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  1. It also doesn't show the carry over units or strings in the String Summery for the preview. So since my GE Spooky Tree uses 394 pixels that would be 3 150 pixel strings which would require 3 unit IDs (controllers) the string summary only shows unit 10 with 450 circuits and no carry overs. So I'm guessing units 11 and 12 are not listed but are there?????? Here is the statistics for the prop as listed in the preview Preview Name: Spooky Tree C Number of Master Props: 1 Number of Sub-props: 0 Number of Hidden Props: 0 Number of Bulbs: 394 Number of Channels: 1,182 Number of Groups: 0 Number of RGB Pixel Props: 1 Number of RGB Pixel Bulbs: 394 Number of RGB Pixel Channels: 1,182 So according to the stats. it's all there it just doesn't reference the additional controllers which could lead to a conflict if one does not understand the carry over process. In this case not knowing unit 11 is assigned to this prop one could not see it in the string summary and assign it to another prop and cause an unknow conflict. I sure hope they can fix this in up coming fixes so the carry over circuits can be automatically assigned to the next unit and reflect that on the string summary as well as the prop channel dialog box. In the mean time I created a preview of the same prop that has 3 separate 150 pixel sub parts. It will work for now.
  2. Thanks Matt. I read the info and it did say the carry over will be assigned to the next universe in DMX but I am using 2 pixie II controllers with 150 pixels (450 circuits) per string. I have downloaded the GE spooky Tree 394 Pixel prop and it comes with no controller assignment. there are already motion effects assigned to the mouth movements and parts of the tree I want to use. when I change the controller to LOR and 450 max circuit. the info now shows one unit #01 with 732 carry over. Since I checked Separate Unit ID for each RGB string (150 Pixels), does these carry overs get assigned to the next 2 Unit numbers automatically such as described in the documentation for DMX? here is the set up up https://drive.google.com/file/d/11P-fcAvPmrOGkrPTTyPxw-v0wTUdUrPy/view?usp=sharing
  3. I need a little help. I have a holiday Coro Pixel Singing Tree that I have been using dumb Pixels for the past 5 years. I am converting it to All Smart pixels and I am having a little issue creating the S5 prop. I will be using a Pixie 2 Controller with 150 pixels on each string. I have created a Custom prop That has a total of 282 pixels. I have the prop set to unit 42 with a max circuits set at 450 witch is 150 pixels. that Leaves 396 carry over circuits. How do I get the Carry over circuits assigned to the second controller of unit ID 43? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T-06CxB2OPnwsU-r1e5hkOP7jS1qT7eu/view?usp=sharing
  4. All the MP3 and wav files play fine, I created a whole new sequence with the the tested wav file on the sequencing computer and it played fine. copied it's folder and 2 other new sequence folders and moved them to the show computer and I opened the new sequences one at a time. the first and second opened right up and played fine. then I loaded the new sequence of the old problem song and it locked up the computer again. CTL-ALT-DEL did nothing and a 5 second hold on the power button. so it's got to be my show computer and possibly one of the animated GIFs. I give up on this song this year. I still have almost an hour long show and as they say in show business " The show must go on" Thanks for all the help. Kenny
  5. It's nuts. This is the last thing I'm trying. Last night I created a whole new sequence with a new .wav file and I will test it out today. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  6. The show is working fine now. The single problem sequence is not cooperating at all. The problem sequence has been edited 10 different ways on my sequencing computer then transferred to the show computer. and it still locks the show computer up every time. I used my DAW to edit the MP3 and I saved it in Wave format I saved it in 3 different compression ratios for MP3. I renamed the sequence and made minor changes and it still locked up the SE and my computer. something in that sequence is not setting well in my show computer. Did I mention there were imbedded GIF files too. I extracted them and It didn't help either. My show will go on with out the Spooky Scary Skeletons. I have no Idea what is going on with this one sequence. It works fine on one computer and shuts down the show on the other. anyways thanks for all the helpful info.
  7. I think I found the Issue. one of the songs was locking up when I tried to load it into the SE. So thinking it might also be locking up the show, I removed that song and now the show plays everything. Next I got to figure out what is wrong with that one Sequence. Just for Info the com listener showed an error message number 10054 and then the next message was exiting. after I removed the bad sequence I never got that error again.
  8. JR that is exactly what it's doing. I'll check that out tonight when I get home. Thank you Kenny Jure
  9. 2 days ago I ran the show on demand to create the show file. It ran for 8 hours and I never watched it. I just assumed it worked correctly and created the show. Last night I ran show on demand and 4 of the 10 sequences are skipped when the show runs. where do I start to fix this issue?
  10. 😂 It was early. I gotta start looking at what I type. Thanks Jim
  11. Jim I have seen this post for years in the feed but never read it till just now. Great advise and after reading all the posts I realize I have not been backing up files very safely. I got them all sitting on an external hard drive sitting on top of my sequencing computer. Time to go off site. P.S. I got my server and when the time comes to set it up If I have an issue is the k5ccc support thread open?😂
  12. I have been using this great sequencing software since 2009. When I first saw a show in December 2008 I knew it was to close to Christmas to do a show that years but I immediately bought the software to play with first. What I realized is that the Show Time Sequencing Suite controls light just as a music Midi file controls sound. I am a professional musician and producer and because I have a very good understanding of how Midi and digital audio works, the Light O Rama software was easy to understand for me. With this said. The request I have is based on my experience with the use of multiple computers and the transfer of sequence files between computers when using S5. In the past versions S3,S4, I could just copy the sequence file and add it to my other computer without playback issues with the exception of assigning audio file to the sequence. It was very simple. I just tried to transfer a single S5 sequence with a lot of motion effects and animated Gifs with a very disappointing result. None of the Motion effects transferred and none of the animated Gif files did either. I did find the fix for Picture and Gifs with the embedding tool. Thank you Don. My request is based on the digital audio/Midi software tool I use. I can create a Bundle file that takes all the digital audio files used and the midi data used along with all the effects plugin information and packs this data in a non compressed file so it can be transferred to another computer using the same Digital audio software where under open file this Bundle file type is a selection. the receiving computer extracts this file and creates and exact copy of the working file in it's own folder with all the data in subfolders as needed. This is now a ready to play exact copy of what I was working on from the first computer. The sequence knows where all the data needed for the sequence has been placed in the sub folder. Can any future upgrades to the software include this kind of bundling capability. There are many of us who use a sequencing computer and a show computer, the way things are now in S5, we have to copy the entire LOR directory to an external storage device and then paste it to the second computer to transfer a single sequence and for every time I make a change to just one sequence. This before I even think about creating a show. and this only works as long as all the data is under the LOR directory. I would think this should be a simple request account the software can create an entire show on an SD card for the show time director. Just allow the software to create a bundle file Under the save file as menu. Thank you for a great product. Kenny Jure
  13. Hi all, When you embed a picture or animated Gif to the sequence does it become part of the sequence? Can it be saved as a Motion effect so I no longer need to look for the pic or Gif files if I want to use the effect in another sequence? I'm really not that sure how or what embedding the file does. Thanks in advance. Kenny
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