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  1. That's one way of doing it. It's a lot easier to use the hardware editor and configure the controller to the correct color setup. The channel by channel method in the video could take some time if you have multiple ribbons to flip colors.
  2. I have 2 original CCRs that I purchased in 2009 and the original ribbons failed in 2018. I replaced the ribbons with what was called "5M 6803 IC 5050 150LED RGB strips" that I bought on Ebay. Just do search and you will find them. I did have to cut the wires to attach the new strip with original CCR plug and I had to change the controller to BRG in the hardware editor. they work great and have been working perfect since 2018.
  3. Update LOR sent me Hardware editor 4,x,x that opened up the selection for the # of end-to-end CCR ribbons value. I changed it to 1 and the problem is solved, I had to unload the control panel before using the older version but once I made the changes the controllers worked perfect. then I loaded the CP back up. Thanks everyone and happy 2021
  4. Thanks for the tip Jim. I checked the 2 CB100D controllers that I am using in my show right now and both of them are marked with only 1 end to end CCRs. I had these 2 controllers extra and thought a small matrix would be good for a Message board but this is crazy. It's only 25x8 for 200 pixels. I also have a back up CCP II with 100 pixels per string that I will try and see if that works any better. I also opened up a ticket at LOR. most of the time I can fix these kind of things but this is deep in the firmware I think. Thanks for all the help.
  5. I think the problem might be in the fact that the HU shows under # of end to end CCR ribbons as 2 by default. It does not allow me to adjust it to the correct number of 1. there are no end to end ribbons on the early CB100ds. It might be because of the new HU editor is designed for the newer CCP IIs. I'm going to load an older version of the HU and see what I get, This picture shows what I am talking about.
  6. Jr I have done all that over and over. I have changed the unit IDs, I have tried everything in The HU to fix it. I have done a hard reboot. I have changed it all and back numerous times and still have the same issue. I have been doing this stuff for a while and never have I had this issue with any of my older CB100d controllers. Thanks for the help. I'll keep working on it.
  7. JR there are no dip switches in the first generation CCP units second what is SSPs stand for?
  8. I am using 50 pixels per port. My resolution is set to 50 per port. On the older CCP100, 50 is the highest resolution you can chose.
  9. I am setting up a message board (25x8 Matrix) using 2 of my older CCP100 for basic text effects. I have 2 CCP controllers set up with 4 unit ID for each of 4 strings. So through a series of tests and numinous changes to the Preview and controllers I found the issue giving me the problem. for some reason in both the Hardware pixel console and in S5 when I give the signal to turn on one pixel, 2 pixels come on. So what happens is when pixel one is powered up in any intensity, in any color both pixel 1 and 2 come on in the color chosen. Here is where things get weird. when I power up pixels 2,
  10. Me too, but today is a new day and I am going to make this thing work even if it takes till next October. 🤣
  11. Nope. No GIFs in any of the files I am using, I'm going to put my sequencing Computer back to 5.3.10 which is what the show computer is using and see what happens. Jim might be right about it being the computer's issue. The show computer is not connected to the internet so windows updates have not prisoned it. LOL Thanks guys for all the help.
  12. I5 quad 7th gen. 8 Gigs Ram, 1 TB SSD hard drive 2 TB Mechanical HD. all LOR files are on the SSD drive along with Window 10 Pro operating system. This system was one I built for handling Digital audio Mixing. It is capable of mixing 60 16 bit 44.100hz audio channels in Pro tools. It's 10 times faster then the Show computer that only has a dual core Pentium II. When I sequence on my show computer same songs have very little lag when loading. I'm just fed up. all my Old CCP 100d controllers don't seem to work right with S5 so I got all new CCP IIs. $$$$$... Right now my show is working fine and
  13. I have updated to the latest version 5.5.16 on my sequencing computer hoping that the Lag in loading the Sequences in SE would be fixed. I guess I was wrong. This is ridiculous. Ever since I updated to 5.5.xx there is a loading lag that seems to be getting worse with each update. I used to be able to load up the sequence and start editing with playback right away. As I am writing this I have loaded a sequence and it is already been 15 minutes and it's still loading. I have Not Made any Upgrades to My show computer for fear it will upset the show. I am running 5.4.6. The SE on that computer lo
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