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  1. I use https://giphy.com/explore/free-gif lots of good free stuff here.
  2. I think using pixel nodes for the Matrix is going to work for me this year But 2022 is getting close. Jim. where is the best place to purchase the Panels and can S5 sequence a 12,000 plus pixel matrix?
  3. Jr. Those videos were very informative. I got the 1 inch spacing net coming. I'll use that this year and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  4. JR. The maximum viewing range of the Matrix on my house would only be about 40 feet. What spacing would be best for the 20 to 40 foot range. It sounds like the P5/10 would be best but I already blew my budget this year so I am trying to make this 50x32 matrix work for 2021. What do you think?
  5. I just completed a 50x32 pixel matrix with 1.5 inch spacing. I have a very small yard. The matrix will be 20 feet away from the street. That's a pretty close viewing distance. I did a test with one of my singing faces in the matrix and I'm not liking the look. So I just ordered a 1 inch spacing Pixel net. We'll see how that looks. Stay tuned.
  6. Something to keep in mind every time you use the HU to find the controls with a multiple Network set up. When changing com ports to test controllers it will always ask if the network you are choosing is the show network. Make sure that when you choose com 3 to test you say yes. that will keep com 3 as the regular network, If you choose another com port to test (com 5) and you choose yes to being the show network it will change com 5 to the Regular network and com3 will become AUX A. So with out knowing you have just flipped the 2 networks and then when you go back to run the show from SE nothing works correctly because the sequence props are now assigned to the wrong network. So the rule is once you are sure that Com 3 is set as the show port in the HU the answer should be no for any other port as being the show com port when changing to another com port to test.
  7. Here is a couple quick videos I just now made with some specifics on using Motion effects to get what you are looking for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eVHeT0jBmw and this one has information on how to make a picture run continuous on a mega tree or matrix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9EvImlFWwY I did these quick with my cell phone so It's not the best video but the content is what is important.
  8. basically you are creating a matrix that is in a pyramid shape . this can be done quite easily in S5. I assume that you already have the Tree prop created. So now you need to create a Motion effect row that is Custom in that prop definition. you will need to highlight only the pixels you want to use as the matrix to display the picture. Save this and then go into the SE and then go to the effects row you just created for the matrix. add a picture effect to that row and apply all the necessary adjustments on the effect to work as you want. save and test. This is kind of non detailed explanation because I am short on time sorry. I can get more detailed later. Kenny
  9. Being able to overlay a picture would be great for those kind of props, For me Using motion effects rows to animate is a very good and easy way to animate a prop. Plus, it allows you to use all the Motion effects available for each separate animation piece If you choose. Here's what I do. Once the prop is created and laid out into grid form for all the pixels. You can then add Motion effects rows specific to each animation part. Remember Effects rows don't have to have effects. They can just be a single color too. When you add an effect row there is a dropdown menu titled Subsection. This allows you to select between 3 choices. None (default), Rectangle and Custom. Choose Custom, Once you select custom the grid form of the entire prop to the right should set all the pixels to off by not be highlighted. Now using the pencil tool click on the squares that pertain to that animation part. The squares are the pixels, So if you want the first effect row to be a drummer with both arms up then just highlight these pixels for that movement, add another effects Row for both arms down and another for one arm up and one arm down. I find it better to have one row for just the part of the prop that have no motion and then one effects row for each different motion movement. By doing this I can keep a good motion effect on the non animated row and different effects on all the movement rows. while the animation is happening. once you have all your effects rows created, save everything and then create a test animation sequence and test it out. your prop will allow you to see all the motion effects rows you created. there you go start testing. It's that simple.
  10. This just opened up a whole new set of tools for me. I'm not sure how this happened but Look at this. It's the Melting Skull.
  11. Now That's Cool.... I just tried these mix settings with the curtain effect and it did what I was wanting. only the pixels that were left lit ( the skull) in the hold effect was effected by the the curtain effect. lol That's what I'm looking for with the existing effects. I still would like to see a melting type of effect or wind effect to a dissolve. I'm thinking more of like a Hold dissolve effect with a lot of editing capabilities. Maybe a blood effect for Halloween that could look like you house is bleeding. I tried to do this with the meteor effect in red and it's pretty close. most of these effect I am thinking of would look cool on a matrix. I'm just looking for more control over my motion effects. Matt you are doing a great job keep it up and thanks for the tip.
  12. OK I got you. That's for a fade. I'm not looking for a fade, I want to take the Pixels that are left lit in the hold effect and then apply a new effect only onto those pixels. So if a skeleton is singing on my matrix and I hold it, I don't want to fade out the Skeleton with a fade effect. I want an effect that makes the skeleton appear to Melt down off of the Matrix. This kind of effect is what I'm looking for. something new, Melting would be one of the effects and maybe the skeleton could dissolve like dust in the wind blowing away to the left or right. the simple fade is just not enough for my complex mind. LOL. Thanks Phil
  13. JR "only those nodes" is not really happening because those nodes will vary depending upon when I use the hold effect and to what effect is being held. In short the hold effect and only the remaining pixels lit in the hold effect is what I want to manipulate with new effect. Not overlay a new effect on top of the hold effect. I do use the overlay process quite often but that's not what I'm wanting. I want to be able to Manipulate the hold effect. If you use the hold effect you will see there is no editing capability at all in this effect. It just holds the lights in the last position they were in at the time of the hold. Just a simple little hold effect. I'm just looking for a way to edit what is held in the hold effect. seems pretty simple to me.
  14. I found the solution. Here's an update to my issue with using Papagayo for matrix animation. What I was doing was making 10 Motion effect channels for the matrix one for each mouth movement, I had made 10 pictures of a Christmas tree that had all 10 Mouth positions for each. I was using the clipboard I created with Papagayo to LOR program into the 10 Motion effects. As the video in the above thread shows, The data is imported from the clipboard as a white Color wash in the motion effect rows. I needed to convert this data from a color wash to a picture effect for the 10 different mouth positions. The only way I was able to do it was each channel and each light data location one at a time changing that short clip to the picture I need to play for the animation. It took Hours and Hours to do, so I scrubbed the matrix for 2020. I don't know if this is a new feature but I found the solution. It's called Modify Existing Effects (Shift + M) and here's how it works. Once I have the 10 Papayagu Channel data from each clipboard placed in the sequence where they need to be. I then highlight a row to be changed. So motion effect row 1 on the Matrix is the A effect of Papagayo. I highlight the entire row by hitting the R key. With the entire "A" row Highlighted I hit Shift+M. This brings up the motion effects editor and the effect is a white color wash. I change the effect to the picture effect and load the Picture that corresponds to Papagayo "A" position. Then I hit OK. Every place on the "A" row where the Picture is supposed to come on is now changed from the white color wash to the Papagayo "A" picture. you will need to do this for all 10 animation positions. It doesn't take long at all. I also figured out a new way of doing Papagayo type animation for a matrix using Custom effects rows. This new method is even easier. anyways my issue is solved and 2021 will have a Matrix this year.
  15. How will this cause a the hold effect to be manipulate other then with a few basic effects. Fade up or down, twinkle or strobe effects. Let me give you an example of what I want to do. I have a 50x48 matrix. I'm using a animated GIF Picture in the Picture effect of a Skeleton dancing. At a certain point I want it to Hold (stop) the animation which the hold feature does. all good so far. The hold effect creates a snap shot effect so to speak freezing the animation. I want to be able to have that snap shot of only the lights that are lit (Skeleton) in the matrix be effected by an effect such as explosion, melting. zooming in or out, wind blowing all the lights out. These are the things I'm looking for. How does the drag edge tool create those effects?
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