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  1. Off Topic: DOGPILE.COM!!! I didn't think anyone but me used that search engine.
  2. George... I'm still waiting on all that money you said you were going to send me. (just a friendly reminder) I figured you've been busy and may have forgotten about that few mil you said you'd throw toward my setup for next year. hehe And a Very Happy New Years to you and yours as well!
  3. Last show was last night... Started teardown this morning around 10am and had about 60% of it down and in the garage. Hope to have 90% down today and 50% packed up. Takes a month to setup and two days to tear down. Ugh...
  4. Just double click on the number and it will give you the details of the error. Message Number: 27 Severity: Warning Summary: Conflicting channel settings in sequence Details #1: The name of the sequence having the conflict Details #2: The track containing the first conflicting channel Details #3: The name of the first conflicting channel Details #4: The track containing the second conflicting channel Details #5: The name of the second conflicting channel Message Number: 28 Severity: Warning Summary: Channel is completely off Details #1: The sequence containing the channel Details #2: The
  5. I use ProShow Producer. It's very easy to use with TONS of effects and editing options. Anything, anyone would want to do... it can. It has a free demo and the full version is $250, but very worth it. http://www.photodex.com/proshow/producer Forgot to mention... they have ProShow Gold ($69.99) and ProShow Web($30per mo subscription) that have less options (which most people wouldn't ever need anyways) for much less. Should have given you this link for all their products: http://www.photodex.com/proshow
  6. You can find the CHZ-05B (and simmlar modles) on EBay for around $40 if you don't mind a month for shipping. Search for "05B" and you will get several versions. I've used two different modles and they both work pretty well. They reach about a quarter to half a mile. One thing I've noticed is that the input jack can be over powered very easy. I have to turn my computer volume down to about 25% so that it doesn't get all jarbled... Other than that, they do great for the price. I've been using one of them for three years in a row with no issues. Search for "05b transmitter" for a more def
  7. Every year is a success for me! Even if no one watches except my family and I. It doesn't bother me how many people come and watch as long as my family and I have fun doing it.
  8. Picked up about 6k red incans at $1.70 a box from Hobby Lobby last night. Got 26 boxes of white LED 50 count lights from HD on Christmas Eve for about $3.50 a box. They were marked down and I talked to a manager... he talked to his manager and they said if I spend over $140, they would give me an additional $50 off.
  9. Looking at the options available, it seems decent enough. I do like the option of being able to catagorize songs... would be like "songs" and "bumpers" or what not. Then you could have a few options for the bumbers: You could have second set of options just as the current four for shuffling and add an option to force the bumber to be played every X number of songs.
  10. I keep with a fixed show... My show is 15+ minutes with a friendly "be nice to the neighbors" reminder at the end of each loop. The show seems to be a good lenght for the people who want to see the entire show, yet short enough to keep traffic moving. We don't get a huge amount of traffic as we've moved housese the last three years (this house should be our resting place for a while). I think if you put your show on shuffle, someone may hear the same song twice close together and then leave thinking they've heard them all... Maybe the software doesn't repeat a song till all the songs ha
  11. I'm in Phenix City, AL and there's Jerry in Columbus, GA. We're about 2 and a half hours west of your location. I can give you more details if you want... Just PM me.
  12. Okay, was able to do some testing last night... It appears that only the trees are out of sync. They are all connected to the same controller... I'm going to verify the firmware version on that controller today and see if that fixes it. The controller in question is in the middle of the network and controllers after it seem to be fine.
  13. Yes, it's the same computer that I'm using to watch inside and outside. There's nothing extra plugged into the computer except a USB Mouse. I'll try different USB ports tonight when I get home from work. Tony, I thought I did notice that some lights were in sync when others were not, but the songs that are out of sync are fast, so it was hard to tell. The obvious parts are the lights that flash with a solid bass beat. Maybe tonight I'll record a section of the song so I can see it all together on a small screen. Then maybe I can tell if it's only certain lights. I have tested every Cat
  14. I pasted by time... What I don't think you guys are understanding is that if I play the song and watch the visualizer it's perfect. But, if I go outside and watch the lights, the lights get ahead of the song towards the middle then appear to even back out around the end of the song. I'm going to do some more testing tomorrow. I'm going to hook my pc up outside so I can watch both at the same time. Maybe I'll catch something. Who knows.
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