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  1. I would love a copy if someone is willing to share. clinbu@gmail.com thank you!
  2. Ok. Im using it and it is working great for me as far as getting everything transferred. For stuff that was perviously RGB, it keeps the color, for thins that were single channel last year, I can only make it white now because that is all of the channels on. Is there any way to change the color from white to maybe red or green before I paste it onto the correct channels?
  3. Ok, have used that tool in the past but didn't know about this new feature. That should work great. Is there any way to copy/paste from SE to PE or somehow export my configuration from PE to SE? I don't have the channels setup for SE because I normally just "save as intensity data" and that adds the program to SE.
  4. Running parallels on my Mac, not for my show just for sequencing but I just tried and the control panel seems to work ok. Im running Windows 7 on Parallels 10.
  5. Not sure if all are required, but I copied the .lms, .lid and .lpe files. Then I had to open in sequence editor on the show pc. If you scroll to the bottom not he second scroll bar you will see the pixel editor sequence which just looks like a bunch of slanted bars for me. Then, it seemed that as long as all of the files stayed in the same folder everything worked. Maybe I am doing more then enough to get it to work, so it would be great if someone with more knowledge on this chimes in, but what I listed will make it work.
  6. Im using the pixel editor for my new smart strips and I have some old sequences from when I just had the dumb strips that I would like to convert to work on the new ones. I might change a few seconds in the pixel editor to add smart effects, but for most of the song I would like them just to act as dumb strips and I do not want to have to resequence the songs just to achieve what I already had last year. Is there any easy way to go about this, considering last years were done in the sequence editor and I would like this years to all be in the pixel editor if possible? Also, not as important bu
  7. I was able to correct my issue, it was the Pixcon was set to 50 bulbs per port. I had it set for 170 in the pixel editor and sequence editor, but the setting needed changed in the pixcon itself.
  8. I used hot glue, but I doubt it will hold up in the cold, luckily, it isn't in a place that water would really get in from that end.
  9. I have done it in the Hardware Utility under the "LOR MP3" tab at the top. You fill everything out, select your songs and write the show to your sd card.
  10. Hello, I have a pixcon16 running 8 ports at 5v and 8 ports at 12v. On the 5 volt side, I have 9 elements. To solve the issue of not having enough ports, I connected the end of the first string to the beginning of the next, and injected power in-between. Even though I did this, only the first string lights. I have set the sequence editor to control 170 pixels on every port and just turn them on white. Everything else turns on except for the one I have daisy chained. If I put the second one in first place, it will light by itself. I am thinking that I must be missing something simple, but have c
  11. Are you talking about a chromebook? A chromebook would not support the S4 software including the sequence editor. They run Chrome OS, not Windows. You would need a computer that actually has windows installed.
  12. Not sure if this is the same as you are asking, but how would we set the hardware id of the pixcon in settings? I see how to switch the mode but not how to set the unit id which S4 asks for.
  13. That did the trick for me. Also I'm using parallels on my Mac and that changes the IP of the Windows VM completely different then what is assigned to the Mac. So I had to use a network card and bypass OSX with that card. But yeah, when I updated the firmware, that made it seem to work a lot better.
  14. Ok I read over that, grabbed an extra router, turned off wifi and hooked the pixcon16 up to the back of it. I also plugged in my computer to the back of it. Then I turned on the pixcon which both the green and red leds blinked together then the red one stayed solid for a second while the green one blinked and then it goes back to them both blinking together. Ive tried a switch, my home router, an extra router and direct wired and so far have not seen anything besides this LED pattern.
  15. Edit: Yes, I saw this on the documentation, but when I hook it up to a switch also, the lights do blink green and the 2 LEDs continue to blink together.
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