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  1. Good question. I would like to be able to have this option as well. My roofline, for example, was mostly programmed last year at the individual pixel level. However, I did do some programming in xlights and then pasted into SE (presumably could do this in the pixel editor this year). It would be nice to be able to do both.
  2. Still seems like a bug, though, as there are no such thing as channels 513 - 600 in any given universe, right? Maybe should generate an error message or something?
  3. I would delete the existing 1800 to create a new baseline config. And then use Vegomatic to add the 2400 back in to the baseline. It's very fast and easy. Took me a couple tries to understand a couple of the settings, but what you're asking would take less than 5 minutes, assuming all the pixels are in contiguous addresses.
  4. Fade from your chosen color to black. That should do the trick.
  5. I kinda like the project. We see similar stuff on TV and I've often wished I had an excuse to try it. Sounds like a fun (albeit maybe not cheap) project to undertake. Wish I was closer. I'd love to help. One thought on the break between movements... You could use an interactive show where the press of a button (likely from the drum major) could start the next sequence. That would allow for some variability in between each movement, in case something doesn't go 100% to plan. They could press the button when they're ready for the next sequence to start.
  6. I do both. For my pixel trees (mini & mega), I like NC for its effects and don't do any pixel-level sequencing. However, for my roofline, I primarily did pixel-level sequncing (albeit with a lot of cut and paste). For this, I used LOR. NC is awesome. I'm really looking forward to v4. For me, what I really want LOR to do is to fix the horrendous load and save times for the files, take advantage of the 64-bit hardware and OS that we all have (to include using WAAAAYYYY more memory than they're able allocate in today's software), and to draw my whole display in visualizer. And hopefully, do the latter more painlessly. Non-CCR Pixels in Viz are terrible. Similar to Ron's comment about XL, I'm not trying to bash LOR. Just to point out where my current beefs are at (on top of the lack of communication). I actually enjoy using the sequencer for my non-RGB stuff. The show player runs my show very well, even with 50 universes of pixels, although I now know I'm on that hairy edge (trying to add 3 more songs to my 15-song show caused a memory allocation issue consistently this past year, so I had to break it into 2 shows). I like the interactive capability (and use it in my show constantly). And I like the level of precision available in the timing. All these things make me want to stick it out. However, the memory allocation issue will literally be a non-starter for me if it's not fixed, so I'm having to consider my other options until LOR makes at least that one go away.
  7. Agree, Ron. Except, I'm to the point where I don't think I can trudge through any more. S3 ran my show just fine (50 universes) this year. I did, however, have to revert back to 3.9.0, as the memory management code that came along in 3.10.X and later would actually cause lots of lag and make effects look very "jerky". I had the problems in 3.11.2, but they went away when I backed up to 3.9.0. My only rationale is that it had to be the additional memory code that came along in 3.10.0. My brute force hardware approach (translation: very fast processor and lots of RAM) actually handled it better than the more elegant software approach from LOR. However, like you, I was unable to view my entire show until my hardware was up outside, due to visualizer limitations. My reason for having to change is actually the length of time I spend getting my pixel effects into my .lms file. Though I can't say for sure, I'm guessing I spent an hour or more each song this past year waiting for it to open, doing cut-and-paste, and saving the files, including when I had failed LOR channels during show season and had to re-map channels in each song. I effectively have a 15-song show (10 music, 5 voice announcements) and making a change on a single channel would take me 2 hours due to open/save time for those 15 songs. I'd just like another update so I know what to expect. I seem to remember (but my memory isn't great) Dan said they were going to release a new version for those who wanted to be part of an alpha test program back in early December. I'm ready to sign up, especially since all my hardware is still up outside. I really want to keep using LOR, as I prefer the timing fidelity (0.01 sec) that is available ONLY in the LOR software. But we have no communication again.
  8. Not sure how you want to activate the lights, Brian, or if you want them sequenced to their music, but one option to consider would be the Raspberry pi running the Falcon Pi Player software. I haven't tried it myself yet, but some people use this to run their whole show. The pi is only about $40 - $50. The software is free. You can sequence in LOR or xLights/NC. xLights will convert to the Falcon Pi Player format. That would eliminate the need for the laptop. FYI... You can't "talk" to the e6804 via the ELL. The ELL is only for the LOR protocol, to my knowledge. That said, if you don't have a lot of lights, you could use a wireless router and access point to transmit wirelessly to the e6804. Haven't tried this either, but I know there are people who have at least experimented with it. I recall them saying that bandwidth becomes an issue if you try to send too much data. iflights above seems to have a really good approach as well, if something like that would work for them.
  9. Unofficial, but based on unsolicited feedback, it's Soldier's Silent Night, by a landslide.
  10. FWIW... I heard the guy responsible for it is a HAM operator and is tying all the houses together via a HAM radio implementation of some kind. I didn't try to verify, but seemed like a reputable source.
  11. And here's a link to the original thread I created when I built it a couple years ago. This year will be its 3rd year. 3rd new charity. Still going strong. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/21157-new-donation-box/
  12. Here's mine: http://youtu.be/iqRPol6Pn_A?list=UU_4-yG4wM1iXnzRTVhFu0JA
  13. Wow. Looks like it's handling things well. I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll see the same type of results. I'm a couple weeks away from that "test", but I'll report back.
  14. I don't have the manual, but if memory serves, I think that the power for the board actually comes from the second bank. I'd check the fuse on the first bank as a starting point.
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