestion to LOR. Or another option would be to just us the loredit file to play a sequence just like S4 used the LMS file. Thanks
  17. That is great. That will solve a lot of my issues. Everything works fine as far as sequencing except for that.
  18. k6ccc I have it happen when I am deleting color wash effects from a couple cells of open eyes and turning on a color wash for the eyes closed. I can go through and delete a couple sections and turn on the lights for the eyes closed and it freezes and I have to wait for it to catch up. Just seems like the simplest thing changed on the singing bulbs takes forever to recalculate. Changing something on the roof line it has to calculate the intensities again but doesn't take near as long TexasLights not sure what you mean by complexity of the preview. And not trying to bring another software into this, but XLights has a render button that makes the sequences available to be played. I think it would be great to have the option to make all changes you want to make and then calculate intensities (render) manually for the sequence so you could play it and watch it in preview then. Even if that takes a little to finish, it would be better to do it at once than to do it after every little change no matter small the change is.
  19. I have an i5 processor with I think 12GB of memory. It has Win 10 on it that I installed a couple months ago. Light O Rama is the only thing that is done on this computer. No web surfing or anything. We don't even have Internet at my house (I have to connect it to my cell phone if I do want Internet). I'm also the Lead (only) Technician at a computer repair store. I have worked there for over 16 years. I don't have this problem with my roof line (right at 1,000 pixels). It's with the 2 singing bulbs ( 340 pixels). Even if I just change the color of say the outline of the bulb, the orange circle starts spinning while it is calculating the intensities. If I click on something else while it's doing that, the program pops up Not Responding and I have to wait for it to stop calculating before I can do anything else. I can even change one cell (1/10th of a second timing) and it has to calculate it. I just wish it wouldn't calculate every time you make change. I can deal with it taking longer to calculate but give us the option to manually do it after we make needed changes.
  20. When I’m changing something on the pixel side, it has to calculate the intensities of the new effect. While I understand it needs to calculate the intensity, it’s slows sequencing way down when it has to do it for every little thing that is changed. Now I’m sequencing 2 singing bulbs and the program keeps going “not responding” when I changed just one cell. My suggestion would be to add a feature to turn off the auto calculate intensities and give us a button to calculate intensities when we want to. Or just have it calculate when you hit play or even when you click on save. The auto calculating intensities and the program “not responding” is annoying and slows production way down when it takes 45 seconds or more to calculate for even one cell that is changed.
  21. You know I haven't thought about creating different groups arranged differently in the same Preview. Now I feel stupid for even asking that. Haha. I would delete the post just so I wouldn't look so dumb but I will leave it so somebody else won't have to ask. Thanks again. Joey
  22. I am adding a pixel tree this year to my show. I am trying to figure out how to add the singing face pictures to the tree. Think its like 10 pictures with the different mouth shapes for the different phonemes. I saw where you can do it manually by adding each picture you want to each effect. Just wondering if there is a faster way to do it for them without manually having to do it for each individual effect. Thanks in advance.
  23. On some sequences I want my roof outline to be arranged using the "Use Preview" arrangement. On other sequences I want the roof outline to use the "Nested Stack" arrangement. I use the different arrangements to change the way the effects look. Some effects look better on different ones. Currently if I change the arrangement on one sequence, it will change on all sequences that use that preview. Is there a way to use different arrangements on different sequences so it doesn't change all of them? I currently have to have 2 different previews, one using the roof as "Use Preview" and one using "Nester Stack". Is there a way to change it back to like it was with S4 and older where you had to import the Channel Config for each sequence and then you could change the layout/config for each sequence without affecting all other sequences?? I have had that issue since I went to S5 last year. Just seems like it would be easier and less confusing if you could change the arrangement of each sequence affecting all other sequences. That is the one drawback I have had with S5 and it gets confusing having to have different previews for the different arrangements.
  24. I have groups setup. guess I need to play around with how they are defined. this was my first year with pixels so still learning. Thanks
  25. I am having the same problem with S5. I need my roof outline to run in a single line across 2 controllers and can't add a second controller to it.
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