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  1. Late in the season but a neighbor girl asked why I didn't have it. jonback@gmail.com
  2. No common (third wire) is needed for RS485.
  3. Adobe Premiere Elements 12 handles AVCHD video easily, straight from the SD cards of my Canon camcorder. If you pay more than $100 you are bad shopper.
  4. I noticed that it was about 6 days between first post to resolution. If you had mentioned that you were running on a Mac first, you might have gotten a faster fix. There are enough people running LOR SE on Macs that I hesitate to call them non-standard, but the responses you got were primarily from PC/Windows users (as am I) so they were not going to help much. Glad you got it figured out. I've moved all my LOR SE S3 sequences onto a Falcon Pi Player (running on a Raspberry Pi computer) and merged my LMS files with xLights/Nutcraker data. While it is running well, it is definitely non-
  5. Uh, Oh - this is no longer accurate. The latest version of xLights/Nutcracker (3.2.7) can now export (to a Clipboard file) just the specific Model that you pick. This makes for much smaller clipboard files, therefore much less lag and "crashing" http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases
  6. won't let me edit my link. http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
  7. Of great interest to those of you creating LOR S3 clipboard files to paste into your sequences: The newest version of xLights/Nutcracker (Nov 15, ver 3.2.7) at http://www.nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases now allows you export a specific Model only. It used to export all the channels, but now it is just the channels defined in the Model definition. This makes the clipboard file much smaller.
  8. That was my matrix at The Academy and Sean used it as a display during his presentation. At that time, it was 120x32. Too wide. Too short. Rebuilding to 72x54. A lot of cuts and soldering left to go. Jon
  9. SS, to do effective video, your matrix will need a few more rows. A resolution of 50x14 is not optimum. A 4x3 ratio is better, so 50x37 is closer. (Mo' money, Mo' money) I have an existing 40x24 matrix and it should still be 6 rows taller. I've tried video using Nutcracker and it is OK but still isn't quite right. Still working on my 72x54 matrix. It should be much better. 8ft by 6ft if I ever finish it. Nutcracker can do video but is also very easy for moving pictures across a matrix. You do have resize the graphic yourself, though.
  10. I work the other direction. For my non-RGB stuff (about 400 channels) and for some small RGB stuff (window frames), I use LOR S3 latest version. But, I have some big RGB items. Two Matrices. One is a 40x24 horizontal matrix. It is fully functional and I've used it a lot and recently for Halloween. I also am finishing a 72x54 horizontal matrix. Both are too big to handle in LOR normally. So, rather than create my Matrix effects and pasting into LOR, I am doing all my normal work in LOR, then saving it as the normal LMS file. Then, in xLights/Nutracker, I convert it from LMS to XSEQ format
  11. The other question would be, how did it get changed to something other than 5568? That is the default value on every platform.
  12. This was two years ago. Some pixels. Reworking this year with more pixels. https://vimeo.com/17977760 Jon
  13. I thought I'd crashed when I converted 10,000. It did finish, though.
  14. JonB256

    smart rgb strips

    The 3 leds per pixel is what bothers me. The TM1809 strips can run at 1 led per pixel. 12volt and 3-wire like the ws2811
  15. I'm running S3 advanced on Win8 64. DMX and E1.31.
  16. I had an identical matrix. It is being replaced with RGB pixels. Since nobody local wanted it and I had no use for the clear minis, it went to the county dump yesterday. It does free up 8 controllers.
  17. Jeff, if you have a Vimeo account and are Logged In while viewing, there is a Download button at the bottom of the window.
  18. Jesse, I've used several Lynx products this year, from normal 16 channel AC to 4 universes of pixels fed from a hub using Pixelnet. Worked well, but you have to build it all your self. If your soldering and kit skills are up to it, there isn't a less expensive way to move into high channel count RGB. If you have any specific questions about Lynx products, shoot me a PM. I used LOR with 100% E1.31 output and was talking to a total of 7 universes. Technically, I could have fit it all into 4 universes (<2048 channels) but it was convenient to organize it the way I did. If you use the Lynx S
  19. In LOR S3 Advanced, if you have never had an USB Dongle attached to the computer, it will not auto-checkmark the "Control Lights" in the Play menu. It is a known "bug." Even if you do set None for all the LOR Dongles as Dennis mentioned. Something to do with the installation of the USB FTDI Driver files. If you don't have them installed, then when LOR starts it doesn't see the file and won't automatically check "Control Lights." If you do it manually, it should work, but it won't remember it. If you have a USB RS485 dongle, connect it long enough for the drivers to install. Then you ca
  20. Brad, what are the pixel resolutions of your 5 arrays? And, what pixel controllers did you use for them?
  21. I have 320 RGB channels, spread across multiple DMX universes, and LOR 3.8.0 and 3.9.0 have never had a problem with it. I don't have that many total channels, though (1300). What are you using for timing? Anything "tighter" than 0.020 is ignored by DMX of the DMX refresh rate.
  22. Randall, make a big note to yourself that you did this. Anytime you do a reinstall or update, it is going to try to change you back and will cause you unnecessary frustration.
  23. You seriously need to look at using Madrix to control the RGB channels and using LOR to control Madrix. With that many channels and LED pixels, it may be the only viable option.
  24. That sounds like a "Virtual Memory" time out. When Windows decides it is low on memory, it will stall everything while it copies data from RAM onto the hard drive, then frees up that RAM. More memory is usually the fix. Sometimes, creating a special User profile, with nothing loaded except LOR, will also help. Perhaps this new Memory Leak update will help, also. I didn't download in time to test tonight.
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