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  1. 😂 It was early. I gotta start looking at what I type. Thanks Jim
  2. Jim I have seen this post for years in the feed but never read it till just now. Great advise and after reading all the posts I realize I have not been backing up files very safely. I got them all sitting on an external hard drive sitting on top of my sequencing computer. Time to go off site. P.S. I got my server and when the time comes to set it up If I have an issue is the k5ccc support thread open?😂
  3. I have been using this great sequencing software since 2009. When I first saw a show in December 2008 I knew it was to close to Christmas to do a show that years but I immediately bought the software to play with first. What I realized is that the Show Time Sequencing Suite controls light just as a music Midi file controls sound. I am a professional musician and producer and because I have a very good understanding of how Midi and digital audio works, the Light O Rama software was easy to understand for me. With this said. The request I have is based on my experience with the use of multiple computers and the transfer of sequence files between computers when using S5. In the past versions S3,S4, I could just copy the sequence file and add it to my other computer without playback issues with the exception of assigning audio file to the sequence. It was very simple. I just tried to transfer a single S5 sequence with a lot of motion effects and animated Gifs with a very disappointing result. None of the Motion effects transferred and none of the animated Gif files did either. I did find the fix for Picture and Gifs with the embedding tool. Thank you Don. My request is based on the digital audio/Midi software tool I use. I can create a Bundle file that takes all the digital audio files used and the midi data used along with all the effects plugin information and packs this data in a non compressed file so it can be transferred to another computer using the same Digital audio software where under open file this Bundle file type is a selection. the receiving computer extracts this file and creates and exact copy of the working file in it's own folder with all the data in subfolders as needed. This is now a ready to play exact copy of what I was working on from the first computer. The sequence knows where all the data needed for the sequence has been placed in the sub folder. Can any future upgrades to the software include this kind of bundling capability. There are many of us who use a sequencing computer and a show computer, the way things are now in S5, we have to copy the entire LOR directory to an external storage device and then paste it to the second computer to transfer a single sequence and for every time I make a change to just one sequence. This before I even think about creating a show. and this only works as long as all the data is under the LOR directory. I would think this should be a simple request account the software can create an entire show on an SD card for the show time director. Just allow the software to create a bundle file Under the save file as menu. Thank you for a great product. Kenny Jure
  4. Hi all, When you embed a picture or animated Gif to the sequence does it become part of the sequence? Can it be saved as a Motion effect so I no longer need to look for the pic or Gif files if I want to use the effect in another sequence? I'm really not that sure how or what embedding the file does. Thanks in advance. Kenny
  5. I like this Idea. I will be looking into this method. I have 4 computers that I do sequencing on and having a central common drive would make life so easy. I'll be looking into this after the first of the year 2022.
  6. Wow Really. I am going to have to do a lot of work just to move 7 sequences for Halloween. None of my sequences are in the LOR directory, I wanted to keep Them organized by year. None of my videos, Picture or GIF Files are in the LOR or Sequence directories. I have never had an issue with just copying the sequence off my sequencing computer and moving them to my show computer. I am quite surprised there isn't a way to capture all the elements used in a sequence and save them as a bundled S5 file. All of my multitrack digital audio editing software has this feature. it will save all the separate video and audio files and plug-in data along with the basic information of the saved song data into a Bundle file. Once it's saved you can move it to any other Computer using the same software where it can be opened up exactly how it was saved on the first computer. The bundle files tend to be rather large because all the data is saved no compressed but it is an exact copy of the sequence to be used on another computer. I Guess I could add this to my wish list for S5. Thanks Phil
  7. Will I have to move all of my video and animated GIF files Also? They are in a separate folder unrelated to LOR.
  8. So I am starting to move my 2021 Halloween sequences from my sequence computer to my show computer. This is the first year I am doing this and I am having issues with the Motion effects. I am betting there is a new way in S5 to transfer all the sequence info. here is what I did. I copied the .Loredit file and the audio file to the show computer and when it loaded of course it had to create the new preview and then I loaded it up. all non Motion effects played back prefect but the motion effects were missing. I am wondering if there is a bundle type file that will load all the elements of the sequence ( Picture, video, gif, Motion effects) in to a bundle to be transferred to another computer and then unpacked on the new computer? Is the Export LMS/LAS the feature I need? If I don't figure this out I might have to re do all my sequences in the show computer. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  9. I use both strips and pixels for arches in my show. I have 4 arches using 2 CC ribbons and 3 arches using pixels on 150 pixel string. My answer to number 1 is Pixels. Number 2 I use pixels attached to 1/2" PEX with these coro arches here https://boscoyostudio.com/product/large-arch/ for Number 3 this late in the season you should start out small with 2 to 4 arches and learn how to use motion effects. in my opinion the S5 software is a must when using pixels. once you start using RGBs you will be hooked. and the conversion will start. My first display was in 2009 with no LED or RGB lights in 2010 I added the 4 CC Ribbon arches. They were so cool. over the next few years I started moving to a total RGB set up and by 2018 I was all RGB with the exception of 4 singing trees and those will slowly be converted to RGB for next years show. The S5 software is all I use for sequencing. I hope this helps and have fun with it. Kenny Jure
  10. I use this method too. I figured I posted enough info in my post to create a little confusion. LOL .This is a great way to correct the beat wizards imperfections.
