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  1. 7-male -- 50 nodes 9 female -- 50 nodes and 12 strings of 44 to 49 nodes. Will take $5.00 each, and you pay shipping. Or $100.00 for all.....
  2. I have over 20 strings of 50 (used). Some have male ends and some have female ends.
  3. Here is what I used last season: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Tenax-3-ft-x-15-ft-Plastic-Black-Hardware-Net-751397/100384025 This net is just the right size for the nodes. You can space them any way you want. Here is a link to my video. I used them for the Right and Left hedge. I used 8x50 nodes for each. Now these were dumb nodes, but I am going to replace them with Smart nodes this year.
  4. Yes, the controllers, the power supply, and the box.
  5. I have 4 CTB16PC controllers and 2 CMB24D controllers for sale. I am asking $150.00 for the CTB16PC and $125.00 for the CMB24D.
  6. Lightingnewb, I have 4 CTB16PC controllers and 2 CMB24D controllers for sale. I will try to attach a picture. I am asking $150.00 for the CTB16PC and $125.00 for the CMB24D.
  7. Have you set the ID on the 5th controller box?
  8. Advatek has a program to setup your pixlite4 and 16. Called advatek Assistant. You can find it a: http://www.advateklights.com/resources/ Just download the Advatek Assistant.
  9. Saxon, the answer is NO. The ActiDongle green DMX light should blink, the Yellow should be Solid ON. You may have a bad Dongle.
  10. Yes, select the what ever is in the adapter name. I do no have my ActiDongle in the house. I will go find it tomorrow and hook it up. Let me do some testing and check back tomorrow.
  11. I have a Pixlite 16, and I hope this will help. First hook up the Pixlite 16 to you network, load Advatek Light Assistant - V2.1.7 Seach - Should find Pixlite 16 controller. double click on selection. Under the Control tab, set the Start Universe (Under Ethernet Control) and number of pixels per string. (in you case 221 on the first channel.) Under the LEDs tab, select the type of Pixel IC (WS2811), and the RGB order (RGB - sometimes). OK and EXIT. Now If you have more strings they will need to be set up just like the first string. But you will need to set the number of Pixels Per String and
  12. Sorry you said 3 channel controller. The network is the same and the LOR seq editor setup is the same. You will have only 1 RGB channel to set up.
  13. I have 2 of the 27 ch. dumb rgb controllers. Set you 27ch controller to the first DMX channel you want to start with. Open LOR Seq editor. Sel Network Preferences. DMX tab, The same Universe that you have your controller set to. Select (Use Adapter), don't worry about the name that pops up in the adapter box. Select (Protocol) and choose ENTTEC DMX usb Pro. Now you can open LOR SEQ editor. RT click to Insert a new RGB channel. Insert Multiple RGB channels. In this case 9. Click on the first one, you will see RGB Channel Settings, Change the name if needed. Select Device Type=DMX, the Network w
  14. I have added DMX channels to the new seq. I created a new timing freeform grid,in the new seq. with no timing. Then I copied the old to the new freeform gird. Thanks.
  15. I need to copy the timing from a old seq to a new seq. Can this be done?
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