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  1. I know what you mean. Was setting up 2 spiral trees last season, up on the top of the 7ft ladder and the lady bugs were everywhere! Kept landing on me and i swore the bit me, like to feel off. Asked the wife to goooogle if lady bugs bit and turns out they do! Yep, i hate em and have the perseption of being so cute ? glad you got figured out.
  2. Very cool. Where did you sequence your effect in?
  3. Prayers are with all members and your families. Hope you all on the east coast and florida stay safe thru this storm.
  4. Received new strips, replaced and all colors test perfect on all frames ?
  5. Thanks Bob, have used a few tools you created before and will use this great one. I appreciate the hard work and effort you share ?
  6. As suggested- changed upper 682 to BRG from GRB and got about half to test the right color. Did the same to lower 682 to get the 6 porch post color correct. I was able to cut/patch and save 3 props that had matching color when tested and remounted to the frames. Will replace the strips completly on remaining 4 mis-colored props. As long as new strips match for HC, it should be fine. The 4 props are all on 1 cluster in the upper 682 so i can change the color order if neeeded. Should be up and running next week ? Thanks
  7. Update-- contacted HC and expained my issue with the strips. David is the man and took care of my situation. Thanks Holiday Coro and all the members who lent and thought to help me with my issue. I truly appreciate the help and hope each members show performs as you planned it. Thanks again, Jeff
  8. Contacting HC to see what they think.
  9. Thanks. Will try this again and see. I changed 2 rgb channels on the bad door strip yesterday using the method above and ran a quick test it did not change the color of the 2 i had changed. Only did 2 rgb channels to test of the 63 that are opposite as i did not know if what i was trying would work. Will look at it again. Thanks
  10. That is why i keep thinking i did something wrong but i can not see where i did. Most all the strips mounted on the frames were from 1 order and BRG is what always input into all my 682's. Love HC
  11. All came from Holiday coro at 2 separate order times.
  12. Yep, regret that is what i am down to. I have gotten real close by changing the 682's color sequence but still have a few windows with issues. I will mess around with them a little more then if no success, take the matching colors from each to complete a prop and then get new strips to complete the others. I appreciate all those who posting to give me their knowledge the things to try. If i cant get it done now, i still have time for christmas or......just run all my sequences in white or red.....all props test perfect with those 2 colors ? Price you pay i suppose. Thanks again g
  13. Thanks Sax. Was not able to move the RGB channel order in SE.. Throws up a error that the RGB channels can not be moved.
  14. The strip i talked about ealier that lights fine all red and then only 15 pixels work on B and G was not tested before installing. I only tested the frames on 4 test mode when i mounted the strips to the frames which was red with a chase and all were fine. Looking back i should have ran thru all 4 test modes. I have 4 frames that have one side or bottom section that if green instead of blue like the rest of the frame or vise versa, blue instead of green. I have changed all i can in the 682's as far as color order and am down to one section or other off color.
  15. So i can manually swap the channels in the RGB channel setting screen. From red, universe 20 channel 46, green universe 20 channel 47 and green universe 20 channel 48 to-- red universe 20 channel 46, green universe 20 to channel 48 then blue universe 20 to channel 47. Does this change the actual color order, IE the eqivalant of swapping the colors??
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