  11. I use the beat wizard and if some of the timing marks are off I fix it manually. To do this right click in the location of where you want to insert the new Timing Mark and a menu opens up. go to the the Timing Mark selection and the first choice should give you "insert timing at (the location you use on the right mouse click) left click on the choice and your new timing mark is created. one thing I have found is that older music was never recorded with a click track so the tempo can change quit a bit but most modern music uses a rigid computer click tack and that allows the Beat Wizard to work well. For songs that have drastic tempo changes I use the Tap Wizard. then I go back and manually fix any mistakes I make. I also must add I am a drummer and there are not many mistakes made. LOL hope this helps.
  12. I'm glade to be able to help. there is another way to get to this tool. Just right mouse click on the selected row and when the menu comes up move the mouse over the " Prompt For New Effect" tool and the next drop menu will have 5 tools. the bottom tool is the "Modify Existing effect" and to the right you see the Shift-M command. I found this by mistake but wow what a find for a Papagayo user like me. Here is a picture of the drop down menus to get to Modify Existing effects.
  13. I think I'm confused here about what is trying to be accomplished but here is my 2 cents. If you are wanting to change colors in S5 on a channel or just for Face mouth movements where the data is not through the entire song on a channel. Here is how you do it. Select the entire row you want to change by using the select all then you hit Shift+m this will bring up the motion effects editor. then select color wash and pick your color hit OK. this will only change the color on the portion of the row that has data in it. this works for all RGB channels that can use motion effects. I use it when I load my Papayago to LOR clipboards that load only in white for my Matrix and Smart RGB singing faces. The Shift+m is also know as Modify Existing Effects. I have not tried this on a non-RGB channel so I don't know if it works but it's worth a try. Hope this helps someone.
  14. I Have many 5 mouth position faces between my Halloween Pumpkins and singing trees but this year I added a matrix. I now use 10 mouth positions with the matrix and I still use the old 5 position faces too. . In the beginning, like 10 years ago for me I did it the JR way. One mouth movement at a time. I then discovered Papagayo and BobO's page and I have never looked back. I update to the latest version as often as I can and the same with BobO's Papagayo to LOR program. I pride my self on accurate looking animation and Papagayo works best for me. This video shows some of my work. It's a old video from 2014 but all the mouth movements were done in Papagayo. Disney's haunted house intro and This Is Halloween.
  15. Most of them do not but I have found a small number of them that do but very lightly. you should download the stickers you like and test them. if you watch the video above I believe those animated Santa effects are regular GIF files because the background is lit up pretty good.
  16. Use GIF stickers. They have no background and on 99% of them the background does not light up at all. Here's a link to one I use on my Matrix using the Motion effect "Picture" https://giphy.com/stickers/harry-styles-11t3uw7yp35UGc GIF stickers work the best for me.
  17. I know what You are talking about. I use a total of 16 motion effect rows for my 50 x32 Matrix. I created 5 effects rows and 11 animation rows for using Papagayo to make animated faces in the matrix. I expand all the rows while I'm editing these animated faces and once the animation is complete I contract the rows . This is my work around. in addition all my singing elements including the Matrix that I use in my display are on a separate preview. so I use 2 previews for my Halloween sequencing and I use 3 previews for my Christmas sequencing. I found using multiple previews can eliminate clutter in the sequence editor. That's what do.
  18. Make sure in the group that under ARRANGMENT you select "use preview" it also could be you don't have any group motion effects rows. just my guess
  19. I use https://giphy.com/explore/free-gif lots of good free stuff here.
  20. I think using pixel nodes for the Matrix is going to work for me this year But 2022 is getting close. Jim. where is the best place to purchase the Panels and can S5 sequence a 12,000 plus pixel matrix?
  21. Jr. Those videos were very informative. I got the 1 inch spacing net coming. I'll use that this year and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  22. JR. The maximum viewing range of the Matrix on my house would only be about 40 feet. What spacing would be best for the 20 to 40 foot range. It sounds like the P5/10 would be best but I already blew my budget this year so I am trying to make this 50x32 matrix work for 2021. What do you think?
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