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  1. Used. Sold only in pairs. 2 for $70 plus shipping from 93619. Come with 25 foot cat5 cable. PM me if interested. Many pair available. Thanks!
  2. Thank you everyone- all the controllers are sold- still have some ELL's. thanks!
  3. All controllers have green status lights.
  4. Hi I have over 100 controllers and around 50 ELLs Price does not include shipping. All are in good used condition. ELLs might be painted all black. Controllers $50 each. ELLs $25 each. shipping from 93619. Paypal only. If interested please PM me. thanks
  5. I share sequences with 2 other people and we put everything in dropbox
  6. it started before 5.3.0 - I had major issues last year! I have never upgraded to 5.3 since I know how to manipulate 5.2.4 to work perfectly!
  7. I thought 5.3 and higher didnt use .play files?
  8. roll back to 5.2.24 and during the day run the show thru once. after that dont shut ur computer down and run the show. this is how i got around the lag issue and i tefuse to upgrade. 5.2.24 works fine for me. good luck
  9. I personally had great difficulty with S4 copying my superstar sequences into my main sequence. Even tried a single universe at a time and then got an error about memory. Was advised by LOR staff after many phone calls I had to upgrade to S5 to get rid if the error and now its back. I dont understand why developers dont take into account that there are people always pushing the data limits. I have 2 pixel trees I run DMX and 39 houses I run LOR that have 32 channels each. Seems ludicrous that I should be getting errors.
  10. If it plays perfectly in an earlier version why change?
  11. maybe try rebuilding your files in show builder
  12. FYI- I never update during a show season! This is why!
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