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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm taking a year off after Halloween as I've been doing this for 6 straight years and have 3 kids under 8. To say it can get stressful sometimes is an UNDERSTATEMENT...
  2. ...That song seems familiar to me.... lol!! Great job BTW...
  3. I only do Halloween because there are SO many Christmas shows and a little display like mine would just get lost with all the other, huge, mega pixel shows. Plus, Halloween allows me to have a bit more fun...
  4. I live in the city and have a VERY small garage that doesn't really fit a modern-sized car. It DOES fit spooking animatronic Halloween props though...
  5. My last sequence is Mr. Roboto by Stix. Was testing it tonight and HOLY cow, its easily the best I've ever done. Very excited to get some video...
  6. Very cool. Great house to decorate. love the windows...
  7. How do you turn the brightness down?
  8. Guess I need to invest in a new camera. This was taken with my Samsung S6 Edge which usually takes pretty good video. However light videos are always tricky...
  9. Thanks. For the life of me, I couldn't get the right balance between the pixel matrix in front and the animated characters in back. The video is a bit too dark for my liking but it gives you the idea. In reality, the show is WAY brighter...
  10. Added a 17 x 36 ping pong ball matrix, a fully animated character with moving torso, head, and arms, and other stuff. Had to darken the video a bit to make sure the pixel board didn't blow out the rest of the show. Enjoy....
  11. This year, I'm adding a servo-controlled animatronic to my show from the Five Nights at Freddy's video games. The character is named Springtrap. When finished, his torso, arms, and head will all be able to move. His eyes are also servo-controlled. Here's a picture I took last night...
  12. I always sequence at the last minute. usually get 80% done 45 days prior to "lights on"...
  13. My only advice would be to learn as much as you can about the diy side of the hobby. The more you can do yourself, the more lights you can buy for the same amount of money. This is ESPECIALLY true with DMX/RGB pixel stuff...
  14. You could always go cheaper and just create your own power injection point by soldering a 2 wire connector directly to the 12v and Ground wires. It works just as well.
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