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  1. Thank you for the answer. I just thought it would work without the pc because when I wasn't running my show this year, the pc was off and I still had some channels glowing over night.
  2. Does the controller need to be hooked up to the pc for me to check my triac leakage or can I just plug it in to the electric and test my channels?
  3. I was told LED lumens is not as bright as regular lamps. That would be nice if it is bright enough.
  4. I bought the Optoma EH200ST on Amazon for 949.00. I see this morning it is 904. with free shipping for Prime customers. I have a street light also but this one seems to be pretty good for me. I have bought a video from Digital Press Works and it works well.
  5. If your house fits in the 4:3 ratio there is no reason not to use it. Your projector will probably have to be further away for that.
  6. That is exactly what I was thinking. Also I'm thinking maybe rig up a stand with a four way like I have my mega tree on. That way you could move it if you need to just a little. Maybe have a mark or a measurement where you know where to put it.
  7. How would you lighten a black roof up so the video would show better?
  8. Virtual Santa was it for us too. Kids love it
  9. I always just back up my entire lor folder to a thumb drive and copy it to my laptop
  10. Go to your history in your browser.
  11. For me anyway, I use announcements from the demented elf but I discovered that usually there is no one there to here them. People don't usually show up until they see the lights flashing. A few have been there to hear the closing but hardly never for the start up.
  12. I used the Demented Elf last year too. He did a great job
  13. It's not about how much you have but how you use what you have. lol
  14. The free version does not expire.
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