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  1. I would love to know the answer to that question too.
  2. How old? What Version? Any pictures? How much are you asking? I am needing that info .
  3. Thanks all for your suggestions and input on my problem. I just now have found the problem and it is fixed and up and ready to go. Controller 01 the first one in line would not power up. If you left it plugged in long enough it would power up for a few seconds and then go off again. Checked it out as best as I could. Fuses were fine. It must be something else. Replaced it with one of my spare controllers and all is well. I will be sending it in to Light O Rama after the holidays for repair. Again thanks all and Happy Lighting.
  4. Mr. P, That is correct all of a sudden it went bonkers.Nothing changed except the weather. No additions or subtractions.Nothing done to the PC.I do not know if it was just the rain. It has rained and sleeted prior to this rainfall. Nothing out of the ordinary happened back then.
  5. Hey Everyone, I know that this is a bad time for everyone with your shows going on and the Holidays. I have been doing LOR for 11 years now. You would think that I should know just about everything by now. Ha Ha. The show has been working flawlessly since Thanksgiving night. Last night at the start time of the show it was like demons took over. None of the lights and props were doing what they should have been doing and the lights were way off if they worked properly at all. Channels not coming on or just staying on. First thoughts were it was raining and very wet. GFCI'S not tripp
  6. 2019 Christmas Lights On Franklin Street preview. Christmas Lights On Franklin Street
  7. What size pipe do the sleeves slide over??
  8. All of the vampire plugs are out of stock. BUMMER
  9. A few pictures would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Would love to see a few pictures of the controllers. I could be in the market.
  11. Sony Vegas Pro 13.0. Easy and fast to learn. Does a great job for what I need it to do.
  12. Prepper, Try to make yourself a new channel config file. See if that does the trick for you.
  13. Are you saying that you tried to change your channel config on your computer using the sequence editor? You did not just plug your lights/props into different dongeles on your controller boxes.
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