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  1. I would ask if there are pictures, but I know who's pictures they wouldn't be.
  2. I have always had items shipped in a day or two. They are well worth the price and support. I would say they didn't receive your order- I paypal a payment and get a response in 24 hours- I would not count them out.
  3. I own SS 24 CCR and am at the point I don't use it at all anymore. You don't always get what you pay for. I can tell you have never tried NC to make a funny post like this. Try it and see for yourself- It won't take hours.
  4. Was this at one of those shopping mall type laser hair removal places? Can't say what you have seen? Can't say what you used in the event of infection or a body part falling off? :-)
  5. I was wondering too. Hope he had a big show with all of the equipment provided. Can't wait to see a video myself.
  6. My pixels are also from Ray. WS2801 IP66 supposedly with conformal coating. Water in about a third of the pixels. Took my new tree down it was so bad. I will upload pics shortly.
  7. I hope everything is going well at this point. We are praying for you!
  8. This year I am buying one of those bubble mowers. Gonna fill it with RoundUp and not have to worry about cutting grass.
  9. Like I said, it has only been a week. But then again, we did have a disagreement in the past.
  10. I had one coming and have been waiting over a week now. He said he sent it USPS but never had tracking for me.
  11. Does that make it wrong to have a song about drinking and drugs too? I did.
  12. Are the green ones (+) and brown ones (-)?
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