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  1. Yeah, I like a lot of you never even heard this song before. My daughter kept asking me for it and I was able to get it completed on Halloween...only one day of viewing it but the kids liked it and its actually catchy I did it with 3 faces but really didn't have the time to configure the rest of the display other than the beat..either way was a fun song to do and will be working on it for sure for next year!
  2. I vote for the Harlem Shake!
  3. I was planning on using a Server here at work that I am retiring to run the host off off and VM from there. I am running some tests and seeing how well things work. Reason I like this idea is that I can have a VMTest, Prod, etc.. I can watch a live show with prod, use the test to tweak things and then save it as a template and within 20min have a new VM up and running with all the bells an whistles ready to go...good to know if i have a failure on a machine i can spin another one up with little to no effort. . THe main thing is to make sure that the program shows are on the same datastore as t
  4. Can the LOR software be ran not only for testing but for live shows through VMWare? (virtual machines) If so, for the hardware to communicate to the VM do you have to pre-configure the NIC card on the VM or any other special settings? Thanks
  5. keep the sharing going send to theiferman@gmail.com Thx
  6. For 1, I am far from a vet I still consider myself very much a noob but I have seen the vets who have had some of most influence to others up a leave due to this type of BS your displaying here Mike. Yeah there might be some big numbers of others who have been here much longer, but how many of them on a continuous basis have been there to help others, beta test, offered assistance to others when lor could not? Out of those vets, Yes A LOT have left! http://midlistlife.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/doublefacepalm1.jpg and from a quote from the great old show "that 70's Show" from good ol Red
  7. Also keep in mind that sections of rope light might go out in the middle of your show an if you dont have some on hand to quickly resolve ,...... so my suggestion would be just buy a spool of 200-300' its cheap enough and will save your A$$ and levels of stress if the above does happen.
  8. hahaha I got a warning for posting a wiki link posting a definition of an English word... pathetic..
  9. Less complaints hmm wonder if the fact that a lot of the veterans here have gone and left due to the fact of the heavy handed policing going on?? Maybe, could be, probably is! And I have to agree with Pete here, that the comment from Mike was distasteful and I would consider it a jab, or using the same example he did in his 1st response without saying anything until it was called out....
  10. Grats Tracy!! well done and well deserved!
  11. 195...James my friend you are a tad insane What are you looking to get that you dont have yet? I might have it or working on it, send me a PM James if you lost my e-mail or just shoot me an e-mail. I am looking to go a bit darker on a few songs as I am working on adding some more fright into my display, adding some motion sensor items in the graveyard for those who wish to walk closer and take a better view...the wife doesnt like thes songs so not going to be a ton, but I am currently working on the following: Living Dead Girl The thing that should not be Dead Skin Mask Creeping Death
  12. Mark me down as a possible, almost 80% sure I will be able to attend. Todd
  13. I got my garland from Big Lots and think it was like 60 or 80ft for like $4.99. It was enough to almost double wrap my 5 mini trees that are 3ft tomato cages.
  14. ToddH


    No Neg Comments here, just I will be purchasing my order this year from HLE and might have to go shopping around for the RGB and strobes.
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