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  1. That's basically what i'm going to use, except my enclosure is an old telephone enclosure. I know mine is water tight but not sure about the heat buildup. Attached files
  2. Congrats winner who's only ever made two post!!!! LOL That was cool!
  3. Deck wrote: No problem hope it works out for ya. Just make sure you position the ribbons on the arches as you have them drawn on the visualizer or they will be going backwards LoL.
  4. I bought two in jan. and they did the same exact thing. The reset button is your friend. I've never had a problem since.
  5. David Rise wrote: David the sequence I sent you. Could you see my visualizer and my arches? Yes....thanks a bunch. I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Hope ya don't mind. I forwarded your email with the sequence to Jim Saul. he was asking the same questions as I am. Of course, I gave you full acknowledgment for your sequence.....hehe Yeah thats no problem. I just thought if you could see my visualizer it would help clear things up as far as drawing the arches. I messed around with several different ways to draw them and basically just made each square on the grid one channel.
  6. David Rise wrote: Did you click insert device on your sequence editor and select Cosmic Color Device?
  7. David Rise wrote: David the sequence I sent you. Could you see my visualizer and my arches?
  8. minkhill wrote: Try This http://altoonalights.com/mega/mega_calc.php
  9. David Rise wrote: Here's what I did and it worked perfect. I bought four 10' 3/4" electrical pvc pipe. I cut the pipe at 98 1/2 inches. This will put 25 channels on the arch perfectly. Then I just kinda bent the pvc until i found the desired arch look which happend to be 69 inches across the bottom. So I temporarily placed a ratchet strap to each end of the pipe and cranked it down until i got 69 inches and placed half of my ribbon on it with zip ties for testing. The height of the arch in the center is 32 inches. Now when i get ready to place them in the yard ill just put my rebar 69 inche
  10. Jeff Millard wrote: Jeff, Looks real good! How do have the ribbon attached to the pipe and do you have it attached to the top or more towards the front of the pipe? Thanks
  11. I can send him one of my sequences. I have two CCR's that will be four arches. Now I'm no expert at it but did manage to figure it out and once you've figured it out, it goes pretty easy. Give me an email address and i'll send it when i get home.
  12. The Summer sale will be sometime between now and Sept. 22!
  13. SWood


    friskybri wrote: Man Thanks for that info! Im a noob too so i'm glad to stumble on this bit of information. I just got my 10 led strobes from CDI today. Thanks again!
  14. Ok will do. Thanks for the link.
  15. Well while your at it could you send it to me with mp3 in 32 channels please? Thanks! buckstopper2@aol.com
  16. I found a sequence of Frosty the Snowman by Gary Hoey. Can anyone help me out on where to find more by Gary Hoey? I am willing to pay for some too. Looking for anything 16 to 32 channel. Just starting out with lights shows. Thanks in advance!
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