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  1. adding singing faces for next year, sure could use a lil help if your still sharing the file. thanks in advance. jfrick@lu19.com
  2. yes please and thank you jfrick@lu19.com
  3. wow if your still sharing I sure could use this...thanks in advance jfrick@lu19.com
  4. add me to the list please I would like to check out the whole medley...thanks jfrick@lu19.com
  5. Would love a copy of all the sequences, they look great!. Thanks in advance! jfrick@lu19.com
  6. Awesome display....I am going to make a 180 pixel tree for 2015. The tree on the right was it 5v or 12v? Do you have any pics of the build that you would be willing to share?
  7. definately would like this one, thanks for sharing. jfrick@lu19.com
  8. OK. With the amount of traffic we have been getting over the last two years; 500 plus cars a night, it is about time to put out a donation box next year. I was even thinking of setting up a DVR camera with audio so that those that donate could leave a video message as well. What does the community think? I would also like to see some pics of your donation boxes.
  9. could i get the audio file. I followed that link, and it says page not found. email was wrong in the above post jfrick@lu19.com
  10. could i get the audio file. I followed that link, and it says page not found. jfrick@lu9.com thank you
  11. if your still sharing i would love a copy. jfrick@lu19.com thank you
  12. Does anybody have a existing Sequence for this song they would be willing to share. tvwbug@aol.com
  13. You will find them the last place you look.
  14. Hi Earle, im going to add a sprial treee over top of my existing mega tree of 32 channels- 4 colors. i sure could use some samples. if you could be so kind to send them it would greatly be appreciated. tvwbug@aol.com
  15. please add me to the list tvwbug@aol.com
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